Gnarly Eddy

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Gnarly Eddy
S3 Gnarly Eddy Render.png
Species Nautilus
Hair color
Eye color
Gender Male
Shop Naut Couture

Gnarly Eddy is a character in Splatoon 3 who runs the headgear shop in Splatsville, Naut Couture, alongside Nails. He is a laid-back nautilus, his personality contrasting with the energetic Nails.


Gnarly Eddy's shell is off-white with tangerine stripes. He has multiple reddish cirri which make up the rest of his body: two serve as his arms, six function as his legs and are long enough to mimic a torso, and several others are bundled behind him and reach almost down to the floor, mimicking tied dreadlocks.

On the six cirri that mimic a torso, Eddy wears a grey tube top and a pair of striped shorts colored sky blue, magenta, and yellow. On the ends of those cirri he wears apricot-colored flip-flops. He has an indigo bandana tied around his shell and wears a red cuff on his right cirri-arm and a yellow one on his left, a golden ring, and three golden tassel earrings on either side of his face.


USA North America (English)


  • "Oh, hey. Um... this is kinda awkward, but... I'm not sure you're fresh enough to shop here yet. I think you need to be at least level 4. Maybe go to the lobby and try a few Turf War Battles? I hear those can help with freshness..." - When a player below level 4 enters the shop.
  • "Yo...welcome to Naut Couture. Oh NO. You're all the way offline! Um...I think you have to go to the lobby to connect to the internet. Then hit me up later, OK?" - When entering the shop without an internet connection.
  • "Yo...welcome to Naut Couture. Whoa. you're pretty fresh, huh? So, um...we sell stuff that you wear on your head. You know, like hats...and, uh...other head-related gear. Oh, but they're not just regular hats! I always forget this part. They've got, like, gear abilities. I think those help you in battles. I don't know too much though. I just work here. You should probably push at some point." - When a player of level 4 or up enters the shop for the first time.
  • "Yo... welcome to Naut Couture." - When a player enters the shop.
  • "Whoa. You're fresher than last time. That's good, 'cause I think we got some fresh new gear for you, or something. Right, Boss?" - When a player enters the shop after leveling up.
  • "Oh, so, already have that item. Did you want to raise its star power or trade in your old one?" - When a player tries to purchase a piece of headgear that they already have

Netherlands Dutch

  • "O, eh, hé... Had ik, eh, al gezegd dat je, eh, niveau 4 moet zijn om hier te, eh, winkelen? Nou, eh, dat moet dus. Misschien kun je, eh, naar de lobby gaan en Grondoorlog spelen tot je niveau hoger...? Ja, eh, hoger is. Daar schijn je, eh, vers van te worden..."
("Oh, uh, hey... Have I, uh, already said that you, uh, have to be level 4 to, uh, shop here? Well, uh, you have to. Maybe you can, uh, go to the lobby and play Turf War until your level higher...? Yes, uh, higher is. You seem to, uh, become fresh from that...") - When a player below level 4 enters the shop.


  • Gnarly Eddy is the first male to run a headwear shop.



"Gnarly" is a slang word meaning "excellent," popularized by surfers. "Eddy" has two water-related definitions: either a whirlpool, or a smaller current running against a larger one.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オームラ
Common surname, also from オウムガイ Ōmugai ("nautilus")
Netherlands Dutch Naut From nautilus ("nautilus") and Nout, a male given name[note 1]
France French Arnaud Till From nautile ("nautilus")
Germany German Perry Bo From Perlboot ("nautilus")
Italy Italian Nautimo From nautilus ("nautilus")
Russia Russian Тилли Скрут
Tilli Skrut
From наутилус nautilus (nautilus), спрут sprut (octopus) and крутой krutoy (cool) or possibly скрутить skrutit' (to twist)
Spain Spanish Espiraldo From espiral ("spiral") and the suffix -aldo found in some Spanish names
South Korea Korean 오무라와
Same as Japanese
Portugal Portuguese Gnarly Eddy Same as English

Translation notes

  1. When placed next to each other, Nails' and Gnarly Eddy's Dutch names form Argonaut (Argonaut)