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The primary purpose of talk pages on Inkipedia is to discuss the wiki's content and improve it based on those discussions. The following are guidelines to use talk pages constructively. If you would like to start a discussion not already mentioned on the talk page, click the 'Add topic' or '+' button at the top of the talk page.

Mainspace articles' talk pages

Discussions on the talk pages of mainspace articles are to focus on improving the content of the page, not discuss the page's subject. For example, this would be acceptable:

I think that we should move Sheldon's quote to the top of the page. -User A
  The quote is a bit too long to fit in comfortably IMO. -User B

Whereas this would not be:

Ugh! These shoes look ugly as heck! -User C

An exception to this rule is an analysis of the subject that can be used in the article. This should not turn into an argument over the subject, merely a discussion of what reflects consensus. Repeated creation of off-topic discussions is punishable with a short ban.

User talk pages

User talk pages should generally be used to discuss the user's edits and communicate your opinions on them. However, make sure to avoid using what could be considered personal attacks towards the user.

Some deviation is allowed from these discussions (such as inviting the user to play a Splatoon match with you). However, these discussions should be kept to a minimum so as not to drown out constructive criticism. This applies to all talk pages in the mainspace and userspace. Repeated instances of ignoring these rules or attempting to circumvent this policy through the creation of additional pages can be punishable with a short ban.

The length of user talk pages, and the need for archiving, is left up to each user's own discretion.

Although archiving is preferred, users may freely remove messages from their own talk pages, and indeed blank the page entirely. Users may also remove content when archiving their own pages.

Removal of warning(s) is taken as evidence that it has been read by the user. Remember, all notices can be retrieved from the page history.


The Discord is intended for more general discussion. Therefore, very few restrictions on topics of discussion exist there as long as they do not violate other policies.