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Inkipedia has multiple official social media profiles listed below. This page can be used for more details and finding the points of contact for each profile. In general, Inkipedia's staff are in charge of running Inkipedia's profiles, but are open to discussion and collaboration.


Follow facebook solo.png Inkipedia's Facebook page has regular updates on Splatoon and Inkipedia news. We hope to expand its coverage to include featuring fan art soon!



Twitter favicon.png Inkipedia's Twitter (@splatoonwiki) sends out more regular updates on Inkipedia, Splatoon news, and more.



YouTube Favicon.png Inkipedia currently does not have an official YouTube channel. We're open to ideas and collaborations if anyone is interested!

In collaboration with Inkipedia, Inkipedia users Shahar and Mochah host weapon demonstrations on their channels (Shahar, Mochah) which are featured on our weapon articles.


Inkipedia has an official reddit profile. It is currently only used on special occasions, such as Inkipedia's first AMA back in January of 2016.