Festival shell

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A festival shell
Not to be confused with conch shells.

Festival shells are an item in Splatoon 3. They increase the odds of getting into a 100× or 333× Battle during a Splatfest.


When a player wins a 10× Battle during a Splatfest, they earn a festival shell.[1]


When multiple players on a team hold a lot of festival shells, the chances of getting into a 100× Battle are increased. If both teams in a match each trigger a 100× Battle, a rare 333× Battle occurs instead. After a 100× or 333× Battle happens, the players involved have their festival shells disappear.[1]


Winning a 10x Battle also earns everyone on your team a festival shell. And if you team up with other players with lots of festival shells, the odds of triggering a 100x Battle increase! What happens if both teams trigger a 100x Battle at the same time? An ultra-rare 333x Battle!

Now, if you play in a 100x or a 333x Battle, you'll lose all your festival shells. But isn't it worth it for a chance at all that Clout? (Trust us—it is.)

— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[2][3]


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オマツリガイ
omatsuri gai
Festival shell
Netherlands Dutch Festivalschelp Festival shell
CanadaFrance French Coquival Festishell
Germany German Festmuschel Festival shell
Italy Italian Conchiglia festiva
Russia Russian Мегараковина
SpainMexico Spanish caparazón festivo
China Chinese (Simplified) 祭典贝
jìdiǎn bèi
Festival shell
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 祭典貝
jìdiǎn bèi
Festival shell
South Korea Korean 축제 조개
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