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The Employee Handbook is a part of the manual for Salmon Run. It explains how to play Salmon Run and provides insight into company culture at Grizzco Industries. Players interested in learning about the Salmonids encountered in Salmon Run can view the Salmonid Field Guide, the other part of the Salmon Run manual.

The full text is reproduced below.


Page 1 of the Employee Handbook

1.1.0 To All My Happy Little Workers

  • Here at Grizzco Industries, we aim to create a richer, better way of life for everyone in our society through daily collection of Power Eggs. We're looking for dedicated, eager workers to assist us as we move forward toward a brighter future. Could that be you?
  • Collecting Power Eggs can indeed be a risky business, but when standing shoulder to shoulder in the thick of the action alongside coworkers united under the same vision you may see yourself in a different light—an innovator, a change-bringer, one who rises to all challenges.
  • Naturally, you will be well rewarded for your efforts. We offer an attractive and competitive remuneration package to all our employees.

1.1.1 Collecting Power Eggs

  • Power Eggs have come to be indispensable in supporting the modern lifestyles we all enjoy.
  • Power Eggs can be obtained from creatures called Salmonids.
  • Working for Grizzco, you'll be responsible for collecting Golden Eggs and depositing them in the company-issued egg basket. These Golden Eggs are obtained from Boss Salmonids, a far more dangerous type of Salmonid than the Lesser Salmonid variety.

1.1.2 Earn Big Bucks—Fast!

Take the Golden Eggs from the Boss Salmonids and carry them to the egg basket. Yes—it really IS that simple!

  • If you can remember that, you're ready to join the ranks at Grizzco!
Page 2 of the Employee Handbook

1.1.3 Joining the Team

  • As a new employee, you can rest assured in the knowledge that we offer on-site training—you won't be thrown in at the deep end. After all, no one expects you to memorize everything in your Employee Handbook right away! At Grizzco, we believe experience is the best teacher.
  • All you could ever want to know about Salmonids is explained in detail in your Salmonid Field Guide.

1.1.4 Getting Started

  • All new Grizzco employees are given a Grizzco Point Card. Please take good care of this card—it is used to commemorate your professional achievements.
  • We are only able to collect Power Eggs during peak Salmon Run season, so any work is on an irregular basis.
  • "Salmon Run" refers to the Salmonid behavior of regularly returning in large numbers from their current habitat to the area where they were spawned.
  • All equipment necessary for collecting Power Eggs (weapons, gear, ink tanks) will be provided by the company. There is no need for employees to prepare anything themselves, so first-timers needn't worry.
  • This job requires the use of specially optimized equipment well-suited to the task at hand. This means that workers will be unable to charge their special gauges themselves. Instead, Grizzco will provide you with two special abilities for you to use when you deem necessary. Any unused special abilities will be reclaimed at the end of your shift.
Page 3 of the Employee Handbook

1.1.5 All in a Day's Work

  • You'll start your working day by boarding one of our chartered fishing boats and departing for the restricted zone. Be aware that once your boat departs, there's no turning back. You won't be able to return until your shift is over.
  • Upon arriving at the job site, company-issued weapons will be distributed to each employee. After you've received your weaponry, all you have to do is wait for Boss Salmonids to appear.
  • You will receive a radio alert when Boss Salmonids are detected in the vicinity. It is not possible to provide precise coordinates, so it's up to you to find the exact location of the Boss Salmonids.
  • The restricted zone is subject to a mysterious magnetic field known to have an effect on Inkling sensory organs. You will be unable to use the Turf Map to check your surroundings or to perform Super Jumps. You'll have to rely on good, old-fashioned eyesight to explore your surroundings.
  • Unfortunately, Boss Salmonids are not the only enemy you'll have to contend with. Lesser Salmonids will also interfere with your work, and will need to be dealt with in a suitable fashion. However, be aware that the Power Eggs dropped by Lesser Salmonids are far less valuable than the Golden Eggs dropped by Boss Salmonids. Therefore, we ask all employees to prioritize the collection of Golden Eggs over Power Eggs.
  • The Salmonids' sensory organs have adapted to the contaminants to their habitat, so they will not be hampered in hunting down Inklings. Be very careful—you won't be able to hide yourself in ink.

1.1.6 Forming Bonds through Cooperation

  • Facing off against a Boss Salmonid on your own is a tall order. If you find yourself confronted with one, use your "This way!" signal to call for help. This will communicate your position wirelessly to your coworkers.
  • Carrying the Golden Eggs dropped by Boss Salmonids also requires the cooperation of the whole team, as the equipment provided allowed each worker to carry only one Golden Egg at a time.
  • In the event that you are splatted by a Salmonid, you'll wind up in a life ring, rendering you out of action. To rejoin the fray, you must wait for one of your coworkers to revive you with some of their ink.
  • While in a life ring, your "This way!" signal will automatically change to a distress call. Use this to let your coworkers know that you're in a bind so they'll come and revive you as soon as possible.
Page 4 of the Employee Handbook

1.1.7 Your Quota

  • In order to promote effective Power Egg collection, all teams have a Golden Egg quota.
  • The Salmonids exhibit very predictable behavior. They will react aggressively to intruders into their territory, but will return to the water after a set amount of time. Teams that successfully meet their quota within that time period will be given a new quota to fill.
  • This onslaught and retreat of Salmonids is called a wave. The deadline to meet your quota is at the end of each wave, after which it will not be possible to deposit more eggs in the basket.
  • Subsequently, all employees will be Super-Jumped to the spawn point using special Grizzco technology, where they will be supplied with fresh weapons and splatted workers will be revived.
  • Your shift is over at the end of the third wave.
  • Unfortunately, in the event that your team is unable to meet its quota, we will have no choice but to terminate your shift early.
  • Additionally, if your entire work crew is splatted by Salmonids and wiped out during a wave, we will again have no choice but to terminate your shift early.

1.1.8 Your Bonus

  • When your shift ends, you'll be awarded Grizzco Points based on the number of Golden and Power Eggs you and your coworkers have collected. After you have earned a set number of points, you will receive a fabulous bonus, so make sure you work your very hardest to rack up those points!
  • You can claim your bonuses from the counter outside of the Grizzco building.
  • The bonus lineup changes with each recruitment drive, and your Grizzco Points are also reset at the end of each drive.

1.1.9 Pay Grade

  • Grizzco uses an employee rating system to help workers progress along their chosen career path.
  • Your pay grade increases when you meet your quotas for all three waves.
  • In the event that you are unable to meet your quotas, your pay grade will not be increased—and may even be decreased.
  • As your pay grade increases, you'll be given a suitable title to match.
  • Raising your pay grade and getting new titles results in increased bonuses, but even better than that, it gives you the warm glowy feeling of overcoming a challenge!
  • And don't worry! Although your pay grade will be reset for each new hiring period, you'll get to keep your title.
Page 5 of the Employee Handbook

1.2.0 Evaluation Criteria

  • Accomplishments: Results at Work
  • Practical Skills: Judgement, Preparedness, Consideration, Initiative, Communication
  • Innate Qualites: Attitude, Ambition, Experience, Style, Reflexes

1.2.1 The Essence of the Job

  • If you remember nothing else, please remember the following – everything else you can learn on the job:

Place Golden Eggs taken from Boss Salmonids into the egg basket.

1.2.2 And to You, Our Valued Employee

  • We at Grizzco Industries are devoted to doing absolutely everything in our power to create a brighter future for us all.
  • As a valued member of our Grizzco family, we are committed to supporting you completely as you struggle against life's cruel realities.
  • Together, we can build a company that embodies the change we wish to see in the world. We are one. We are Grizzco.

Employee Handbook smartphone case

On 29 December 2017 at 01:07 UTC, a tweet was made to the Official Splatoon Japan Twitter account[1], announcing a smartphone case designed after the Grizzco Industries Employee Handbook pre-order (delivery in late April 2018), with a discount purchasable for Nintendo Gold Points[2].

The case has embossed images of Salmonids and Inkling text on the exterior and a height chart comparing the Stinger, Steelhead, Maws and Chum on the inside. It also comes with a small card with the following text:

★クマサン商会 社訓★





Grizzco Industries Company training★

🐻C'mon, it's bright and energetic
🐻Help (others) immediately when you are done
🐻Don't forget to be nice and appreciative
🐻Let's all together make it to Wave 3

※Please keep this card carefully stored

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