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Location Inkopolis Square, The Reef, Walleye Warehouse, Goby Arena, Piranha Pit, Humpback Pump Track, Moray Towers, Starfish Mainstage, New Albacore Hotel
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For the piece of Grizzco gear with this company's logo, see Squiddor Polo.
I pack my feelings in a box:
A parcel stuffed with hope and love
And trimmed with stamps unorthodox.
Agent 8 on the iShipIt Logo mem cake

iShipIt is a shipping company introduced in Splatoon 2. It is the largest transport company in the world.[1]

The logo of iShipIt is a white, running, smiling squid with a white Inkling text (which reads "Idaten" when deciphered) on a green banner below it. In version 3.1.0 of Splatoon 2, the company was given an alternate logo with the squid recolored blue and the green banner recolored red. This version of the logo adds blue text above and off to the side of the red banner. Judging from the Squiddor Polo's name, the name of the squid in the company's logo might be "Squiddor".

Splatoon 2

iShipIt's name, logo, and shipping packages can be seen in various locations in Splatoon 2.


  • The Squiddor Polo, given as a Salmon Run reward.
  • One of the advertisements featured on the video billboard above the Galleria in Inkopolis Square is an animated version of the iShipIt logo.
  • There are iShipIt banners behind spawn points in The Reef and graffiti of it all over the stage.
  • Walleye Warehouse has many boxes with the iShipIt logo both as obstacles in the stage and as unreachable background decor.
    • Two large posters of the iShipIt logo can be seen to the right of team Bravo's spawn point, and another on the left and slightly behind it.
    • Two long pennants with the iShipIt branding are hung behind team Bravo's spawn point.
  • When the player gets promotional gear (such as the Studio Octophones and Octo Layered LS obtained for purchasing the Octo Expansion), a shipping box with the iShipIt logo appears in front of the spawn point in Inkopolis Square. Examining this box grants the player the gear.

Splatoon 3

iShipIt's logo also appears in Splatoon 3.


  • The iShipIt box and Squiddor skateboard locker decoration feature the iShipIt logo.
  • The returning Squiddor Polo.



iShipIt's name is a play on "I ship it", which, while mainly referring to the company's function, is also a phrase commonly used among fans of a work of fiction to express approval for a hypothetical relationship between two or more characters.

Squiddor, the presumed name of iShipIt's mascot, seems to come from the name suffix -dor/-dore (from the Old Greek δῶρον), such as "Theodor" (gift of God) or "Isidore" (Gift of Isis). If this is the case, the company's mascot name would mean "Gift from a squid".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese イカテン急便
Ikaten Kyūbin
Ikaten Transport[note 1]
Netherlands Dutch Koerier courier (no name given)
France French (NOE) courrier courier (no name given)
Germany German Kurier courier (no name given)
Italy Italian ufficio postale calamaro squid postal office
Russia Russian Плавь-Почтамт
Swim-Lettering post office
Spain Spanish (NOE) mensajería messenger service (no name given)

Translation notes

  1. A pun on Ika (squid) and Idaten, which is known as the god of fast running in Japan.