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Map of the Splatlands and Inkadia

Inkadia (referred to as Greater Inkopolis in-game,[1] in some news media,[2][3] and in SplatNet 3) is the name of the region in which Inkopolis is located.[4] It is located in what used to be Japan,[5] with areas based on landmarks such as the Miura Peninsula, Chiba Prefecture, and the Tokyo Yamanote Line.

Hammerhead Bridge (based on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line) connects Inkadia to the Splatlands, thus making it easier for residents of the two regions to travel back and forth. During Splatoon and Splatoon 2, the bridge was still under construction.

The distance between Inkopolis and Splatsville is about the same as the distance between Tokyo and Atami, being 87 kilometers, or 54 miles. Geographically, they are quite distant and it would take a few hours to drive between them, but in the five years between Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3, Hammerhead Bridge and a train station have opened up and made the transit easier. According to Deep Cut, the train station was under construction for a long time.




  • According to Ask the Director Volume 7, the distance between Inkopolis Plaza and Square is about the same distance as Shibuya Station and Harajuku station, roughly 1.2 km (0.9 miles).


Inkadia appears to be a portmanteau of "ink" and "Arcadia", a form of utopia characterized by harmony with nature in Greek mythology. This could explain the region's naming as "a haven".

Names in other languages

Translation needed
Translations of "Inkadia" needed for Korean. (It may be found on the world map from localized versions of the "Ask the Developer" interview article.) edit
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ハイカラ地方[6]
haikara chihō
Haikara[a] region
Netherlands Dutch Inkadia[7] Same as English
France French (NOE) Chromadia[8] Portmanteau of Greek word khroma ("color")[a] and "Arcadia"
Germany German Inkadia[9] Same as English
Italy Italian Coloria[10] Land of Colour[b]
Russia Russian Инкадия
Spain Spanish (NOE) Región de Cromópolis[11] Inkopolis Region
China Chinese (Simplified) 尚兴地区
shàng xīng dìqū
Fashionable prosperous region
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 尚興地區[12]
shàng xīng dìqū (Mandarin)
soeng6 hing1 dei6 keoi1 (Cantonese)
Fashionable prosperous region[c]
Portugal Portuguese (NOE) Inkadia[13] Same as English

In some languages, Inkadia is also referred to as:

Greater Inkopolis[1]
Language Name Meaning
CanadaFrance French Région de Chromapolis[14]
Portugal Portuguese (NOE) Greater Inkopolis[15]

Translation notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 See Inkopolis
  2. From colore ("colour") plus the suffix -ia, which can relate to states or countries.
  3. Derived from "時尚" (meaning "fashionable") and "興旺" (meaning "prosperous").