Enter the Octohurler

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#B1: Into the Octo Oven
Octo Canyon Missions
#5: The Octopark

Enter the Octohurler
˜ Let It Roll ˜
Hm2 m4.jpg
Number 4
Area 2
Sheldon's Request S2 Weapon Main Hero Roller Replica.png Hero Roller
Items 1 Scroll, 1 Sardinium, 5 Armor, 1 Sting Ray, 1 Crust Bucket Ticket
Music The Girl from Inkopolis
Amiibo Challenges

Enter the Octohurler is the fourth mission of Splatoon 2's single player mode Octo Canyon.

Octo Canyon

The Kettle for this mission is on a tower to the left of Suction-Cup Lookout. You get to it by jumping a gap to the left of the ramp at the front of the area. you will see a Sponge Block at the platform you land an after jumping, leading to ground Grates that lead you around the tower, with another Sponge at the end of the grates, leading to the top of the tower where you will find the kettle.

Mission Briefing



Mission Stats Chart



Enter the Octohurler Stats
Area Enemies Armor Special Weapon Sunken Scroll Sardinium
Beginning Area N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 1 3x Octotrooper N/A N/A N/A Yes
Checkpoint 2 8x Octopods N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 3 1x Octobomber 2x Octotrooper 1x Armor Piece N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 4 2x Octo Trooper 1x Octohurler N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 5 1x Octotrooper 5x Octohurler N/A 1x Sting Ray Yes N/A
Checkpoint 6 7x Octopods 3x Octotrooper 1x Armor Piece N/A N/A N/A
Final Checkpoint 1x Octotrooper 1x Octobomber 1x Octohurler 2x Armor Piece N/A N/A N/A

Beginning Area

Take the Launchpad to head to the first checkpoint. There are a total of 5 power eggs to collect.

Checkpoint 1

There are several Roloniums to use to defeat the Octotrooper, destroy the crates, or to place ink on the wall to climb it. There is also an option to defeat the Octotrooper naturally, break the crates and shoot at the wall. Another set of this checkpoint has more roloniums, 2 of the roloniums can be used only once while the one of the left can be used many times.

Checkpoint 2

Use the Geyser or climb on the wall to continue this checkpoint. There are 3 Octopods that'll run toward Agent 4. Take the Octopods out and climb up the wall. There will be more Octopods once Agent 4 Climbs up the 2 sets of walls, and there are roloniums placed to defeat them easily.

Checkpoint 3

Since the wall can't place ink, use the geyser to get up the wall. Agent 4 will now be put in a fight with 2 octotroopers and 1 octobombers. Using the roloniums on the small crates so it will deliver the Octotroopers to the ground and can be taken down with the Rolonium or just shoot at them. The Octotrooper on the left is on a small tower or small crates while the octotrooper on the right has a taller tower.

Once the Octobomber and both of the octotroopers are both defeated, a launchpad will appear.

Checkpoint 4

This checkpoint introduces Agent 4 to the Octohurler as it rolls the rolonium on a slab. Shoot the Rolonium and make sure it aims at the octohurler and the rolonium will defeat the octohurler.

Checkpoint 5

Take the Geyser once again and climb on the wall. There are a total of 5 Octohurlers on Spreaders. Take the Sting Ray and use them to spray it at the Octohurlers, but there is a octotrooper on a tower of small crates, so make sure you defeat the octotrooper so it doesn't aim for you while using the Sting Ray. There is another tower of crates on the left, and the top crate holds a piece of armor.

It it optional to defeat all of the Octohurlers so Agent 4 can use the Launchpad anytime.

Checkpoint 6

Jump the small gap and there are more roloniums that can be used to destroy any of the Octopods that are spawning.

The same process happens later in this checkpoint, but Agent 4 now has to deal with 3 Octotroopers and 1 Octopod. There is the same amount of roloniums to use to try to defeat the octotroopers and the octopod.

Final Checkpoint

Jump another small gap and break the small crate that holds an armor piece. Similar to checkpoint 3, only this time there is only 1 octotrooper and no crate tower with no roloniums to use. Once you defeat them, there is another Octohurler on a Spreader that only moves side-to-side. Once the Octohurler is defeated, a launchpad will appear. Take the launchpad and grab the Zapfish.


Sunken Scroll

S2 Sunken Scroll 4.png
This looks to be a do-it-yourself guide of starting your own mobile business. It looks new, but somebody must've been frying something near it. It has some grease stains on it.

Location: Under the large group of Octohurlers on their spreaders, simply take out a Octohurler and stay on that spreader until you lower down to the hidden platform, collect both some power eggs from the crates and the sunken scroll and ride another spreader back up


Location: Once Agent 4 has arrived at the launchpad in Checkpoint 1, don't take the launchpad, instead go behind the wall and there are more platforming there. There is a crate that holds the Sardinium.


Enter the Octohurler has 5 pieces of armor to collect.

Armor 1 Location:

Armor 2 Location:

Armor 3 Location:

Armor 4 Location:

Armor 5 Location:

Special Weapon

Sting Ray Location: Resting upon a grate at Checkpoint 5 near the large group of Octohurlers on Spreaders.

Crust Bucket Ticket



S2 Icon Marie.png
Marie's Quotes

Let’s get moving.
Huh. There are Rolonium bundles here.
There you go with your impulsive secret-finding again…
Octopods incoming!
More Octopods ? So annoying.
Ugh. An Octobomber. Pasteurize this dirtbag!
Get cooked, Octoslob!
By the way-Octohurlers throw Rolonium at you. I thought you might want to know.
What a pro.
There’s a launchpad in the back, but first you have to get past those Octohurlers
Uhh… Trap
Called it!
No rest for the squidkid!
Look! The Zapfish!
Nice work.
Just a little farther!
Well done!

S2 Icon Sheldon.png
Sheldon’s Request Quotes

Ok, take this with you. It’ll help me gather some practical battle data.
This is the Hero Roller! You can fling a big wall of ink while on the ground with Button1 ZR.png.
Or you can press Button1 ZR.png in midair to fling a longer, narrower stream of ink!
You can also hold Button1 ZR.png while moving to roll ink all over the ground!

Sheldon’s Level Quotes

Hit the Rolonium bundles to charge them with your ink!
Jump here and swing your roller!
Yeah, like that! Your vertical swing inked the area in a flash, right?
It’s the Sting Ray! Arm it with Button1 RS.png, the fire with Button1 ZR.png!



This is the first instance that Agent 4 can use the Hero Roller in Octo Canyon.

Names in other languages

JPTRapidBlasterDeco.png To do:
add/complete Italian and Russian translation edit
Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese おぅっと登場! タコリバーサー #
ぬめぬめ光る コロガリウム
Outto Tōjō! Takoribāsā #
Numenume Hikaru Korogariumu
Oh, Octohurler Appears!:
Slimy and Shining Rolonium
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Octorolmops in de hoofdrol Octohurler in the main role
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) - Fief des tentacraches -
Roule, roule, roulonium !
- Stronghold of the Octohurlers -
Roll, roll, Rollonium!
FlagGermany.svg German Oktospeier-Feier Octohurler Party
FlagItaly.svg Italian Cattiva digestione per gli sputacchiolpi! Bad digestion for the Octohurlers!
FlagRussia.svg Russian Осьмохимики химичат
«Катись, химоролл...»
Os'mokhimiki khimichat
«Katis', khimoroll...»
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Octolanzador en escena
˜Rolonio a raudales˜
Octohurler on stage
˜Pouring Roloniums˜
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Lluvia de rolonios Rain of Roloniums

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