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The Double-Cross Dab emote shown in the catalog.

Emotes are animations performed by the player character when winning a battle or clearing a Salmon Run shift in Splatoon 3. Most of them are obtained through the catalog at Hotlantis.

List of emotes


The player starts with the emote Flip Out. It changes depending on the current weapon type the player is holding, making up a total of eleven variations.

Flip Out
S3 Emote Flip Out.png
Unlock Unlocked by default
S3 Icon Shooter.png Shooter
S3 Emote Flip Out Shooter.gif
The player backflips twice, spinning the second time, and lands with the weapon pointed backwards, before pointing to the sky with their left hand.
S3 Icon Roller.png Roller S3 Icon Charger.png Charger
S3 Emote Flip Out Roller.gif
S3 Emote Flip Out Charger.gif
With the weapon resting on the ground, the player jumps over it and kicks it up, swapping hands to rest it over their shoulder while slightly crouched. The player turns backwards, pumps the weapon into the air once, and holds it pointing upwards while giving a thumbs-up with their left hand, turning to look behind as they do.
S3 Icon Slosher.png Slosher S3 Icon Splatling.png Splatling
S3 Emote Flip Out Slosher.gif
S3 Emote Flip Out Splatling.gif
The player sets the weapon spinning, then grabs it, does a spinning backflip, and poses in a three-point landing with the weapon held behind them. The player spins the weapon around them four times anticlockwise, then throws it in the air and quickly grabs and poses with it.
S3 Icon Dualie.png Dualie S3 Icon Brella.png Brella
S3 Emote Flip Out Dualie.gif
S3 Emote Flip Out Brella.gif
The player backflips and shoots the weapons right then left in midair. They then land, crouching and spinning the weapons with their fingers. The player picks up the weapon's base while folded, swings it with force in the style of a golf club, then throws it into the air and rests their hands on it when it lands.
S3 Icon Blaster.png Blaster S3 Icon Brush.png Brush
S3 Emote Flip Out Blaster.gif
S3 Emote Flip Out Brush.gif
The player throws the weapon into the air, flips backwards along the ground, then catches it, turns backwards, and poses with it in their arms. The player swings the weapon in full circles many times, swapping it back and forth between their hands three times, before posing with it.
S3 Icon Stringer.png Stringer S3 Icon Splatana.png Splatana
S3 Emote Flip Out Stringer.gif
S3 Emote Flip Out Splatana.gif
Jumping into the air, the player shoots the weapon downwards three times, then lands kneeling and pulls its string back while aiming into the distance. The player excitedly jumps and slams the weapon into the ground point-first, then lands and leans against it with their arms and legs folded.

Regular gameplay

These emotes can be unlocked in-game anytime under certain conditions.

Card Shark
Icon Animation
S3 Emote Card Shark.png
S3 Emote Card Shark.gif
From a crouching start, the player quickly rears back and, with a serious expression, holds up the middle three fingers of each hand - their right hand close to their body and pointed up, and their left hand outstretched and pointed down.
Unlock Tableturf Battle Rank 30


Catalogs change with each season and feature emotes the player can unlock as rewards for leveling it up and speaking to Harmony afterwards.

Drizzle Season 2022

Drizzle Season 2022 is the first season in Splatoon 3 and features six emotes.

The Lowdown
Icon Animation
S3 Emote The Lowdown.png
S3 Emote The Lowdown.gif
The player spins on the spot clockwise once and crouches, resting their left hand over their mouth and looking away.
Unlock Catalog Lv. 3
No Chill
Icon Animation
S3 Emote No Chill.png
S3 Emote No Chill.gif
The player wipes their brow with their right hand, resting it on their hip, then fans themselves repeatedly with their left hand, looking around nonchalantly.
Unlock Catalog Lv. 15
Icon Animation
S3 Emote Stuntin'.png
S3 Emote Stuntin'.gif
The player crosses their arms in an X shape in front of them, points forwards with their right hand while winking, jumps and spins clockwise in the air, then lands and crouches, resting their left arm on their leg.
Unlock Catalog Lv. 35
Icon Animation
S3 Emote Breakin'.png
S3 Emote Breakin'.gif
The player breakdances rapidly, spinning first upright, then on their head, coming to a quick stop and resting their right hand on their chin.
Unlock Catalog Lv. 51
Victory Strut
Icon Animation
S3 Emote Victory Strut.png
S3 Emote Victory Strut.gif
The player steps in place four times, flapping their elbows as they do, then punches the air with their right arm while winking.
Unlock Catalog Lv. 76
Double-Cross Dab
Icon Animation
S3 Emote Double-Cross Dab.png
S3 Emote Double-Cross Dab.gif
Skipping side to side, the player crosses their arms in front of them twice, rapidly spins clockwise on the spot twice, and comes to a halt by dabbing into their left arm.
Unlock Catalog Lv. 98

Chill Season 2022

Chill Season 2022 is the second and ongoing season also featuring six emotes.

You're Welcome
Icon Animation
S3 Emote You're Welcome.png
S3 Emote You're Welcome.gif
The player bows three times. First they wave with their left arm and bow theatrically, crossing their right leg behind the other while extending their right arm behind them; they then wave with their right arm and perform a more modest bow. Finally, they bow while facing straight ahead, extending both arms.
Unlock Catalog Lv. 10
All Chill
Icon Animation
S3 Emote All Chill.png
S3 Emote All Chill.gif
The player shivers and rubs their arms, glancing from side to side, before coming to a rest with their left hand on their right forearm.
Unlock Catalog Lv. 24
Wave 'Em Off
Icon Animation
S3 Emote Wave 'Em Off.png
S3 Emote Wave 'Em Off.gif
The player waves broadly at the screen with both hands.
Unlock Catalog Lv. 35
Who's Next?
Icon Animation
S3 Emote Who's Next?.png
S3 Emote Who's Next?.gif
The player sits down with their legs crossed, and begins drumming their fingers with their hands steepled.
Unlock Catalog Lv. 60
Robo Steppin'
Icon Animation
S3 Emote Robo Steppin'.png
S3 Emote Robo Steppin'.gif
The player does the robot, ending the dance by striking a pose with their hands.
Unlock Catalog Lv. 73
Your Move
Icon Animation
S3 Emote Your Move.png
S3 Emote Your Move.gif
The player does a quick breakdance, spinning around several times in a crouching position, then performs a one-handed handstand on their left hand while touching their feet to their right hand. They leap back to a standing pose and fold their arms, glancing back at the screen.
Unlock Catalog Lv. 83


The icon of the unobtainable Win TriCol emote.

There are two special emotes performed under certain conditions during a Splatfest. The first emote, named Win TriCol, is performed after a Tricolor Turf War, when the attacking team wins: the winners who covered the most turf perform their chosen emote, while the other attacking team nods with crossed arms.

The second emote is performed when a team wins a 100x or 333x Battle. The animation starts with the players doing a little dance before pointing a finger up in the air (at which point the tip of it shines briefly); the whole team then looks at each other, and it ends with every member striking a different pose.



  • Flip Out is the only emote so far that features the player's weapon and varies based on its class.
  • Some emote animations sync with others when executed. One notable group of emotes with this trait are the Victory Strut and the Double-Cross Dab emotes, as their ending stances are shown at the same time.
  • One of the animations for Inklings and Octolings in Splatsville Square is very similar to the No Chill emote. The biggest difference is in the square, they open their mouth in a sigh, while in the No Chill emote their mouth is closed throughout.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese エモート
Netherlands Dutch Reactie Reaction
Canada French (NOA) Émoticône Emoticon
France French (NOE) Animation -
Germany German Emote -
Italy Italian Posa Pose
Russia Russian Эмотикон
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Pose -
Spain Spanish (NOE) Reacción Reaction
China Chinese 表情
South Korea Korean 감정 표현 Show Feeling
Translate logo.svg Internal EmoteInfo[1]

Emote names in other languages

S3 Emote Flip Out.png Flip Out
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ブキポーズ
Buki pōzu
Weapon Pose
Netherlands Dutch Wapenpose Weapon pose
Canada and France French Saut armé Armed jump
Germany German Waffenpose Weapon pose
Italy Italian Capriola armata Armed somersault
Russia Russian К оружию
K oruzhiyu
To arms
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Arma en mano Weapon in hand
Spain Spanish (NOE) Arma en ristre Weapon out and ready
China Chinese (Simplified) 武器姿势
wǔqì zīshì (Mandarin)
Weapon Pose
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 武器姿勢
wǔqì zīshì (Mandarin)
Weapon Pose
South Korea Korean 무기 포즈
mugi pojeu
Weapon Pose
Translate logo.svg Internal Win_Weapon03[1] In its animation, "Weapon" is substituted for the specific weapon id.
S3 Emote Card Shark.png Card Shark
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ナワバトラー
Nawa batorā
Netherlands Dutch Winnende hand Winning hand
Canada and France French Pro des cartes Pro of cards
Germany German Revierdecks-Flex Tableturf Battle Flex
Italy Italian Asso delle carte Card (games') Ace
Russia Russian Карточный профи
Kartochnyy profi
Card pro
Spain Spanish Pose carterritorial Tableturf pose
China Chinese (Simplified) 占地斗士
zhàndì dòushì (Mandarin)
Turf Fighter
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 占地鬥士
zhàndì dòushì (Mandarin)
Turf Fighter
South Korea Korean 영역 배틀러
yeongyeok baeteulleo
Turf Battler
Translate logo.svg Internal NwBtl00[1] Nw likely stands for nawa batorā and Btl for battle, in reference to Tableturf Battle.
S3 Emote The Lowdown.png The Lowdown
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ポーズ1
Pōzu 1
Pose 1
Netherlands Dutch Heldenhurkzit Hero squat
Canada and France French Méditation Meditation
Germany German Squatling Deko -
Italy Italian Sempre più giù Lower and lower
Russia Russian Медитация
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Por lo bajito
Spain Spanish (NOE) Por lo bajo
China Chinese (Simplified) 姿势1
zīshì 1 (Mandarin)
Pose 1
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 姿勢1
zīshì 1 (Mandarin)
Pose 1
South Korea Korean 포즈 1
pojeu 1
Pose 1
Translate logo.svg Internal Crouching00[1] The player character crouches in celebration.
S3 Emote No Chill.png No Chill
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ホット
Netherlands Dutch Even chillen Just chilling
Canada and France French Coup de chaleur Heatstroke
Germany German Heiße Luft Hot Air
Italy Italian Afa soffocante Suffocating heat
Russia Russian Жарко (Version 2.0.0 and later)
Непоседа (Version 1.2.1 and before)

Spain Spanish Con descaro With no shame/the nerve
China Chinese (Simplified) 火热
huǒrè (Mandarin)
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 火熱
huǒrè (Mandarin)
South Korea Korean
Translate logo.svg Internal FeelingWarm00[1] The idea of being "hot" has been localized.
S3 Emote Stuntin'.png Stuntin'
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ポーズ2
Pōzu 2
Pose 2
Netherlands Dutch Wervelwinst Whirl victory
Canada and France French Saut tournoyant Whirling jump
Germany German Skip-Mixer -
Italy Italian Giravolta stilosa Stylish spin
Russia Russian Акробатика
Spain Spanish Acrobacia Acrobatics
China Chinese (Simplified) 姿势2
zīshì 2 (Mandarin)
Pose 2
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 姿勢2
zīshì 2 (Mandarin)
Pose 2
South Korea Korean 포즈 2
pojeu 2
Pose 2
Translate logo.svg Internal Win04[1]
S3 Emote Breakin'.png Breakin'
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ダンス1
Dansu 1
Dance 1
Netherlands Dutch Breakdance -
Canada and France French Breakdance -
Germany German Propeller Pro -
Italy Italian Breakdance -
Russia Russian Брейк-данс
Break dance
Spain Spanish Break dance -
China Chinese 跳舞1
tiàowǔ 1 (Mandarin)
Dance 1
South Korea Korean 댄스 1
daenseu 1
Dance 1
Translate logo.svg Internal Win08[1]
S3 Emote Victory Strut.png Victory Strut
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ダンス2
Dansu 2
Dance 2
Netherlands Dutch Kanjerpasjes Hero steps
Canada and France French Danse de victoire Victory dance
Germany German Champ-Spazierer Champ Walker
Italy Italian Danza trionfale Triumphant dance
Russia Russian Танец ликования
Tanets likovaniya
Jubilation dance
Spain Spanish Victoria Victory
China Chinese 跳舞2
tiàowǔ 2 (Mandarin)
Dance 2
South Korea Korean 댄스 2
daenseu 2
Dance 2
Translate logo.svg Internal Win13[1]
S3 Emote Double-Cross Dab.png Double-Cross Dab
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ダンス3
Dansu 3
Dance 3
Netherlands Dutch Opschepdab Boast dab
Canada and France French Double dab -
Germany German Step, Step, Dab -
Italy Italian Doppio dab Double dab
Russia Russian Двойной дэб
Dvoynoy deb
Double dab
Spain Spanish Baile doble Double dance
China Chinese 跳舞3
tiàowǔ 3 (Mandarin)
Dance 3
South Korea Korean 댄스 3
daenseu 3
Dance 3
Translate logo.svg Internal Win15[1]
S3 Emote You're Welcome.png You're Welcome
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese あいさつ1
Aisatsu 1
Greeting 1
Netherlands Dutch Staande ovatie Standing ovation
Canada and France French À votre service At your service
Germany German Gern geschehen You are welcome
Italy Italian Grazie a tutti Thank you all
Russia Russian Не благодарите!
Ne blagodarite!
Don't thank me!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) ¡De nada! You're Welcome!
Spain Spanish (NOE) Para serviros At Your Service
China Chinese 打招呼1
dǎzhāohū 1 (Mandarin)
Greeting 1
South Korea Korean 인사 1
insa 1
Greeting 1
Translate logo.svg Internal Win20[1]
S3 Emote All Chill.png All Chill
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese さむがり
Netherlands Dutch IJskoud Ice-cold
Canada and France French Frissons Chills
Germany German Frostbeule Frostbite
Italy Italian Brividi Shivers
Russia Russian Бр-р-р!
Spain Spanish Qué frío... So Cold...
China Chinese 怕冷
pà lěng (Mandarin)
Afraid of the cold
South Korea Korean 콜드
Translate logo.svg Internal Shivering00[1] The idea of shivering cold has been localized.
S3 Emote Wave 'Em Off.png Wave 'Em Off
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese あいさつ2
Aisatsu 2
Greeting 2
Netherlands Dutch Winnaarswuif Winner wave
Canada and France French Grands gestes des bras Big arm gestures
Germany German Und tschüss Good Riddance
Italy Italian Vi saluto! Greetings!
Russia Russian Кревед!
Hello, shrimp![note 1]
Spain Spanish ¡Saludos! Greetings!
China Chinese 打招呼2
dǎzhāohū 2 (Mandarin)
Greeting 2
South Korea Korean 인사 2
insa 2
Greeting 2
Translate logo.svg Internal WaveHands[1] The idea of waving as a goodbye has been localized.
S3 Emote Who's Next?.png Who's Next?
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese あぐら
Crossed Legs
Netherlands Dutch Zen -
Canada and France French Au suivant Next
Germany German Ruhe vorm Sturm Calm before the storm
Italy Italian A chi tocca? Who's next?
Russia Russian Кто следующий?
Kto sleduyushchiy?
Who's next?
Mexico Spanish (NOA) ¿Y ahora qué? Now What?
Spain Spanish (NOE) A esperar toca Waiting For It
China Chinese (Simplified) 盘腿坐
pántuǐ zuò (Mandarin)
Crossed Legs
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 盤腿坐
pántuǐ zuò (Mandarin)
Crossed Legs
South Korea Korean 책상다리
Crossed Legs
Translate logo.svg Internal SittingCrossedLegs[1] The idea of sitting with crossed legs has been localized.
S3 Emote Robo Steppin'.png Robo Steppin'
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ロボットダンス1
Robotto Dansu 1
Robot Dance 1
Netherlands Dutch De robot The robot
Canada and France French Danse robotique Robotic dance
Germany German Robo-Step -
Italy Italian Passo robotico Robotic step
Russia Russian Робостеп
Spain Spanish Baile robótico Robotic Dance
China Chinese (Simplified) 机械舞1
jīxiè wǔ 1 (Mandarin)
Robot Dance 1
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 機械舞1
jīxiè wǔ 1 (Mandarin)
Robot Dance 1
South Korea Korean 로봇 댄스 1
lobos daenseu 1
Robot Dance 1
Translate logo.svg Internal Win07[1]
S3 Emote Your Move.png Your Move
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ダンス4
Dansu 4
Dance 4
Netherlands Dutch Had je wat You got something[note 2]
Canada and France French Hip-hop -
Germany German Breakdance -
Italy Italian Agilità Agility
Russia Russian Твой ход
Tvoy khod
Your move
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Hip-hop -
Spain Spanish (NOE) Ahí queda eso There You Have It
China Chinese 跳舞4
tiàowǔ 4 (Mandarin)
Dance 4
South Korea Korean 댄스 4
daenseu 4
Dance 4
Translate logo.svg Internal Win14[1]

Translation notes

  1. The word "кревед" "kreved" comes from a Russian meme phrase "Превед, медвед, йа криветко!" which is a very corrupted and ungrammatical way of saying "Hello, bear, I'm shrimp!". In this case, the word "кревед" is a fusion of the words "превед" "preved" (hello) and "креветка" "krevetka" (shrimp).
  2. Used to provoke someone. Can mean the like of "you got something to say?" "you want a piece of me?" "you got a problem with that?"