Ink & Watch Station

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J05: Stick 'n' Move Station
Deepsea Metro Line J
J07: Outrageous Station
D10: Labyrinth Station
Deepsea Metro Line D

"Watch out now!"
Ink & Watch Station
Bust all the targets with limited ink!
Station J06D11
Test Fee CQ Points 2,000
Lives × 5
and rewards

CQ Points 2,600 CQ Points 2,800 CQ Points 3,000
Mem cake Orange Arrows
Music #12 awake

Ink & Watch Station is a test in Splatoon 2's paid downloadable content, Octo Expansion. This station is unlocked after clearing Labyrinth Station, Stick 'n' Move Station, or Outrageous Station.


The player must clear either D10 Labyrinth Station, J05C14 Stick 'n' Move Station, or J07 Outrageous Station to access this test. D10 Labyrinth Station and J05C14 Stick 'n' Move Station are the shortest ways to reach this station.


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The player has to break crates that are stacked on top of Sanitized Octowashers with limited ink three times. Each time there will be more crates. After breaking all the crates three times, the mission ends.

The first section has one crate which moves forward, towards the player. The second has two, which move along diagonally. The third has a large stack, also moving diagonally.


Rapid Blaster

Although being the less expensive choice, using the Rapid Blaster in this stage will not be much easier than facing the mission using the other weapons. In fact, the relatively low ink consumption and the explosive projectiles paired with a middle-long range will make it very hard to hit the crates in movement. The best choice is to shoot when the crates are in sight to be sure that the explosion will break them. This has to be necessarily done in both the second and third sections of the mission.


With the Slosher, timing is the key to success. While the first section does not cause many problems because the only target comes straight at the player, the second phase presents two targets that move diagonally towards the player. Although they can be destroyed one at a time, it is better to crash them with a single hit; to do this, the player has to slightly but rapidly move the camera from left to right (or from right to left, depending on the trajectory of the crates) while shooting. Doing this with decent timing will make the ink do a lateral trajectory which can hit both crates. In the third section, aiming precisely, upward, and jumping while attacking will greatly increase the chance of destroying more crates.

Splat Roller

The hardest part of the stage when using the Splat Roller is certainly facing the third phase. In fact, both the first and the second sections can be cleared quite easily; to complete the second one quickly, the player must wait until the crates are close to the player and they come close to each other, before swinging the weapon horizontally. In the third section, the best strategy is to wait for the Octowasher and to swing the Roller vertically with precision in cold blood only when it is close to the player. The Splat Roller has a high ink consumption, so every swing must hit a crate. Otherwise, the player risks to fail.


Mem cake

Such devilfish-may-care couture—
The colors clash and make a splash!
Without a doubt, footwear du jour.

Completing this test awards the player with the Orange Arrows mem cake.

Enemies and mechanics

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C.Q. Cumber's Quotes

You must destroy all the target crates with a limited supply of ink.
Study the movement of the crates, and try not to waste any ink when shooting.
We'll get started once you've jumped in.
Destroying the target crates will get rid of the Octowashers too.
You ran out of ink—test failed.

Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

The next one's the last set! Give it all you've got!

Marina's Quotes

Conserve as much ink as you can!

Pearl's Quotes

Scope out the movement—then blast 'em!




The title comes from Nintendo's Game & Watch brand.

The subtitle is a reference to the 1999 song Watch Out Now by hip-hop group The Beatnuts.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese あいつとタイマン
限られたインクで マト 全部こわせ!

Aitsu to taiman
Au Tōbu Gan Chūgakkō Eki[note 1]
Kagirareta inku de mato zembu kowase!
One-on-one fight with the fellow
Eastern Au - Gan Junior High School Station
Bust all the targets with limited ink!
Netherlands Dutch Soms klikt het meteen
Breek alle kisten met een beperkte voorraad inkt!
Sometimes it feels at home right away
Ink poverty
Break all boxes with a limited supply of ink!
Canada French (NOA) À consommer avec modération!
Esplanades frugales
Détruis toutes les cibles avec l'encre fournie!
Consume in moderation!
Frugal esplanades
Break all the targets with the provided ink!
France French (NOE) À consommer avec modération !
Esplanades frugales
Détruis toutes les cibles avec l'encre fournie !
Consume in moderation!
Frugal esplanades
Break all the targets with the provided ink!
Germany German Mehr ist wirklich nicht drin!
Zerstöre alle Ziele mit begrenztem Tintenvorrat!
[There] is truly not more in it!
Recruit crates
Destroy all targets with a limited ink supply!
Italy Italian Venti di distruzione
Borgo Anemonemetro
Distruggi tutti i bersagli con la quantità di inchiostro assegnata!
Winds of destruction
Anemonemeter Village[note 2]
Destroy all the targets with the assigned amount of ink!
Russia Russian …Не грузись, плюхай ящики!
Плюхни все цели! Краска ограничена!

…Ne gruzis', plyukhay yashchki!
Plyukhni vse tseli! Kraska ogranichena!
…Don't get burdened, splat the boxes!
Carcase Town Station
Splat all the targets! The ink is limited!
SpainMexico Spanish Donde la tinta brilla por su ausencia
Destruye las dianas con la tinta asignada.
Where the ink shines due to its absence
Destroy the targets with the assigned ink.

Translation notes

  1. A pun on "Auto obu ganchū" ("disregarding"). It is a slang term in 1990s Japan.
  2. "Anemonemetro" is a pun between "anemone" ("anemone", both a flower and a sea creature) and "anemometro" ("anemometer", a tool for measuring wind speed and direction). This is also linked to the mission's subtitle, Venti di distruzione "(Winds of destruction").