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Polls are surveys for readers to vote and interact with the wiki and express their preferability over the options of the poll.

The polls are a way for the wiki to know what the readers prefer and what their interests are.


On February 17, 2016, SuperHamster brought up the poll widget to the wiki during the Pokémon Red Vs. Pokémon Blue Vs. Pokémon Green Splatfest.

Two years later, on February 24, 2018, Shachar700 brought back the poll widget to have it return on the main page.

The polls are usually swapped every other Saturday at around 7:00 PM UTC

Staff members involved

If you want to suggest a poll to be featured on the main page, write it in the discussion page.

Archived polls

Archived polls can be seen here. Winner of the poll in bold blue

Which pop idol do you prefer?
(Feb 24 - Mar 10 2018, Submitted by Shachar700)

S2 Icon Callie 2.png Callie 24.28% (370 votes)

S2 Icon Marie 2.png Marie 36.02% (549 votes)

S2 Icon Pearl.png Pearl 12.6% (192 votes)

S2 Icon Marina.png Marina 27.1% (413 votes)

Total Votes: 1,524

Which class of weapons do you like the most?
(Mar 10 - Mar 24 2018, Submitted by Shachar700)

Shooter 22.6% (434 votes)

Blaster 3.49% (67 votes)

Roller 14.79% (284 votes)

Brush 7.71% (148 votes)

Charger 7.29% (140 votes)

Slosher 4.84% (93 votes)

Splatling 6.04% (116 votes)

Dualies 26.41% (507 votes)

Brella 6.82% (131 votes)

Total Votes: 1,920

Which multiplayer game mode is your favorite?
(Mar 24 - Apr 7 2018, Submitted by Shachar700)

Inkipedia Poll 3 favorite multiplayer mode.png

Mode Icon Regular Battle 2.png Turf War 27.2% (418 votes)

Mode Icon Splat Zones Splatoon 2.png Splat Zones 11.45% (176 votes)

Mode Icon Tower Control.png Tower Control 9.04% (139 votes)

Mode Icon Rainmaker.png Rainmaker 15.35% (236 votes)

Mode Icon Clam Blitz.png Clam Blitz 6.25% (96 votes)

Mr-grizz.png Salmon Run 30.71% (472 votes)

Total Votes: 1,537