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These devices are placed on the ground and remain in place until they explode. Ink Mines are triggered by enemy movement, but they will also explode on their own if enemy movement hasn't been detected within approximately ten seconds. Drop Ink Mines in high-traffic chokepoints where enemy movement is guaranteed - paths leading out of the opposing team's spawn point are effective. They're also effective when dropped at the top of heavily traversed walls. To avoid getting surprised by enemy Ink Mines, stay within friendly ink. When coated with your team's ink, an enemy Ink Mine will become visible and explode, spreading enemy ink over a wide area. So keep your distance from these mines, even when you've uncovered one.
Splatoon Prima guide

Splatoon 2

Place this trap on the ground, and it will explode when an enemy comes too close.

It will also mark that enemy for a short time. If covered with enemy ink, it will detonate.

You can place up to two at a time.

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