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A player standing with three ghosts from their team in the lobby
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Ghosts are a feature of Splatoon 3's Battle Lobby. The player's online friends and current teammates appear as flat, hologram-like ghosts in the Battle Lobby, the Grizzco Industries building, and The Shoal.


By default, ghost players stand idly in areas to the side of the lobby's Test Range, with open rooms and recent activity displayed when the player approaches them. The player can press to talk to a ghost and join their lobby. Players are able to send out an invite to appear as a ghost to others by holding while creating a room for a selected game mode.

In addition, the player's current teammates walk around the lobby as ghosts in real-time. These ghosts may be seen using weapons and inking in the test range, but this has no physical effect on the player's own test range. If a ghost uses signals, the animation can be seen by others but the text does not appear.


Back to the science! Another new lobby feature is holographic equipment that projects other players' images as "ghosts." Want to join a friend in battle? Talk to their ghost! You can also track real-time player actions via ghosts. Wow. We just have a haunted petri dish at SRL.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]



  • It can be seen that the ghosts are projected from a grey box with a blue light on it, which beams of light extending to the ghosts project from. This box is attached to the rafters.
  • Ghosts appear as a rectangle decorated with Inkling script for an extremely brief moment before properly rendering. This can be seen when exiting the equip menu. The logo in the rectangle does not seem to match a brand logo.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ブンシン
Netherlands Dutch Schim Shadow, apparition
Germany German Geist Ghost