Eeltail Alley

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Eeltail Alley

Eeltail Alley

Introduced Launch
Total area 2,746p
Features Sponges

Eeltail Alley is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 3.


Eeltail Alley is set in an alley in the middle of Splatsville. Various bridges placed around the stage give it a separate upper and lower layer. There are many sponges spread across the map.




  • The stage has undergone several changes between the two pre-release trailers it featured in.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゴンズイ地区
gonzui chiku
Striped Eel Catfish District
Netherlands Dutch Forelviaduct[a] Trout viaduct
France French (NOE) Banlieue Balibot Striped Eel Catfish Suburb
Germany German Streifenaal-Straße Stripe-Eel Street
Italy Italian Sobborgo Siluriano Torpedo Suburb
Russia Russian Угрево-Скатово
Eel-Stingray town[note 1]
Spain Spanish Callejones Crustáceo Crustacean Alleyways
China Chinese (Simplified) 鳗鲶区
mánnián qū (Mandarin)
Striped Eel Catfish District
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 鰻鯰區
mánnián qū (Mandarin)
Striped Eel Catfish District
South Korea Korean 메기 지구
megi jigu
Catfish District
Portugal Portuguese Eeltail Alley Same as English

Translation notes

  1. The endings ево (evo) and ово (ovo) are usually given to the names of towns or settlements.


  1. It is the same name given to Urchin Underpass in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.