Duh-Oh Station

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F05: Popalicious Station
Deepsea Metro Line F
F07: Matchmaker Station

"Who let the pods out?"
Duh-Oh Station
Defeat enemies and get to the goal!
Dm mF06.jpg
Station F06
Test Fee CQ Points 500
Lives S2 font - octopus glyph.svg x 5
Weapons and rewards

S2 Weapon Main Rapid Blaster.pngS2 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png
 Kamabo Logo.pngRec 

S2 Weapon Main Classic Squiffer.pngS2 Weapon Sub Burst Bomb.png

S2 Weapon Main Hydra Splatling.pngS2 Weapon Sub Curling Bomb.png
CQ Points 1,100 CQ Points 1,300 CQ Points 1,500

Mem cake S2 Mem Cake Bisk.png Bisk
Music #9 party

Duh-Oh Station is a mission in the Octo Expansion.

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S2 Icon C.Q. Cumber 2.png
C.Q. Cumber's Quotes

You're going to encounter a lot of enemies, so be careful not to get surrounded.
If you're struggling to defeat all your foes, there's no shame in moving on.
Staying aware of where the enemies are and where you can take cover is key.

S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish.png
Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

Stunning, Agent 8!
It's a trap - fall back!
Highly mobile enemy ahead - get ready!
Cuttle me impressed!
Enemies incoming!
You got 'em all! That was legendary.

S2 Icon Marina 2.png
Marina's Quotes

Launchpad dead ahead!
Round two, here we go!
Don't stand still or they'll focus fire on you!
Launchpad activated!
Take 'em out quick or it's gonna get ugly!
Gah - it's raining enemies!
This looks like the last wave!
Launchpad spotted - right in the middle!

S2 Icon Pearl 2.png
Pearl's Quotes

They're everywhere - let 'em have it!
Bam - that'll teach 'em!
Is round two dessert? Please let it be dessert.
Eight! You're surrounded!
Enemies are fallin' like rain!
Talk about defensive overkill!
Nailed it!


Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Met vallen en opstaan
Kwantitatief gevaarlijk
Versla de vijanden en ga naar het doel!
With falling and getting up[note 1]
Quantitative dangerous
Defeat the enemies and get to the goal!
FlagGermany.svg German Quantität gegen Qualität
Besiege Gegner und arbeite dich zum Ziel vor!
Quantity against quality
Podsblitz[note 2]
Defeat enemies and work your way to the goal!
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Todo un enjambre con patas
Los Glóbulos
Vence a los enemigos y llega a la meta.
A whole swarm with legs
The Globules
Defeat the enemies and reach the goal.

Translation notes

  1. "Met vallen en opstaan" is a Dutch proverb meaning "to learn from failures".
  2. Comes likely from a similar word, "Potzblitze", meaning an expressing of big surprise or amazement. Although "-blitz" most likely refers to the suffix found in certain German city or district names, since that has been the theming for many station titles.

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