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S3 Tableturf Battle card Flipper-Flopper.png
Species Salmonid
Hair color
Eye color
Location Salmon Run Next Wave
HP 1200 (direct)
300 (armor removed)
Maximum HP
Other forms
Not to be confused with the Flipper Floppers.

Flipper-Floppers are Boss Salmonids that appear in Salmon Run Next Wave in Splatoon 3.


The Flipper-Flopper is an armored Boss Salmonid that resembles a dolphin. It attacks by throwing a ring of ink into the air, targeting a nearby player. Once the ring lands on the ground, it completely inks the ground it covers and the Flipper-Flopper will hover directly above it; after a short delay, it will dive into the circled area, instantly splatting any player that cannot escape in time.

Players can attack a Flipper-Flopper at any time while it is not submerged, though it has a large amount of health (comparable to that of a Big Shot). However, if they paint over a Flipper-Flopper's ring before it can perform its usual dive attack, it will crash into the ground. (Similarly to Splat Zones, players' ink will immediately fill the ring's area after covering enough of it.) This leaves it flopping helplessly on the ground for a while as well as breaking its armor, which greatly reduces its health. Flipper-Floppers can dive back into their ink if not defeated while vulnerable, but they never regenerate their armor and will retain any damage dealt to them, making them easily splatted by follow-up attacks.

If a Flipper-Flopper's crash to the ground would deal enough damage to reduce its HP to 0, they will still stay alive until a player damages it directly or indirectly (by Steelhead explosion or Slammin' Lid slam) in order to credit a player with the splat.


Another new creature, known as a "Flipper-Flopper," has been observed creating a ring of ink before diving magnificently into said ring. While beautiful, this is a dangerous attack! Inklings will need to cooperate to prevent Flipper-Floppers from flipping and/or flopping.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]

The following text is quoted from the Salmonid Field Guide.[2]

Basic Information

  • It swims deep below the ink, then launches high into the air before diving back down.
  • It'll place a ring of ink as it jumps, showing where it will dive.

Attack Behavior

  • It will ink the ground within the thrown ring, then attack anyone inside the ring as it dives in.


  • It's exposed while it's in the air getting ready to attack. That's your chance!
  • If you ink the ground within its ring, it won't be able to dive back under, letting you make quick work of it.

Supporting Information

  • It seems to idolize an animal said to have flourished in ancient times, which may explain why it wears a mask to make itself look more like this creature.
  • It clearly attaches more importance to the beauty of its dives than its combat effectiveness.


See also: Salmon Run Next Wave data
Weapon Hits to splat Flipper-Flopper
S3 Weapon Special Booyah Bomb.png Booyah Bomb 2 - 172
S3 Weapon Special Crab Tank.png Crab Tank 4 - 20
S3 Weapon Special Inkjet.png Inkjet 4 - 16
S3 Weapon Special Killer Wail 5.1.png Killer Wail 5.1 1 - 3
S3 Weapon Special Reefslider.png Reefslider 2 - 3
S3 Weapon Special Triple Inkstrike.png Triple Inkstrike 3 - 24
S3 Weapon Special Wave Breaker.png Wave Breaker 3 - 8
S3 Weapon Main .52 Gal.png .52 Gal 24 - 35
S3 Weapon Main .96 Gal.png .96 Gal 15 - 22
S3 Weapon Main Aerospray MG.png Aerospray MG 50 - 64
S3 Weapon Main Ballpoint Splatling.png Ballpoint Splatling 35 - 48
S3 Weapon Main Bamboozler 14 Mk I.png Bamboozler 14 Mk I 8 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Big Swig Roller.png Big Swig Roller 8 - 24
S3 Weapon Main Blaster.png Blaster 6 - 12
S3 Weapon Main Bloblobber.png Bloblobber 5 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Carbon Roller.png Carbon Roller 8 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Clash Blaster.png Clash Blaster 15 - 24
S3 Weapon Main Classic Squiffer.png Classic Squiffer 4 - 24
S3 Weapon Main Dapple Dualies.png Dapple Dualies 27 - 40
S3 Weapon Main Dark Tetra Dualies.png Dark Tetra Dualies 40 - 48
S3 Weapon Main Dread Wringer.png Dread Wringer 5 - 10
S3 Weapon Main Dualie Squelchers.png Dualie Squelchers 40 - 48
S3 Weapon Main Dynamo Roller.png Dynamo Roller 3 - 12
Egg Cannon.png Egg cannon 2 - 6
S3 Weapon Main E-liter 4K.png E-liter 4K 2 - 24
S3 Weapon Main Explosher.png Explosher 10 - 16
S3 Weapon Main Flingza Roller.png Flingza Roller 4 - 18
S3 Weapon Main Glooga Dualies.png Glooga Dualies 18 - 40
S3 Weapon Main Goo Tuber.png Goo Tuber 4 - 15
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Blaster.png Grizzco Blaster 24 - 35
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Brella.png Grizzco Brella 15 - 80
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Charger.png Grizzco Charger 6
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Dualies.png Grizzco Dualies 10 - 48
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Slosher.png Grizzco Slosher 4 - 8
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Splatana.png Grizzco Splatana 1 - 6
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Stringer.png Grizzco Stringer 1 - 35
S3 Weapon Main H-3 Nozzlenose.png H-3 Nozzlenose 18 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Heavy Edit Splatling.png Heavy Edit Splatling 35 - 48
S3 Weapon Main Heavy Splatling.png Heavy Splatling 35 - 48
S3 Weapon Main Hydra Splatling.png Hydra Splatling 20 - 48
S2 Icon Ink Cannon.png Ink Cannon 3
S3 Weapon Main Inkbrush.png Inkbrush 30 - 60
S3 Weapon Main Jet Squelcher.png Jet Squelcher 30 - 40
S3 Weapon Main L-3 Nozzlenose.png L-3 Nozzlenose 30 - 35
S3 Weapon Main Luna Blaster.png Luna Blaster 6 - 12
S3 Weapon Main Mini Splatling.png Mini Splatling 35 - 48
S3 Weapon Main N-ZAP '85.png N-ZAP '85 43 - 60
S3 Weapon Main Nautilus 47.png Nautilus 47 35 - 48
S3 Weapon Main Octobrush.png Octobrush 20 - 30
S3 Weapon Main Painbrush.png Painbrush 8 - 24
S3 Weapon Main Range Blaster.png Range Blaster 5 - 8
S3 Weapon Main Rapid Blaster.png Rapid Blaster 9 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Rapid Blaster Pro.png Rapid Blaster Pro 8 - 16
S3 Weapon Main REEF-LUX 450.png REEF-LUX 450 6 - 36
S3 Weapon Main Slosher.png Slosher 9
S3 Weapon Main Sloshing Machine.png Sloshing Machine 8 - 12
S3 Weapon Main Snipewriter 5H.png Snipewriter 5H 5 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Splash-o-matic.png Splash-o-matic 43 - 60
S3 Weapon Main Splatana Stamper.png Splatana Stamper 3 - 27
S3 Weapon Main Splatana Wiper.png Splatana Wiper 4 - 35
S Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png Splat Bomb 7 - 40
S3 Weapon Main Splat Brella.png Splat Brella 7 - 40
S3 Weapon Main Splat Charger.png Splat Charger 4 - 24
S3 Weapon Main Splat Dualies.png Splat Dualies 40 - 48
S3 Weapon Main Splat Roller.png Splat Roller 6 - 18
S3 Weapon Main Splattershot.png Splattershot 34 - 40
S3 Weapon Main Splattershot Jr..png Splattershot Jr. 43 - 60
S3 Weapon Main Splattershot Nova.png Splattershot Nova 40 - 60
S3 Weapon Main Splattershot Pro.png Splattershot Pro 27 - 40
S3 Weapon Main Sploosh-o-matic.png Sploosh-o-matic 27 - 40
S3 Weapon Main Squeezer.png Squeezer 27 - 48
S3 Weapon Main S-BLAST '92.png S-BLAST '92 4 - 8
S3 Weapon Main Tenta Brella.png Tenta Brella 4 - 27
S3 Weapon Main Tri-Slosher.png Tri-Slosher 12 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Tri-Stringer.png Tri-Stringer 3 - 30
S3 Weapon Main Undercover Brella.png Undercover Brella 8 - 48


  • The Flipper-Flopper can be damaged and splatted before it dives into its ink ring. However, this can only be done in one cycle with a high DPS weapon such as the S3 Weapon Main Hydra Splatling.png Hydra Splatling, the S3 Weapon Special Crab Tank.png Crab Tank's turret mode, five shots from a fully charged Snipewriter 5H, or two fully-charged S3 Weapon Main E-liter 4K.png E-liter 4K shots.
  • When a Flipper-Flopper has been damaged, ink begins to cover the Flipper-Flopper's body. If it has already lost its armor or it appears heavily inked, then it may be easier to shoot it out of the sky as opposed to inking its ring.


Main article: Badge#Salmon Run

Splatting Flipper-Floppers a specific number of times in Salmon Run: Next Wave will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Flipper-Flopper Badges
S3 Badge Flipper-Flopper 100.png Flipper-Flopper Splats x 100
S3 Badge Flipper-Flopper 1000.png Flipper-Flopper Splats x 1,000
S3 Badge Flipper-Flopper 10000.png Flipper-Flopper Splats x 10,000



  • The "ancient animal" the Flipper-Flopper is mentioned as idolizing in the Salmonid Field Guide seems to be the dolphin. Its mask resembles a dolphin's nose, and its main mode of attack creates a ring of ink resembling the air bubble rings that real-life dolphins create seemingly for their own amusement. The Flipper-Flopper then jumps through the ring like dolphins are sometimes trained to do with hula hoops in performances at marine animal shows.
    • It is also worth noting that the Flipper-Flopper wears its mask in a way that makes it resemble a dolphin even further. Being in giving its tail fin the illusion of being horizontal, and making its right flipper and mohawk replicate the dorsal fin and left flipper respectively.
    • Interestingly, dolphins are classified as mammals rather than fish, so this suggests that they may have died out alongside many of the other mammals on earth.


The name comes from "flip-flop", which can mean that one alternates back and forth between two polar opposite opinions, ideas or similar. The "Flipper" part of its name comes from both a part of dolphin anatomy, and could also come from the titular bottlenose dolphin of the film and TV series Flipper.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ダイバー
Netherlands Dutch Dompelaar From dompelen ("to immerse in a liquid") and the suffix -aar
CanadaFrance French Ploufion From plouf (onomatopoeia of "splash")
Germany German Sturmreifer Stormhooper [a]
Italy Italian Tuffone From Tuffo ("to dive")
Russia Russian Хулахлюп
Hula Squish [b]
SpainMexico Spanish Chapotero From chapotear ("to paddle")
China Chinese (Simplified) 潜水鱼
qiánshuǐ yú (Mandarin)
Diving fish
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 潛水魚
qiánshuǐ yú (Mandarin)
Diving fish
South Korea Korean 다이버
Translate logo.svg Internal SakeDolphin [3]

Translation notes

  1. From Sturm ("storm") and Reif ("hoop")
  2. From хулахуп hulahup ("hula hoop") and хлюп hlyup ("squishing sound")