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This page will coordinate an art contest, Inkipedia Logo Contest 2022. The goal is to have fun and to potentially replace the Inkipedia logo. There will be a feedback round, then a vote to determine the contest winner. Afterwards, a final vote will have the contest winning logo compete against the current logo.

Why replace the Inkipedia logo? Because of the source of the logo, and because technical requirements are changing for logos on MediaWiki wikis, and because almost everyone agreed to the idea.

Current phase: The contest has concluded!

Congratulations to ninckvinny, creator of the winning proposal, Proposal 7!

Thank you to all the talented artists who submitted art and thank you to all the Inkipedians who shared their opinion and shaped the outcome of the contest every step of the way! Feel free to use the contest talk page to discuss the outcome!


Phase Start date End date Notes
Planning 24 April 2022 7 May 2022 Plan and discuss the contest on the talk page.
Round 1: the feedback round 8 May 2022 4 June 2022 Go ahead and submit your work, even if rough or incomplete. Multiple submissions and revisions are allowed. Voters can leave feedback and artists can give each other feedback.
Final submission 5 June 2022 25 June 2022 Submit your finished logo.
Round 2: the voting round 26 June 2022 9 July 2022 A vote will determine which participants reach Round 3.
Planning 9 July 2022 16 July 2022 Some downtime before the contest resumes. This time will be used to finalize Round 2 results and prepare for Round 3.
Round 3: the discussion round 17 July 2022 27 August 2022 A consensus-based voting structure will select a new logo for Inkipedia, emphasizing discussion and agreement in accordance with the consensus policy.


If any information on this page confuses you, ask for help on the talk page. There are many skilled artists participating who are happy to help you!

  • An Inkipedia account is required to participate. If you don't have an account, go ahead and create one!
  • For the purposes of the contest, submissions may be in PNG or SVG format, with sizes listed in the what to submit section.
  • We will eventually require submission of the source file (like Photoshop's PSD file, Illustrator's AI file, or GIMP's XCF file) so that we can make changes if any changes are ever needed in the future (like special events, other languages, changing the size or color). So, please make sure to keep your source files saved for when we ask for it. Only the winner of the contest will be asked to submit source files.
  • By uploading art for the Inkipedia logo art contest, you are licensing the art under CC BY-SA 3.0. The selected logo's creator will waive all copyright and license restrictions for Inkipedia and its staff.
  • Please create an original logo that looks good at a variety of sizes. This contest was created so that Inkipedia can have a logo that is original and flexible. Beyond those guidelines, there are no restrictions on what the logo should look like.

What to submit

3 submissions are expected: (1) the icon, (2) the wordmark and (3) the logo.

Sizes are expressed in pixels, width x height.

If you are using raster art, the source file should be quite large, like 1000 x 1000 for example. If you are using vector art, the size of the source file doesn't matter. When it's time to submit your art, export your work at the sizes described below for each category.

  • Icon: A text-free version of the logo that is optimized to look good at small sizes (as small as 50 x 50). Submission size must be 100 × 100.
  • Wordmark: "Inkipedia" wordmark only. Height must be 36. Width doesn't matter. Please don't use any padding (empty space) around the wordmark for this submission; wikis already add padding when wordmarks are used, so the image itself should not have built-in padding.
  • Logo: Icon and wordmark. Size must be 270 x 270 or 270 x 310, your choice. The 270 x 310 option has extra height for the wordmark, if you don't want it to overlap with the icon.

During the voting phase, we will display the submissions at their actual size and at half-size, so that voters can judge its appearance at a variety of sizes.

Icon example
Wordmark example
Logo example

How to submit

Upload your files with the specified filename and summary:

  • File name: Inkipedia Logo Contest 2022 - YourUsername - Logo/Icon/Wordmark Proposal #.svg/png
    • For example, if you are submitting your third wordmark idea, it would be named Inkipedia Logo Contest 2022 - YourUsername - Wordmark Proposal 3.png
  • Summary: Copy and paste the following text into the summary box on the upload page:
|description=[[Inkipedia:Logo Contest 2022]]
[[Category:Inkipedia Logo Contest 2022]]
== Licensing ==
  • Licensing: Don't select anything in the licensing drop down. The text you pasted into the summary box will automatically add licensing info.

After you have uploaded your work, please go to the Round 2 page and follow the instructions there. There are also additional submissions expected for Round 2 (mockups), see the details on the Round 2 page.

Prize information

Status: Prize distribution has finished. Merchandise and cash prizes were offered to participants that made it to Round 3, with the largest prize going to the winner of the contest.

Prizes will be kept secret and anonymous. We will contact you privately to ask you which prize you want.

Prizes were contributed by these users: Heddy, Bzeep, Shahar, GuyPerfect. Thank you!