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Artwork from Splatoon
Species Inkling
Hair color Blue/Purple
Eye color Blue
Gender Male
Location Inkopolis (formerly)
Maximum HP
Other forms
This guy handles lead vocals and guitar in the Squid Squad, and he writes most of the music and lyrics, too. Well, he never actually learned to read music, but he's got a gift for rippin' phat guitar riffs, and most importantly he's got that rockstar charm to inspire the other members to greatness.

Ichiya is a character in the Splatoon series. He is a lead vocalist and guitarist that plays for Squid Squad in Splatoon. In Splatoon 3, he plays for Front Roe with the alias 001Nite. His vocal role is performed by Hiroaki Takeuchi, while his guitar role is performed by Yoshihiko Haga in Splatoon and Susumu Nishikawa in Splatoon 3.



Ichiya is a medium-height, thin, pale-skinned Inkling with rounded electric blue eyes and tentacles of the same color with purple tips. They are parted in the middle and there are two small tentacles on the top of his head, as well as two thinner ones kept behind. In Splatoon, his outfit consists of a black long-sleeved shirt with a lime green design that appears to resemble a squid or a skull, a red shirt underneath, gray-green shorts, and blue sneakers with beige soles.

Splatoon 3

In Splatoon 3, his outfit consists of an oversized gray short-sleeved shirt with a red collar and cuffs and a squid design of the same color, a black undershirt, light blue jeans, and black shoes. Additionally, his back tentacles are slightly longer.

Personality and traits

Ichiya is described as selfish and with the temperament of a prodigy. Although he knows nothing about music theory and simply makes songs with flashy guitar riffs, people are drawn to his charm. Despite this, his popularity has also attracted him some rivals.[1] He enjoys taking walks as a hobby.

Ichiya's creative differences with the bassist of Squid Squad, Quinn, lead to the two of them getting into an argument so heated that they ended up shooting each other in the head with ink. Soon after, they both stopped showing up at the studio entirely, and Squid Squad fell apart.[2]

When in Front Roe he is under the alias of 001Nite.




Ichiya comes from "ichiyazushi" (一夜鮨, lit. "one-night sushi"), a kind of fermented sushi. His Front Roe alias "001Nite" is also derived from the same phrase.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ICHIYA