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Admins are known to make beeping sounds while enforcing policies and deleting pages.

Administrators (also known as admins or sysops) are a group of experienced users who maintain the wiki through enforcing policies and the use of special functions given to them (see a list below). Given the amount of experience they have on the wiki, they are usually the best users to contact whenever you have a question.

Commonly used functions

Main article: User group rights

  • Deleting and undeleting pages and page histories. Administrators can also delete uploaded images and files (Log)
  • Locking (protecting) a page so it can not be edited or renamed by users without admin rights (Log)
  • Blocking users or IP addresses from editing (Log)
  • Automatically undoing (or rollbacking) edits by a specific user on a page
  • Many additional functions not listed above

Admins who join the Inkipedia Discord server will be given the wiki admin role, which allows access to the staff chat. Wiki admins that want to help the Inkipedia Discord server may request the server admin role.

Becoming an administrator

Main article: Requests for rights

It takes a lot of work and experience to become an administrator. Below are some questions to help you decide whether or not you are actually ready for adminship.

  • Are you online often?
  • Are you a good editor (with excellent use of the English language)?
  • Do you know intermediate-level wikicode (e.g. are you able to understand semi-complex wikicode by looking at it)?
  • Do you work well with other users?
  • Do you follow our policies?

Once you feel you are ready, and if requests for adminship are unlocked, two users must be willing to nominate you (one of which has to be a current admin). If your nomination is successful you will become a permanent admin. Good luck!


Main article: Demotion

A user with rights can be demoted through Inkipedia's democratic demotion request process.

If an admin is demoted due to inactivity, they will still be trusted as an experienced former admin. These users have the following privileges:

  • They will continue to have access to the admin-only channels in Discord. As an experienced former admin, their insight, opinions, and advice are valuable to other Inkipedia users on Discord.
  • They may reclaim their admin rights by contacting a current admin or bureaucrat through any contact method. This bypasses the voting process used for rights requests. Former admins have the trust of the community, so voting is not necessary.

Bureaucrats have the final say regarding the status of a user. Naughty users may lose community trust and may have privileges revoked.

Current admins

An up-to-date list can be fetched using Special:ListUsers/sysop.

These users were chosen to become administrators by the community and will serve indefinite terms until they resign, become inactive, or are impeached by the community. They are identified by the bold dark green names found on the recent changes page.

Administrator name Signature prototype Contact Time zone Specializes in Status
Spain A22PG (talk | contribs | logs) A22PG (talk) - Talk page | Email UTC+1 (ESP) Spanish translations, interface, editing Fully active
Sweden AmbientDinosaur (talk | contribs | logs) Talk page UTC+1 (CET) Weapon information and table editing Lately inactive
France Anemoia (talk | contribs | logs) Anemoia [Talk!] Talk page | Discord UTC+1 (CET) French translations, article structure, cleanup Fully active
USA Driftin Soul (talk | contribs | logs) Driftin Soul [Talk!] Talk page | Discord UTC-5 (EST) Etymology Fully active
Japan eli (talk | contribs | logs) Talk page | Twitter | Discord UTC+9 (JST) Excused
Germany Eminence (talk | contribs | logs) EminenceTalk Talk page | Discord UTC−5 (EST) General organization and categorization, editing help Excused
Undisclosed Exaskliri (talk | contribs | logs) Exaskliri (they/them) (talk | contribs) Talk page | Discord UTC+7 Templates, modules, grammar, and inquiring game mechanics thoroughly. Fully active
USA FancyRat (talk | contribs | logs) FancyRat Talk page UTC-5 (EST) Spelling, grammar, and cleanup Fully active
Poland Fumple (talk | contribs | logs) > Fumple (-> talk) Talk page | Email | Twitter UTC+2 (CEST) Interface, MediaWiki Lately inactive
United Kingdom GloverMist (talk | contribs | logs) GloverMist (talk) Talk page | Twitter UTC-0 (GMT) Spelling, grammar, and general information Fully active
Australia GX_64 (talk | contribs | logs)  GX_64 (talk)  Talk page | Discord UTC+10 (AEST) Fully active
USA Heddy (talk | contribs | logs) Heddy (talk) Talk page | Email | Discord UTC−5 (EST) Fully active
Israel Inkrid (talk | contribs | logs) Talk page UTC+2 (IST) Fully active
South Korea OrderSquid38 (talk | contribs | logs) OrderSquid38 [Talk] Talk page UTC-6 (CST) Korean translations Fully active
Undisclosed Perfectionist (talk | contribs | logs)   Perfectionist   (talk) Talk page Fully active
Canada Prod (talk | contribs | logs) Technical support Excused
Israel Shahar (talk | contribs | logs) Shahar (talk) Talk page | Email UTC+2 (IST) Battle information and article structure Fully active
United Kingdom Slate (talk | contribs | logs) Slate Talk Contribs Talk page | Twitter | Discord UTC-0 (GMT) Inkipedia vision, templates, and automation Fully active
USA StarAdamStar (talk | contribs | logs) Talk page | Twitter UTC-8 (PST) Spanish translations Fully active
USA SuperHamster (talk | contribs | logs) SuperHamster Talk Talk page | Email UTC-5 (EST) Editing Lately inactive
USA Trig Jegman (talk | contribs | logs) Talk page | Discord UTC-5 (EST) Fully active
USA XarrotD (talk | contribs | logs) XarrotD (talk) Talk page UTC-5 (EST) Gameplay mechanics, data, and parameters Fully active
USA Yoshifan52 (talk | contribs | logs) Yoshifan52 (talk) Talk page UTC-5 (EST) Cleanup Fully active


Status Description
Fully active These are the best users to contact when you need help. They log on and edit on a regular basis.
Lately inactive These users have not edited in the past month. Do not contact these users for emergencies.
Inactive These users have not edited in the past six months. Do not contact these users, because they will likely be demoted soon.
Excused These users are exempt or their inactivity has been excused.

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