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Species Salmonid
Hair color
Eye color
Location Salmon Run, Salmon Run Next Wave
For the Known Occurrence, see The Griller.

Grillers are Boss Salmonids that appear in Salmon Run in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3 at special occasions.


A Griller is a giant barbecue grill covered in armor with Salmonids inside and moves along a path while ink falls beneath its slim body (similar to a Flooder). It chases after a randomly chosen player, designated by a laser pointer on its underside. The Griller will relentlessly pursue the player the tracking laser is pointed at. It is frequently accompanied by Smallfry swarms.

In order to destroy a Griller, players must first hit its exposed tail back to stun it, then attack the spinning tails which appear while it is stunned. Hit anywhere else and the armored vehicle takes no damage. A player will be instantly splatted upon running into its ink. A Griller is fast and can be unpredictable, so players have to be careful and wary of both the boss as well as its Smallfry escorts.

Grillers only show up in certain special waves. If Mr. Grizz talks about Grillers in the dialogue box instead of Boss Salmonids, that means the players are in the special wave. This wave consists of only Grillers and groups of Smallfry. Grillers show up one at a time in the beginning, but later on in the wave, they show up in pairs of two. Mr. Grizz warns the players when the Grillers start spawning in pairs.


Salmonid Field Guide page detailing the Griller

The following text is quoted from the Salmonid Field Guide.

What Happens
  • Armored vehicles called Grillers spawn one after the other. Grillers lock their sights on to a target and will pursue it relentlessly.
  • Smallfry are known for hitching a ride on the Griller and interfering with its targeting.
How to Get Golden Eggs
  • Attack the weak spot on the back of the Griller to stun it.
  • Stunning Grillers will reveal further weak points. Attacking these weak points is the key to taking down Grillers and getting Golden Eggs.
Advice from Mr. Grizz
  • If the Griller has you in its sights, you're better off running away and letting your friends handle it.
Supplementary Information
  • Operating costs for a single Griller would be enough to deploy 100 regular Salmonid fighters.


See also: Salmon Run data
HP Damage  Attack/Defeat/Total Power Eggs Golden Eggs
2200 [Sal. 1] 60 / 10 / 70 5


  1. Dealing 400 damage to a Griller will stun it for five seconds.


  • Weapons with high DPS are best for stunning Grillers.
  • There are some spots on some maps that allow you to roll over the Griller's weak point with a Roller.
  • Since a Griller cannot step on or off ledges as players can, the targeted player should maneuver around walls and ledges to manipulate its path and the direction it is facing, taking care not to lead the Griller in the path of other players, so that the rest of the crew can attack its tail.
  • Players may stay on a propeller platform to get themselves off Grillers' sights in a pinch, such as to heal or to run out the clock. However, doing so will cause Grillers to target the rest of the crew not on the platform immediately, putting them at risk.
    • Smallfry have no problem following players on a propeller platform, so make sure to eliminate them.
  • It is advised to activate the Sting Ray when two Grillers line up in front of the Sting Ray user, as doing so will penetrate and stun both of them.
  • Bomb Launchers can be used on a stunned Griller to damage it further.
  • While staying on a wall when targeted may help the rest of the crew aim at its tail, beware that Smallfry may jump up and splat any player clinging on a wall for too long.
  • On Ruins of Ark Polaris, Grillers can predict where crew members will land when they jump on the ride rails and move to that position. While it is possible to avoid the Grillers using the ride rails, it is not recommended.
  • Grillers should be lured close to the Egg Basket as they drop five eggs each. As there can be a maximum of four players on a team with only one Golden Egg at a time, a Snatcher may steal the fifth Egg if it is too far away.
    • However, do not lure multiple Grillers toward the Egg Basket at a time. They can instantly overwhelm players and may splat the whole crew.
  • A weapon with a high fire rate or a wide ink spread is good for dealing with Smallfry.
    • Rollers work exceptionally well with this given that it can just roll over them, even the Dynamo Roller works well.
    • Sloshers are good for killing big groups of Smallfry with a single slosh, primarily the Tri-Slosher.



  • Objects resembling tomato, corn, cucumber or zucchini, and pink Chum-sized Salmonids can be seen inside the Griller when zoomed in.
  • Grillers can only travel on flat surfaces or smooth ramps, and cannot move up or down ledges without making a detour.
  • Grillers cannot land on a propeller platform (such as the lifts in Marooner's Bay and the horizontal platforms in Salmonid Smokeyard).
    • If a targeted player enters a propeller platform, Grillers will either instantaneously target another active player not on said platform, or linger in place with laser sights off, not targeting anyone (if all active players are on a propeller platform).
  • Grillers are very similar to Flooders from the Octarian army. They distinguish themselves from Flooders in two ways. Grillers can be destroyed while Flooders cannot, and only Flooders can be ridden.
    • This is further proven because Octarians trade their technology with the Salmonids for eggs.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese グリル
Netherlands Dutch Griller Griller
France French Barbeurk From barbecue, barbare (barbarian) and beurk (yuck, as in disgust)
Germany German Killgrill Killgrill
Italy Italian Grill Grill
Russia Russian Жаровнер
From жаровня zharovnya (brazier)
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Brasaleta From aleta (fin) and brasa (hot coal, ember)
Spain Spanish (NOE) Chaparrilla From chapar (to plate) and parrilla (grill)