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The beginning of a Rush
"Glowflies. That explains why the Salmonids are restless. If you start glowing...well, good luck."
Mr. Grizz when a Rush wave starts

Rush, unofficially referred to as simply "Glowflies", is a Known Occurrence in Salmon Run and Salmon Run Next Wave.


During Rush, Glowflies will surround one player at a time at random, causing all Salmonids to focus on that player. The only Lesser Salmonids that spawn are the Chum, which run towards Glowflies in a frenzy. These Chum have red eyes and swarm in much larger numbers than the Chum found in regular waves. Goldies are the only Boss Salmonids to appear, which will behave the same as the Chum, running in the same crowd. When splatted they drop three Golden Eggs total, which will spread out farther than usual, making it harder to collect them safely. The Salmonid crowd will swarm towards the player with Glowflies without attacking them or other players, moving with greatly increased speed; they cannot be distracted, and will eventually jump up towards players hiding in walls.

Snatchers may spawn to take unattended Golden Eggs, though they are not affected by the presence of Glowflies and behave as they do in standard waves.

This event can only be experienced if every player in the group is at least Part Timer, and cannot occur during low tide. The maximum number of enemies that can appear on the map ranges from 19 to 32 based on the difficulty level, where Chums spawn every 10 frames between Part Timer to Overachiever and past Profreshional 100, with Profreshional 0 - 99 having it decreased to 5 frames. Goldies appear on every 20th spawn.[1]

Salmonid Field Guide

Salmonid Field Guide page detailing a Salmonid Rush

The following text is quoted from the Salmonid Field Guide.

What Happens
  • Large groups of ferocious Salmonids appear and carry out rush attacks at furious speed.
  • These crazed Salmonids gather in response to the appearance of Glowflies.
How to Get Golden Eggs
  • Take out the Goldie hidden in the school of Salmonids.
Advice from Mr. Grizz
  • Stand your ground with your allies and concentrate your fire on the incoming Salmonids!
  • Watch out for the Glowflies—if they buzz around you, a concentrated attack won't be far behind.
Supplementary Information
  • It is claimed that the Salmonids' increased aggression is tied somehow to gravitational shifts due to the planet's celestial course, but there is still much that is unclear.
  • It is said that in pre-medieval times, before effective defense measures such as long-range ink attacks were available, many cities fell before the rage of the Salmonid rush.


  • The player being targeted should try to funnel the Salmonids into a choke point to help their team dispatch them faster.
  • Non-targeted players should prioritize the targeted player's safety. The safest time to deposit Eggs is when the source of the stream of Salmonids shifts.
  • There is no reason for the crew to separate during this event. Stick together near the Egg basket.
  • It is advised to pay attention to whenever a coworker is down and revive them as soon as possible.
  • Unless it is absolutely necessary, do not collect Golden Eggs if you are targeted by Glowflies. It is advised to stay in a safe spot and attack from there as the Salmonids move very quickly.
  • It is possible to cling to a tall wall to stall the Salmonid rush, giving time for teammates to safely carry and deposit Golden Eggs. If the targeted player stalls for too long via this method, the Salmonids will start to jump to attack the targeted player, therefore it is recommended to cling to a wall that has a platform above within reach as the Salmonids gather below, but only for short intervals.
    • Another reason to not stay swimming on the wall is there is a glitch that allows the Goldie's Eggs to be released inside the wall, rendering them unobtainable. This only happens if a Goldie is up against a wall.[Citation needed]
  • In Rush, Chums have 50 HP instead of 100, which makes them much easier to splat.
  • All Rollers are able to crush the Rushing Salmonid crowd while rolling regardless of their speed, and consume less ink the slower player moves while rolling, making it more favored to roll forward as slowly as possible. Staying still is not recommended, as this will cause the Roller user to be bounced back by Salmonids. While the Roller player crushes the Salmonids crowd, other players should prioritize collecting Eggs and dealing damage to Goldies, which have 500 HP and will bounce the Roller user back unless it has less HP than the Roller's crushing damage.
    • Dynamo Roller deals the most damage when rolling with an output of 400, making it easier to crush Goldies, while Carbon Roller deals the least rolling damage with an output of 70.
    • Splatted players can easily move towards the Roller to revive themselves, which allows other players to focus on the objective instead of saving a fallen ally.
    • Inkbrushes and Octobrushes do not have the ability to crush Salmonids.
  • Similarly to Rollers, Brellas have the ability to crush Salmonids with their shields while slightly moving forward.
    • Splat Brella and Tenta Brella are able to release their shields to take out a long line of enemies at once. Tenta Brella is the most effective for this, as it will be able to squash 72 enemies in one go. Although, the Brella player should be careful when releasing the shield, as it leaves them vulnerable for a short period of time, especially if the said Brella is the Splat Brella, which takes the whole 6.5 seconds to recharge.
  • All Chargers except Bamboozler 14 Mk I and Snipewriter 5H are able to use their piercing mechanic to take out long lines of enemies. Bamboozler 14 Mk I and Snipewriter 5H can use their tap shots to take out rushing Salmonids or focus on damaging Goldies instead.
  • Blasters' bursts can be used to splat multiple Salmonids at once via aiming at the side of the stream, rather than the front of it.
  • For Slosher and Tri-Slosher, it's recommended to aim slightly above the stream, rather than in the front of it, to be able to take out multiple Salmonids at once.
  • In Spawning Grounds, gather the crew around the Egg basket and have the teammate attracting the Glowflies stay above the ramp. This makes it easy to protect that teammate, while the rest of the crew collects Golden Eggs.
  • In Marooner's Bay, the preferable position for a targeted player is the right grate. That way Salmonids will always stick to the right path, allowing players to splat them easily and redirect the rush by jumping on the near elevation if needed. Avoid retreating to the bow of the ship, as this will split the rush into two paths, making it much harder to control, leaving no ways to retreat and allowing Salmonids to attack the crew from behind once the Glowflies are redirected to another player.
    • At the higher levels of play where the quota is too big for delivering Eggs from beyond the bridges, the team should locate itself behind the right grate right next to the Egg basket and splat Goldies as close to it as possible.
    • In Salmon Run Next Wave, allow Snatchers to pick up the Golden Eggs that were dropped at the bottom floor. There's a possibility that Snatchers will pass the Egg basket when flying away with the Eggs, where you can splat them and drop the Eggs much closer to the Egg basket, making them easy to collect.
  • In Lost Outpost, gather on the upper platform behind the Egg basket to collect the Eggs as close to it as possible. The targeted player can climb up the nearest wall to allow teammates to splat Salmonids. If the team struggles to survive or collect the Eggs, the targeted player can drop down from the right side of the platform and stay on an inkable wall to force the rush to follow the player and drop on the down floor as well, from which Salmonids have to take a long path to come back if the player climbs back on the platform.
  • In Salmonid Smokeyard, the group should position itself on one of the elevated platforms west or east of the Egg basket, preferably on the east one. Avoid using propeller platforms and moving to the opposite side of the map unless the team struggles to survive.
  • In Ruins of Ark Polaris, avoid jumping onto a ride rail unless the team struggles to survive: the stream of Salmonids will rapidly circle around the Egg basket as they follow you, ending on your landing point, effectively putting both your coworkers near the basket and yourself in extreme danger. Instead, focus on generating a choke point with your team and only jump onto the rails if it is a matter of survival.
    • Note that special weapons cannot be activated on the rails, making it a very risky last resort if two or more coworkers are down. Activating Specials such as the Inkjet, Splashdown or Bomb Launcher is more advantageous than hopping onto a rail.
  • At Sockeye Station, the targeted player climbing up or down the central tower through the grate can help to redirect the rush so that teammates can focus on defeating enemies and tossing Golden Eggs into the basket. Players can also stick to walls to potentially redirect the rush, though sometimes the rush may approach from above.
    • At the higher levels of play where the quota is too big for tossing eggs from the spiral tower, the team should locate itself near the Egg basket and pay attention to which side path the Rush takes to approach the crew. This position is risky, and if the team struggles to survive, the spiral tower wall can help with stalling the Rush.
  • In Gone Fission Hydroplant, targeted players can stick to the walls. This is generally safer than standing on the ground, and Salmonids will move below the tagged players, providing easy targets for other players standing above. A good place to do this is the grated bridge north of the Egg Basket. Another effective position is a ramp south-west of the Egg basket. It has only one way which Salmonids can take to come to the crew, making them easy to control and splat, it's located relatively close to the basket, so even if throwing Eggs isn't possible, one of the crewmates can collect and bring them to the basket directly, and it's possible to stall the rush by jumping back and forth between the nearest ramp.
  • At Jammin' Salmon Junction, players should gather on the platform directly behind the Egg Basket. It serves as an excellent chokepoint due to its ramp being the only way Salmonids can climb up to it, and its position beside the Egg Basket makes it very easy to deposit Golden Eggs.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ラッシュ
Netherlands Dutch Stormloop Stampede
CanadaFrance French Ruées Rushes
Germany German Ansturm Stampede
Italy Italian Orde Hordes
Russia Russian Озверевшие самониды
Ozverevshiye samonidy
Brutalized Salmonids
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Frenesíes Frenzies
Spain Spanish (NOE) Avalanchas Avalanches
China Chinese 狂潮
South Korea Korean 러시
Translate logo.svg Internal CoopEvent_Rush (Splatoon 3)[2] -

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヒカリバエ
Netherlands Dutch Glimvliegje Glowfly[note 1]
CanadaFrance French Mouchioles Mouche (Fly) + -iole (Luciole)
Italy Italian Brillucciole From Brillare (to glow) and Lucciole (fireflies) = Glowflies
Russia Russian Мухи-жигалки
Stable flies
Spain Spanish (NOE) Salmóreo From salmón (salmon) and reo (sea trout)
China Chinese (Simplified) 光蝇
guāng yíng
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 蠅火蟲

Translation notes

  1. In diminutive form