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The scope of Inkipedia is limited to notable subjects. The criteria below determines what subjects can be considered notable. However, subjects can still be considered notable if they've gained significance though other means, particularly if they've received significant coverage in the media. In these cases, notability of the subject should be discussed and decided by editors.

The amount of coverage that a notable subject receives (anywhere from a single sentence to an entire article) should be decided case-by-case by editors, based on the significance of the subject and how much relevant information there is to write about the subject.

In-universe topics

Official content within the Splatoon universe is notable. This includes content that is created by Nintendo, or created with direct authorization and creative supervision from Nintendo.

Unofficial content, such as fan art, is not notable.

Some unofficial topics are covered, as explained in a separate policy.


Inkipedia covers people in real life. In order for a person to receive their own article, or to be listed in list articles, they must meet the following notability criteria:

  • The person must be in a creative role in relation to the work they contributed to. Contributions such as personnel management or game testing are not considered creative.
  • The person must meet one or more of these crediting criteria:
    • Credited in one major work that has an article on the wiki. Major works may include: video games, serialized manga, television series, films, musicals, plays, books.
    • Credited in five minor works that have an article on the wiki. Minor works may include: songs, performances of songs, short films, short stories, essays, short poems.

If a person is not notable, they can still be mentioned in articles for the works that they contributed to.


Inkipedia provides coverage of Splatoon's competitive events and teams. However, in order for tournaments and teams to receive their own articles, they must meet the notability criteria.

  • Articles based on competitive subjects and not endorsed by Nintendo should feature {{unofficial}} at the top.
  • Official tournaments should be in the mainspace. Unofficial tournaments should be in the competitive space, meaning that the article title begins with Competitive:.


  • Tournaments must have significant historical value (such as The Salty Splatoon) or have had participation of 32 teams or more (such as Booyah Battle 2) in order to warrant their own article.
  • Tournaments should have some level of national recognition amongst the competitive scene.


Teams must meet one or both of the following criteria in order to receive a page:

  • Must have placed in the top 10% (rounded down) of multiple tournaments covered by the wiki. This means top 3 for 32+; top 4 for 40+; top 5 for 50+; etc.
  • Must have played in Division A or made the top 25% of the Division B playoffs in Leagues Under the Ink.


Generally, individual players should not receive pages unless they have performed one of the following:

  • Been on two or more teams given a page by the wiki.
  • Lead their team covered by the wiki in the majority of their matches in a tournament covered by the wiki.
  • Helped to organize a tournament covered by the wiki.