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Fish scales are a currency in Splatoon 3. They are obtained from the King Salmonid in Salmon Run Next Wave.


Fish scales can only be obtained from reaching an Xtrawave in Salmon Run Next Wave. Each player is guaranteed to earn at least two scales from an Xtrawave regardless of its outcome, plus an additional scale for every 12.5% (1/8) of damage done to the King Salmonid's health bar (rounded down). If the players manage to defeat the King Salmonid, they will earn nine scales plus an extra scale for every ten seconds remaining on the clock (rounded up), up to a maximum of thirteen total scales when there are 31 or more seconds left.[1]

Fish scales have three rarities consisting of bronze, silver, and gold. The quality of scales gained is determined at random for each scale, with higher-quality scales being more common at higher Hazard Levels.[2] The probability of a received scale being silver or gold is 5% and 0% respectively at the minimum Hazard Level of 0%, or 20% and 3% respectively at Hazard Level MAX (333.0%). The probability increases linearly for intermediate Hazard Levels.[1] Regardless of contribution, each player receives the same number and quality of scales.


  • A team reduces the King Salmonid to 70% health before being wiped out. Each player earns four total scales (two guaranteed and an additional two for damage dealt), all four being bronze.
  • At Hazard Level MAX, a team manages to defeat the King Salmonid with two seconds left on the clock. Each player receives ten scales (9+1), including Bronze Fish Scales 7, Silver Fish Scales 2 and Gold Fish Scale 1.
  • Another team manages to defeat the King Salmonid within just 38 seconds, receiving the maximum of thirteen scales (9+4), including Silver Fish Scales 4 and Bronze Fish Scales 9. Even in this best-case scenario, there is only a 34% chance of obtaining at least one gold scale.


Grizzco fish scale item shop.jpg

Fish scales can be exchanged for Splashtag banner designs or items like various Boss Salmonid statues and stickers for the locker room. They can also be exchanged for different colored Grizzco Industries-approved alternate work outfits and Gear that was rewarded in Splatoon 2's Salmon Run.


By default, only a few select items are available, and spending scales unlocks more items from the Grizzco shop:

  • After spending at least Bronze Fish Scales 100 bronze and Silver Fish Scales 10 silver scales, more offers are unlocked, especially two more work suits.
  • After spending at least Bronze Fish Scales 350 bronze, Silver Fish Scales 40 silver, and Gold Fish Scales 4 gold scales, all items are available for purchase.[3]

More rewards may be added in future seasons.



  • The shop is called 'Uroko' in the files of Splatoon 3, which is the Japanese translation of fish scales.