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Goggles' design during the CoroCoro Cup arc

Goggles is a character from the Splatoon manga and the series' mascot, who first appeared un-named in Chapter 0, a fan-made promotional manga published in June's CoroCoro Special issue in 2015, in which he was in a different outfit, more in-sync with the promotional-art character he was based on. He has appeared in every chapter since.


Goggles has worn 5 different outfits through the course of the manga, excluding his short-lived outfits that were only featured in 1 chapter, like his outfit changes in Chapter 3. They all (excluding the Octo Expansion gear) share the same headgear, the S Gear Headgear Pilot Goggles.png Pilot Goggles, in which the character was named after. In Chapter 0, he wore the S Gear Clothing Zink Layered LS.png Zink Layered LS and S Gear Shoes Purple Hi-Horses.png Purple Hi-Horses. Throughout the CoroCoro Cup he wore the S Gear Clothing Armor Jacket Replica.png Armor Jacket Replica and S Gear Shoes Hero Runner Replicas.png Hero Runner Replicas. During the Hero Mode chapters, he wore the S Gear Headgear Hero Headset Replica.png Hero Headset Replica with his goggles, S Gear Clothing Hero Jacket Replica.png Hero Jacket Replica and S Gear Shoes Hero Runner Replicas.png Hero Runner Replicas.In the Square King Cup arc and onwards (excluding the Octo Expansion arc) he wore the S2 Gear Clothing Eggplant Mountain Coat.png Eggplant Mountain Coat and S2 Gear Shoes Hero Runner Replicas.png Hero Runner Replicas. In the Octo Expansion arc he wore the S2 Gear Headgear Sennyu Goggles.png Sennyu Goggles, S2 Gear Clothing Sennyu Suit.png Sennyu Suit and S2 Gear Shoes Sennyu Inksoles.png Sennyu Inksoles.


Throughout the manga, Goggles is shown to be quite naïve and often not serious, a trait that is shared with fellow teammate Bobble Hat. In the first volume of the manga, his info in the Inkling Almanac reveals that he is a restless sleeper. In addition to this, he is also shown to engage in practical jokes, mostly pantsing other Inklings (notably Rider) and getting naked in public.


He is shown to get along well with the other members of Team Blue, despite Headphones and Specs taking offense to his actions, while Bobble Hat seems to not mind his shenanigans.


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FlagJapan.svg Japanese ゴーグルくん