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Likely ability Neutral
Unlikely ability Neutral

Famitsu is a brand within Splatoon and a real world line of Japanese video game magazines. Unlike most other brands, gear of this brand does not have increased or decreased chances of getting a certain ability.


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Famitsu Headgear in Splatoon
Name Brand Availability Ability Rarity

  Traditional Headband   Famitsu   1600   Comeback    
Famitsu Clothing in Splatoon
Name Brand Availability Ability Rarity

  Traditional Apron   Famitsu   2000   Quick Respawn    
Famitsu Shoes in Splatoon
Name Brand Availability Ability Rarity

  Traditional Sandals   Famitsu   1700   Run Speed Up    



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese ファミ通
An abbreviation for Famicon Tsūshin, the Famicom (NES) News Service
  French Famitsu
  German Famitsu
  Italian Famitsu
  Spanish Famitsu

Real world

Logo of Famitsu

Squid Fashion Contest 2015

On 21 May 2015, Famitsu magazine held a competition, for readers to submit designs for a chance to have the design added to Splatoon.[1] On 25 June 2015 the winner was announced, with over 800 entries received. The winning design was based off a traditional Japanese chef outfit and was added to Splatoon as the Traditional Headband, Traditional Apron and the Traditional Sandals in Version 2.0.0. Also, the development staff of Splatoon and the staff at Famitsu selected three runners-up each. The ones selected by the Splatoon developers received a poster with signatures from the team, while the ones selected by Famitsu received a poster by Takahashi Kino, the author of the Mellow Squid 4-Panel Comic.[2]

Squid Fashion Contest 2017

In a July 2017 issue, the Famitsu magazine held the Squid Fashion Contest 2017, which allowed readers to submit gear designs for a chance at having the design added to Splatoon 2. The winning design, called Ghillie Suit Style, was added to the game in Version 2.0.0, appearing as the Moist Ghillie Helmet, Moist Ghillie Suit and Moist Ghillie Boots. These were produced by Forge rather than the Famitsu brand.

Squid Fashion Contest 2017 also allowed the submission of graffiti. The winning design, Noshi Ika Graffiti, was added to the game, appearing in Walleye Warehouse.[3]


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