Giant Tornado

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The Giant Tornado[1][2] is a Known Occurrence in Salmon Run Next Wave.


During this event, a gigantic tornado will appear. Anything in the sea will be sucked up by the tornado and flung toward land. Boxes of Golden Eggs will fall somewhere on dry land, and Lesser Salmonids will similarly be dropped off at random locations.[1] While this event will only take place at low tide, the egg basket normally located by the shore will be obstructed by a boulder, forcing players to carry Golden Eggs all the way to the egg basket's usual location, usually by relaying them. To compensate for the practical difficulty of delivering the Golden Eggs in this situation, each Golden Egg delivered will count as two eggs for the purposes of the quota. No Snatchers spawn, so delivering and throwing golden eggs them is easier.

Salmonid Field Guide

The following text is quoted from the Salmonid Field Guide.[2]

What Happens

  • The ground will dry up, and a gigantic tornado will whirl to life by the shore.
  • Anything in the sea, including Salmonids, will be sucked up by the tornado and flung toward land.

How to Get Golden Eggs

  • Boxes packed full of Golden Eggs will fall somewhere on dry land.
  • Break open the boxes to release a large number of Golden Eggs.

Advice from Mr. Grizz

  • Since the eggs may land far away from the basket, coordinate with your coworkers and use the Egg Throw.
  • Dodge any Salmonids that come flying toward you, or splat them as you transport the eggs.

Supplementary Information

  • There's no way to predict when a giant tornado might appear. It will fling all kinds of things out from the ocean, which usually results in a great number of Salmonid casualties.
  • Flying debris will be present, and accidents are bound to happen. If you become unable to use the egg basket on dry land, a single egg delivered to the basket will be counted as two.


  • Two boxes of Eggs will spawn during the wave: the first one spawns once the wave has started, and the second one spawns at the 55-seconds mark.
    • The first box always has enough Eggs to meet the quota, so delivering Eggs from the second box is optional.
  • Lesser Salmonids will start falling three times during the wave: a smaller group of Salmonids will fall in front of the box once it spawns for the first time, and bigger groups will fall in random places in the middle of the stage around the 85-seconds and 41-seconds marks.
  • Ideally, one player should stay with the box and toss Eggs uphill, while the other two chain-throw the Eggs the rest of the way to the basket. The final player should pitch in where necessary — clearing the box or chain-throwing, depending on which teammates are lagging behind, and keeping the Salmonids away from their teammates.
  • Squid Rolling towards the Egg basket when picking up an Egg gives the Egg more distance, giving the teammates more leeway to pick it up.
  • Weapons with high damage per second should stay in the middle to be able to clear the falling Salmonids quickly, while weapons with low DPS can focus on tossing Eggs from the box or into the Egg basket.
    • The preferable position for a Dynamo Roller is the middle due to its ability to crush any falling Salmonids, including Cohocks.
    • Splatana Stamper is also able to one-shot a Cohock with a charged direct hit.
    • Long-range weapons with high damage, such as E-liter 4K or Hydra Splatling, can stay near the box or the Egg basket and support the teammates in splatting Salmonids from a longer distance.
  • The Egg throw deals 100 damage to the nearby Salmonids, which is enough to one-shot Chums and Smallfries and can finish up damaged Cohocks. This can be used to save time and toss the Eggs while clearing the falling Salmonids.


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 巨大タツマキ
kyodai tatsumaki
Giant Tornado
Netherlands Dutch Reuzentornado Giant tornado
Italy Italian Tornado Gigante Giant Tornado
Russia Russian Гигантский торнадо
Gigantskiy tornado
Giant tornado
China Chinese (Simplified) 巨型龙卷风
jùxíng lóngjuànfēng
Giant Tornado
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 巨型龍捲風
jùxíng lóngjuànfēng
Giant Tornado
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