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Species Octoling
Hair color Pink
Eye color Pink
Gender Male
Location Inkopolis Square, Deepsea Metro
Maximum HP
Other forms
This article is about the manga character. For the video game character, see Agent 8.
I don't know what my real name is.
— Eight, when asked about his name.

Eight is a character from the Splatoon manga, filling the role of Agent 8 from the Octo Expansion. He first appeared in Chapter 24 as an Octoling with no memory who woke up with Cap'n Cuttlefish.


Eight wears two different outfits in the Splatoon manga. His main weapon is the Blaster. During the Octo Expansion Arc, Eight wears clothes similar to what Agent 8 wears, except for him wearing the Squidlife Headphones and Null Boots Replica. After reaching the surface, Eight switches his outfit, he then wears the Squidlife Headphones, Red Cuttlegear LS, and Suede Gray Lace-Ups.


In the beginning of the Octo Expansion Arc, Eight claims to have lost their memory, aside for snippets of his memory which showcased him with his teammate, Seven. He is friendly towards Goggles when they first meet, and even protects him which he is in danger. He is portrayed to be similar to Goggles as he tends to support his antics or do them as well, first shown in Chapter 24 of Volume 7 where he helps Goggles lay the Octarians to rest and treat them for their 'cold'.


  • According to the Inkling Almanac, Eight has started to pickle things thanks to Goggles' and Cap'n Cuttlefish's advice.
  • He has decided to keep the name that Goggles gave him, even though he has his memories back, because he has grown fond of it.
  • In the Funny Man vs. Straight Man Splatfest in Volume 8, he was on Team Funny Man.
  • He was on Team Order for the final Splatfest.

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