Eeltail Alley/Development

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Eeltail Alley features in both the Return of the Mammalians trailer and the Release Date Revealed trailer of Splatoon 3. As with other stages shown before the game's release, the stage's design has changed between the two trailers. Overall, it appears the stage appears narrower in the latter trailer; some of these changes are outlined below but are best observed in the aforementioned videos.

Return of the Mammalians trailer - September 2021 Release Date Revealed trailer - May 2022
Eeltail Alley Spawn Single Player Trailer.png Eeltail Alley Spawn Release Date Trailer.png
Timestamp 0:10 Timestamp 0:17


  • The stage is now surrounded by water, excluding the middle area
  • Concrete and metal fences have been changed to construction fences

Spawn area

  • Two-tiered 'house' structure is moved from the left of the map to the right
    • The addition of a short un-inkable path next to this structure
  • Several changes to access paths to the new platform configuration: ramps and sponges moved
  • Addition of elevated grates that the bow user traverses in the early part of the Release Date Revealed trailer

Access to the footbridge and elevated path

  • Each end of this bridge used to have three ramps leading up to it. The two ramps on the right-hand side (when looking from spawn) have been replaced by vertical inkable surfaces
Eeltail Alley Mid Single Player Trailer.png Eeltail Alley Mid Release Date Trailer.png
Timestamp 0:21 Timestamp 2:34

Footbridge and elevated path

  • The remaining ramp to the bridge has a short wall on the side facing the enemy spawn area
  • Grates have been added to the footbridge
Eeltail Alley Below Footbridge Single Player Trailer.png Eeltail Alley Below Footbridge Release Date Trailer.png
Timestamp 0:50 Timestamp 2:15

Below the footbridge

  • A small section of the bridge where the removed ramps met has also been removed. As of the latter trailer, solid walls occupy the open space that was previously present
    • The small bumper below the lamppost pinpoints this altered area
Eeltail Alley Outer Mid Single Player Trailer.png Eeltail Alley Outer Mid Release Date Trailer.png
Timestamp 0:16 Timestamp 0:45

Center of the stage

  • The mountable red and white barriers below the footbridge have been replaced with a wide bumper
  • The graffitied grey walls on the outer edge of the map have been brought inwards to abut the pair of blue vending machines
    • This removes an access path around the outside of the short wall that runs perpendicular to these outer walls
    • The short wall can now be mounted using an inkable block.
  • The raised octagonal surfaces near these short walls have been replaced with smaller blocks and moved towards the center