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On a wiki, users have permissions, or rights, which allow or disallow them to perform certain actions.


Main article: Inkipedia:Bureaucrats


  • Are not better than other users.
  • Do not have more of a say in wiki matters than a user without bureaucrat rights.


On top of administrators' permissions, bureaucrats can:

Becoming a bureaucrat

You must first be an administrator to become a bureaucrat. The current administrators and bureaucrats must nominate you to become a bureaucrat.

Losing bureaucrat rights

Bureaucrats are kept until resignation or they are demoted by another bureaucrat.


Main article: Inkipedia:Administrators


  • Are not better than other users.
  • Are not owners of the wiki.
  • Do not have more of a say in wiki matters than a user without administrator rights.


Administrators have access to some additional abilities than other users, including:

  • The ability to delete, restore, or view a deleted page. (Log)
  • The ability to delete or restore uploaded images and files.
  • The ability to protect a page so that only certain users can edit it, and permission to edit any protected page. (Log)
  • The ability to edit the site interface, such as the sidebar and sitenotice, or the site skin.
  • The ability to automatically undo (or rollback) edits by a specific user on a page
  • The ability to block a user or IP from editing the wiki. (Log)
  • All patroller abilities

Becoming an administrator

It takes a lot of work and experience to become an administrator. Below are some questions to help you decide whether or not you are actually ready for adminship.

  • Are you online often?
  • Are you a good editor (with excellent use of the English language)?
  • Do you know intermediate-level wikicode (e.g. are you able to understand semi-complex wikicode by looking at it)?
  • Do you work well with other users?
  • Do you follow our policies?

Once you feel you are ready, and if requests for adminship are unlocked, two users must be willing to nominate you (one of which has to be a current admin). If your nomination is successful you will become a permanent admin. Good luck!

Losing administrator rights

Once you are an administrator, you must be able to keep up administrator duties. Generally administrators are kept until:

  • Resignation
  • Inactivity
  • Impeached by the community


Main article: Inkipedia:Patrollers


  • Are not better than other users.
  • Do not have more of a say in wiki matters than a user without patroller rights.

In addition, users without patroller rights are not inherently untrustworthy.


Patrollership comes with three features:

  • Patrollers' own edits are automatically marked as patrolled.
  • Patrollers can mark others' edits as patrolled.
  • Patrollers can use the rollback tool to revert edits.

Becoming a patroller

Patroller rights can be received by being nominated/nominating yourself at Inkipedia:Requests for Rights. After a nomination, users will vote whether the nominated user should receive the rights.

Losing patroller rights

Removal of patroller rights does not require a voting process; patrollers who are inactive for an extended period of time or are abusing the rollback tool can be demoted by a single administrator.

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