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Splatoon 3 releases in 9 September 2022 and we've got a lot to prepare. GuyPerfect covered some updates that need to be addressed regarding presentation and accessibility. Both are super important for us to improve Inkipedia.

Splatoon 3 Preparations

This is a site-wide project to prepare Inkipedia for the release of Splatoon 3. The wiki in its current state only reflects content from Splatoon and Splatoon 2. With the release of Splatoon 3, a huge part of Inkipedia's articles is going to require renaming, restructuring, or reorganizing.

List of required changes

  • Updates - Improve the presentation and accessibility.
  • Checklists - When new info drops, we'll be ready. A simple checklist to update all articles related to it will make the process much easier, faster, and more fluent.
  • Update templates - Many templates on the wiki will require updating to allow new content from Splatoon 3, including StageQuotes and the infobox templates to name a few. Templates that are single case scenarios could be merged and generalized. Switch over to Lua if necessary.
  • Cleanup / Revamp articles - Many pages are stubs or have long and tedious paragraphs. Clean them up to be informative and organized. For pages that follow the same format, check that they are all consistent with each other for a cleaner presentation. Remove repetitive info that appears in other articles. Ensure that the trivia section only contains details that belong there.
  • Add missing quotes and names in other languages - A lot of quotes are missing from the wiki, mostly the shop keepers and Splatfests from other languages. Fill up the missing spaces. Add missing names in other languages.
  • Organize files - Files are a big part of the wiki and they should be checked for an appropriate name, existing description, source, and credibility. They should be categorized and used in the appropriate articles in a reasonable amount.
  • Weapon types idk if this is were I should put this but oh well, someone with higher perms needs to put blaster (weapon type) and brush (weapon type) on the main weapon list as because in s3 they are they’re own weapon classes I thought I’d do it early. The pages are already made under those names you just have to copy past


  • Add missing info on other topics - Manga, merch, strategy articles, game data, etc.
  • Add all back and front images of gear
  • Find / Record Octo Expansion footage
  • Continue the 3D project