Inkipedia:Logo Contest 2022/Round 3

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Welcome to Round 3!

Round 3 will be the discussion round, where we aim to reach a consensus (a general agreement).

In a nutshell, Round 3 is this: go to the the Round 3 talk page and leave comments under each logo proposal about what you like or dislike, and what makes each logo a good fit or bad fit for Inkipedia. For more information, read the full guidelines below.


Round 3 is closed; there should be no more voting. If you want to comment on the outcome of the contest, please use the Round 3 talk page if your comment is specific to Round 3, or the main contest talk page to comment on the contest in general.

Round 3 has ended, bringing Inkipedia Logo Contest 2022 to a satisfying conclusion. The third consensus check is the Inkipedia community's final judgement of the outcome of this contest.

Congratulations to ninckvinny, creator of the winning proposal, Proposal 7!

Thank you to all the talented artists who submitted art and thank you to all the Inkipedians who shared their opinion and shaped the outcome of the contest every step of the way!


Everyone, including artists, may comment and vote in Round 3.

The following proposals have passed Round 2 and will be automatically inserted in the Round 3 talk page.

The current Inkipedia logo will also have a section, as it will compete against the others.

Artists don't have to submit anything or add their logo because we will do it for them.

What do we do in Round 3?

  1. Comment on each proposal on the Round 3 talk page. Use the [edit] button to add comments, and remember to sign your comments with ~~~~.
    • Make as many comments as you want. The more discussion, the better!
    • Artists can participate just like anyone else.
    • You are free to write anything ranging from simple comments to detailed analysis.
    • Optionally, your comment can include a "vote" (explained in the next section on this page).
  2. Reply to others to expand on ideas, agree, or disagree.
  3. Keep participating. Eventually, opinion will gravitate towards a single logo.

If you want to take back something you wrote, please use strikethrough, like this: <s>My comment</s> which produces My comment. You may use strikethrough as much as desired.

To reply to someone else, press [edit] and insert :* Your reply ~~~~ in the line below the comment you are replying to, using more colons for more indenting as appropriate.

How do we vote?

  • When commenting or replying to others, you may optionally express your current level of support like this:
  • Strong support. Comment explaining reasoning or replying to someone else. ~~~~
  • Support. Comment explaining reasoning or replying to someone else. ~~~~
  • Weak support. Comment explaining reasoning or replying to someone else. ~~~~
  • Neutral. Comment explaining reasoning or replying to someone else. ~~~~
  • Weak oppose. Comment explaining reasoning or replying to someone else. ~~~~
  • Oppose. Comment explaining reasoning or replying to someone else. ~~~~
  • Strong oppose. Comment explaining reasoning or replying to someone else. ~~~~
  • As Round 3 comes near its scheduled end, it will become more important to "vote" so that everyone can check for consensus, but you can always leave comments or questions without having to quantify your level of support. In other words, voting is optional, so you can leave vote-less comments.
  • By expressing your support in words with a bolded summary of your opinion, everyone can see the general sentiment under each logo proposal, which should naturally cause opinion to gravitate towards a single logo as time passes.

How will a winner be selected?

  • Remember, Round 3 must reach a consensus. According to Inkipedia's consensus policy, "...consensus is not purely determined via vote count. Instead, the dispute should be analyzed in an unbiased fashion to determine which plan of action has the strongest arguments."
  • Once a decent amount of discussion has occurred under each proposal, anyone may open a "consensus check" section to discuss which logos consensus is trending towards, or to discuss which logo is the clear winner if there is one. Consensus checks may be done as many times as necessary throughout Round 3.
  • You may create new sections on the talk page to address any particular issue. If the level of consensus is not clear, or if you see someone judge consensus and you think they judged incorrectly, you may create new sections on the talk page to restart a discussion with a renewed focus, or to ask for a fresh consensus check.
  • Everyone has an equal say in all wiki-related matters. Conflict resolution and policy enforcement will be handled by Inkipedia staff. Any Inkipedian may question the actions of Inkipedia staff.

Why choose a logo this way?


  • Major changes to Inkipedia, like a logo change, must follow the consensus policy by reaching a consensus before that change is made.
  • The votes were generally close in Round 2. Surprisingly, there was even a tie for the top spot!
  • Now that Round 2 has placed the spotlight on a select few, we can have a focused discussion, allowing voters to make a wise and informed decision.
  • Popularity isn't everything. Surely, there is a single logo that is both popular and better than the others... you just need to convince most Inkipedians of that!
  • It would be underwhelming if a logo won by a handful of votes. So, let's have a logo win by having nearly everyone agree to it!

Comment examples

Examples of strong comments:

  • We should use Logo ABC because it was more popular, as evidenced in Round 2.
  • Logo XYZ is the better choice, because it has more contrast with the background in mockup 1.
  • Logo 123 is way more flexible, just listen to what the artist said on that subject: "quote from the artist".

Examples of weak comments: (And how you can improve them)

  • I love it!!! (Why do you love it?)
  • This has my favorite color. (Why is the logo good for Inkipedia, not just you personally?)
  • Logo XYZ is more flexible. (What makes you say that?)
  • w o o m y. (Please try to contribute to discussion. Unconstructive comments, or comments unrelated to Splatoon or Inkipedia are against Inkipedia talk page policy.)