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A goal point.
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When the goal is activated, touch it to pass the test.

The goal appears at the end of most missions in the Octo Expansion, serving a similar role that Zapfish have in Octo Valley and Octo Canyon.

The goal is shaped like a metallic rod and floats above a podium, being split into several pieces, and is surrounded by a yellow glowing barrier that the player must ink in order to break and touch the goal, which sends metallic rod into its hole. If the player does not touch the goal, it will return to its former state, where the barrier has to be broken again in order to touch the goal and finish the mission. The goal has a sharp end and a handle, making it resemble a ballpoint pen.

A data point.

Data points, which look like smaller versions of the goal albeit with a few visual differences, appear in some missions which require the player to collect eight of them to complete the mission, similar to how Mini Zapfish missions work in Octo Canyon.