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Inkipedia editors are expected to contribute content to mainspace articles. Inkipedia should not be used as a social platform or a fanon-driven sandbox: this content does not fall within the scope of Inkipedia. In accordance with that expectation, Inkipedia's user content policy establishes the following limits: Inkipedia users may have no more than 5 personal (non-draft) user subpages, and 7 personal user images. All pages and files exceeding the limit will be deleted at administration's discretion after at least one warning of exceeding limits.


A user page is a page in the User: namespace belonging to an Inkipedia user. They can be used for a variety of things, such as sharing more information about the user. Some user subpages may be created as well, for things such as page drafts, sandboxes/experimentation with features, fan discussion, or maintenance tasks.

Inkipedia users are permitted up to five user subpages, excluding page drafts, site maintenance, signature pages, and "Inkipedia:" namespace projects/activities that utilize userpages (such as Inkipedia:Inkfest). The excluded types of pages do not count towards the limit of five, so users may have as many of those pages as desired.


A user file is a personal file belonging to a user for the purpose of being used on their userpage or a related userspace page. Examples include images of personal Inklings/Octolings, stats, gear, or fanart.

What constitutes a user file is purpose. Some files uploaded may be used on a namespace draft page—these are not user files as their end goal is to be integrated into a mainspace or wiki policy page. User files specifically are intended to remain in User: namespaces.

A user may also have images to use for their signature. These files, given their unique usage, will also not be considered as a user file, although their amount should be kept minimal.

A user may have up to seven personal user images.


What qualifies a user image to a community image?

  • User files are limited and are likely to only be used by one person. Here is a gallery of some user images:

If you are wondering if a file counts as a user image, consider where it may be used. If it's exclusive to your user page or a subpage, it is a user image. If the file is going to be used somewhere else, whether as a page draft or on multiple people's user pages, it is likely a community image.