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Species Inkling
Hair color Sky Gray
Eye color
Gender Male
Maximum HP
Other forms
I am the one who shall guide this world in the direction of a righteous and beautiful order.
— Hivemind in Volume 13 of the manga.

Hivemind is a character from the Splatoon manga who first appeared in Volume 13. He is on Team Order in the Final Splatfest, and has appeared in Volumes 13 and 14 so far.


Hivemind is a male Inkling with the "Top-Knot" hairstyle. He wears the Hivemind Antenna, Front Zip Vest, Navy Enperrials, and leggings. His weapon is the Kensa Charger, and his hair color is sky gray. It is currently unknown what his eyes look like, as they are hidden by his headgear.


Outwardly critical of anything he deems "chaotic", Hivemind is strict in his mannerisms and believes that order will lead to a "beautiful and just world". He has the ability to take control of his teammates' minds, using radio waves emanating from his headgear, and is highly confident in his predictions of battles. Despite this, he seems to be very emotional, easily agitated if his plans or speech are interrupted. When angry, Hivemind speaks with a different accent than usual, appearing to hide it otherwise.

Hivemind has another unique ability, named Cosmic Time/Hivemind Time, in which all members of his team attack in perfect unison.



  • Hivemind is shown crying over a dropped lunch plate in a flashback. He dismisses this as being confused by the disturbance in order.
  • According to Fierce, he and Hivemind were childhood friends in school.
  • Apparently, the Hivemind Antenna he wears emanates a constant Wi-Fi output, as the VIZ translation of Volume 14 tells the reader to stand near Hivemind if their phone cannot get a signal.
  • He has been contacting the other three guardians–Fierce, Jet, and Justice more often these days. It is currently unclear what time "these days" designates.