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Trig Jegman (talk | contribs | logs) Applying for Patroller
I've been back and forth on it, but I've ultimately decided to throw my hat in the ring. I think it's overwhelmingly clear this time I'm around to stay, and my projects only continue to grow and improve. With the launching of the file template, as well as trying to vastly improve sources for files, the organization and quality will only be better than ever. The work doesn't stop at Files, as many redirects, empty or nonconstructive pages, and unused material have been thoroughly analyzed and deleted/repurposed.

While external efforts should not usually be counted in an application like this, I believe the formation of the independent discord server has only served to help the community become more active on constructive content and collaborate changes—while not entirely my doing, I certainly think it counts for something.

The goal is to improve user experience and I think taking the next step northward will only help to do that. User:Trig Jegman - 14:28, 9 February 2023 (UTC)


  1. Support. I don't have to explain a lot others wouldn't already know about Trig Jegman. They are a trusted editor, active and more than productive. They get my full support   Perfectionist   (talk) 19:41, 10 February 2023 (UTC)
  2. Support. The amount of clean-up and module rewrite work Trig has done is absurd, I had assumed they were already a patroller. Yoshifan52 (talk) 20:15, 10 February 2023 (UTC)
  3. Support Trig Jegman has done incredible work with cleaning up the wiki. They have proposed great ideas to help make Inkipeida more organized. Trig has all the qualities of a great staff member. Odd S2 Splatfest Icon McNuggets.png (Talk) 19:24, 11 February 2023 (UTC)
  4. Support. Trig has contributed to Inkipedia in numerous ways including file management, educating/assisting users, starting policy discussions, and administrating the Discord server. Heddy (talk) 06:32, 12 February 2023 (UTC)
  5. Support. Trig has been very helpful with cleanup of the wiki and would benefit from the tools. Shahar (talk) 12:08, 12 February 2023 (UTC)
  6. Support. In all honesty, the amount of work Trig Jegman puts into the wiki is absolutely ridiculous. In a god way, of course. They are very set on their work, and are amazingly helpful. Every time I check the Recent Changes, their name is always there! They would surely benefit from the new tools that patrollers get! Arivaki-Kun S2 Gear Headgear Golden Toothpick.png JPTGoldDynamoRoller.png S3 Badge Classic Squiffer 5.png (banter) 19:27, 12 February 2023 (UTC)
  7. Support. Concur with all above. -Xando (ping) 12:48, 13 February 2023 (UTC)
  8. Support. Productive and determined as heck editor. — Exaskliri (they/them) (talk | contribs) 07:55, 14 February 2023 (UTC)
  9. Support Trig is a pain in my butt for being so dang productive. Slate Talk Contribs 22:39, 18 February 2023 (UTC)



  • What role is Trig going for, exactly? I didn't see it in their explanation. ArivakiVA - 19:35, 10 February 2023 (UTC)
    @ArivakiVA: Trig updated the page to indicate a request for patroller rights. Heddy (talk) 06:24, 12 February 2023 (UTC)
    Thanks, @Heddy-san! ArivakiVA 19:25, 12 February 2023 (UTC)
  • Archived. Slate Talk Contribs 22:39, 18 February 2023 (UTC)