Fuzzy Ooze

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Fuzzy Ooze.

Fuzzy Ooze is a mysterious substance found in Alterna.


Fuzzy Ooze pulsates like a life-form, but is not a living creature. It is covered with a brown furry substance, which may have a connection with the hairy Octarians.


If an Inkling comes into contact with Fuzzy Ooze, some manner of brown hairy fur-like substance grows all over their body, and they lose their sense of self. In this state, they are unable to do much but hopelessly roll around. However, Smallfry, such as Agent 3's little buddy, are unaffected by Fuzzy Ooze, and can clean it up by eating it.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Vloeivacht Ink coat
France French Bouillie hirsute Shaggy ink
Germany German Flauschplasma Fluffy plasma
Italy Italian Melma pelosa Fuzzy slime
Spain Spanish Plasma pelificador Hairifying plasma
South Korea Korean 털나잉크
Hairy ink