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Tumblr posts made in June of 2015.

June 1


A new stage called Port Mackerel has been added to Splatoon! When viewed from above, the pathways in this stage look a bit like a graph. The three main parallel routes afford great visibility, but if you get carried away and blaze trails down them, you're liable to get ambushed from one of the side paths. Think carefully about your plan of attack before diving into the inevitable inkstorm.

Port Mackerel will open tonight at 7 PM PT!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Maps ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 01, 2015 by splatoonus
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A new weapon called the N-ZAP '85 has been added to Splatoon! It's apparently based on the design of something called the NES Zapper that was released in 1985? Doesn't ring a bell. While it's not the most powerful weapon out there, it's got a great rate of fire and it comes in a set with Splat Bombs and the Echolocator.
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #NES Zapper #1985? We were all born in 1998 ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 01, 2015 by splatoonus
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BREAKING NEWS from the Ranked Splatomter! IT IS FULL! I'm frankly surprised about how quickly it happened! Who knew there were so many skilled splatterers out there!?

Sounds like Ranked Battle will be available to play tonight after 7 PM PT!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #We got the skills to pay the krills ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 01, 2015 by splatoonus
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June 5


Holy Smokes, Splatfans! The Squid Research Lab just received an anonymous tip that a new weapon called the Inkbrush has been discovered. It's apparently similar to a paint roller, but a bit quicker to use. It's not the strongest offensive weapon but it comes with Sprinklers and Inkstrikes to maximize inking.

And to think I JUST mastered the art of the N-ZAP '85. Oh well, I'll still be giving the Inkbrush a try when it comes to Inkopolis tonight at 7 PM PT.
#squidlab #splatoon #wiiu #nintendo #weapons ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 05, 2015 by splatoonus
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We are getting ready to announce the winners of the Splatoon art contest. Take a look at this sneak peek of the judging process sent over by our very special guest judges – the Splatoon development team! We'll be back later today to announce our winners!
#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #NintendoContestEntry #GetInked #Splatoon art #Splatoon Fan Art #We have about 17 more photos just like this of all the entries printed out. #Good luck everyone!

— Originally posted on June 05, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#120784938489|splatoonus on Tumblr]]


cutting it a little close, but here's my entry for the splatoon art contest yeehaw

Reblogged by @splatoonus

Introducing the first of our five runners up! The Splatoon Dev Team chose this entry because:

"This piece has great use of color, and it puts Splatoon's distinctive style on full display. The technique used to show light being reflected off of the various surfaces is fantastic, and the unique shiny quality of the game's ink really comes through.
Looking at this, your eye naturally lands on the inkling out in front, follows the ink they're shooting, circles upward to the green squid, and then back to the original inkling. That circular structure, combined with bright colors almost makes you feel like you're floating!"

Congrats to frogbians! We're looking to share more of our winners, but are still waiting on a few users to respond. Don't forget to check your Tumblr Inbox if you entered!
#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 05, 2015 by frogbians
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#120810241684|frogbians on Tumblr]]

June 6


the “Tournament”

Reblogged by @splatoonus

Congrats to stupjam for being a runner up in our Splatoon Art Contest! Here's what the Splatoon Dev Team had to say:

"The atmosphere of Turf War is expressed perfectly here. Anyone who's played Splatoon before can look at this painting and feel the tension of a fierce Turf War match.
The slightly slanted composition and the coarse bush strokes are very effective.
It would be easy to talk about what strategies the players in this piece may be taking in this moment, and we can guess what might happen in the next few moments of this incredibly dramatic piece."

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 06, 2015 by stupjam
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#120872368752|stupjam on Tumblr]]



Splatoon comes out in a week and OMGGGG IM SO EXCITEDD. The game looks so awesome and gorgeous and I love the character designs~ I also love how accessible it is for everyone like you don't even have to shoot anyone, just shoot the floor yass. I'm also excited to go to my friend's house to play the Global Testfire cause she has a WiiU and I don't.

ANYWAYS, I wanted to draw Annie and Moe because although the Inklings look cool, they're just really cute. I WAS going to do a picture of the Inklings but I thought that would be too predictable. So I wanted this picture to portray a different side to Splatoon and I thought what better way to do this than draw the shop? The shop easily portrays a peaceful environment while still looking fresh. I replayed the directs so many times just to catch every detail and logo I could implement (like the hat and the shop stickies.) It was hard to make Annie stand out but it came out well. I also added some Nintendo easter eggs just to keep this fun and honestly I'm so proud of this piece. This piece took me about a few weeks to conjure up and I really tried to put as much detail into this as possible. So yeah.

That's all I have to say. I wish everyone the best of luck on their pieces and I hope everyone has fun at the Global Testfire this Saturday!

See ya there! :)

Reblogged by @splatoonus

Congrats to bluegenesis123 for being a runner up in the Splatoon Art Contest!

"The vibrant colors and dramatic lighting of this picture of Annie and Moe help convey how truly and effortlessly fresh the pair are. We also love the Nintendo easter eggs hidden throughout the shop!"

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 06, 2015 by justinl-art
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#120880311735|justinl-art on Tumblr]]

June 7


After weeks and hours since the Splatoon Art contest was announced This is my final Entry for this contest I did so many sketches, asking for advice, and even coloring a previous entry which later turn into a redo for this one instead. I did many researches on the Single player mode and Splatoon direct, watching the videos over and over to see what I can put in this entry and this is the result of that.Since I can't do digital art My medium turn out to be just a simple, color pencil, computer paper and a sharpie to make the image stand out a bit. I love all the characters especially Annie and Spkye (Still waiting for an official artwork for him). It took 2 weeks to finish. I hide a few Nintendo Easter eggs here and there but still tried to keep the world of splatoon only to Splatoon. I looked over the official rules and there's nothing that said that I can't use many images to create my very long and very big entry cause (Except the 10MB limit which in all turned into 9.02MB.) I really wanted to show the world of Splatoon and all the characters in a fun and unique way as I saw this game was revealed at E3. I honestly couldn't been be able to add everything on one sheet paper. Dont take my idea now! Find your own inspiration! 🐣 Lol. But Anyway I am very happy and content with this picture and I wish good luck to everyone that enter this contest! \(^v^)/ I can't wait for this game!

Edit Apparently Sypke's official artwork was shown on The splatoon Japanese account. And I nailed his design.

Reblogged by @splatoonus

Congrats to Nelnel-chan for being a runner up in our Splatoon Art Contest! Here's what the Splatoon Dev Team had to say:

Of all of the pieces submitted, this drawing showed the most love for Splatoon. Besides showing an inkredible knowledge of various details of the game, it shows everything through a completely unique point of view. It's a drawing that inspires me as a creator. This is a work with depth where the artist kept an open mind and hit all the right points.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 07, 2015 by nelnel-chan
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#120955134288|nelnel-chan on Tumblr]]


cowsgomoose - Tumblr artist.

Well! After working on this for what seemed like an eternity, I have finally finished my contest entry for the Splatoon Art Contest! I chose to do an animated splash art like thingy which you can see in GLORIOUS 1080p, complete with GIFs of the billboards that play in the background. Each of which were animated in Photoshop. Enjoy and GAME ON! :D (edited a bunch of times because some GIFs weren't working, sorry! D: )

Edit: There is no way I could go back and re-render the video right now with my username, so put it on the still image, instead. D:

Reblogged by @splatoonus

Our final runner up in the Splatoon Art Contest is cowsgomoose!

We can't help but love and respect the amount of work that was put into animating this entry's billboards! This gifset is such a unique entry, and it's perfectly suited for a Tumblr contest!

Check back tomorrow to see our grand prize winner! Stay fresh!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 07, 2015 by amberharrisart
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#120987595649|amberharrisart on Tumblr]]

June 8


Inkopolis metro exposed! We found that while there's several places to access the different play modes, all of them connect to the Splat line, a metro system that carries all inkling teams across the country. Even if they're not playing in the same match, inklings from all areas of inkopolis can make friends while waiting to reach their destination.

My entry for the Splatoon art contest! It took a while but I'm super happy with it, and also this game ; 7 ; Like seriously the direct can not come soon enough. The sort of background story for this one is that I wanted to do a really big fun piece to really communicate how much I adore Splatoon and it's crazy-colorful urban setting, and I kept on wandering back to my commutes over the LA metro. You see so many colorful characters on your way to your destination– it seemed like the perfect waiting lobby for online matches, so i took a few liberties. Hopefully it works!

#Splatoon #GetInked #NintendoContestEntry

Reblogged by @splatoonus

Congrats to funkgamut for being the grand prize winner in our Splatoon Art Contest! Here's what the Splatoon Dev Team had to say about this masterpiece:

Even though it doesn't show a scene from the game, our first prize goes to this masterful drawing which tells a story that could have come from the game itself.
This story portrayed here is one that all teenagers can probably relate to. After looking at it for a bit, the viewer starts to wonder about the relationship between the characters and what happened before and after the scene took place.
There are many elements found in this piece, but it's the wide-angle composition and the elegant use of color that really make the scene come to life. The concept combined with the technical aspects of this piece make it an extremely high-quality work of art.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the contest. We were blown away by all the beautiful entries. You're all A+ Squid Researchers in our book!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 08, 2015 by mycelinet
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121029591109|mycelinet on Tumblr]]


So, anyone played Ranked Battles yet? You might have to switch up your gear loadout if you wanna raise that rank. If you're level 10 and have the skills to pay the bills, get your splat on!

Let's take a closer look at the rules for Ranked Battles:

  • You'll earn more points in Ranked Battles when your team is victorious. Simply inking turf won't get you points here!
  • Earn even more points by reducing your team's counter to zero before the end of the match.
  • You won't earn any points if your opponent reduces their counter to zero before the end of the match!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Ranked Battles ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 08, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121040190023|splatoonus on Tumblr]]


Next, let's talk a little bit about Rank:

  • Team victory or defeat causes each player's rank to go up or down.
  • Players who tend to lead their teams to victory will wind up with a high rank.
  • The higher your rank, the more points you'll earn as a victory bonus!

Now let's break down the rules for the Splat Zones mode:

  • Achieve victory by capturing and holding the one or two splat zones in a stage and reducing your team's counter to zero.
  • Ink a certain amount of each Splat Zone to capture it.
  • Your team's counter will start ticking down once your team controls all of the Splat Zones in a stage.
  • You can neutralize a Splat Zone that the enemy team controls by inking some of it.
  • Once a zone is neutral, you can capture it for your team by inking the whole thing!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Ranked Battles ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 08, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121049230801|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

June 9


And now for some nitty gritty Ranked Battle details:

  • A penalty counter will be added to your team if a Splat Zone you captured is taken back by your opponent.
  • You won't be able to reduce your regular counter until you've reduced your penalty counter to zero.
  • The longer your team has held a Splat Zone, the larger the penalty will be if your opponent captures it.
  • Once your team captures a Splat Zone, do everything you can to defend it!
  • The time limit in Splat Zones is five minutes.
  • If neither counter reaches zero by the time limit, The team with The lower counter wins.
  • The match time will be extended if the losing team has the Splat Zones captured when time runs out.
  • Don't give up until it's over!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Ranked Battles ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 09, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121124223787|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

June 10


A new stage, Kelp Dome, will be added to Splatoon today at 7 PM PT! Viewed from above, this stage takes the shape of a nearly perfect square. You can either make your way to the center by circling around the perimeter of the dome, or you can take the high road on the grated catwalks to get straight into the action. The boundaries of the dome and the inner, maze-like structure of the facility are covered in ink-resistant glass.
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Kelp Dome ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 10, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121195523094|splatoonus on Tumblr]]


You may remember our grand prize winner in the Splatoon Art Contest depicted a scene of Inklings riding a subway. The Splatoon developers were kind enough to send over this piece of art, which they say shows the moment one second after the original art. Again, thanks to all of you for being fantastic squid researchers!

We'll see you all in Kelp Dome tonight!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest #SPLATATATATATA SPLATOON ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 10, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121224975449|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

June 11


STAY FRESH!!.. with some Splatoon fanart from me! Roller is my favorite but I should probably try other weapons.

Reblogged by @splatoonus

Time for an official Squid Research Lab Research Poll for, uh, RESEARCH: What's your favorite weapon to use in Splatoon so far?
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #weapons #Splatoon Fan Art ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 11, 2015 by manreeree
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121277333234|manreeree on Tumblr]]

June 12


Listen up! At 7 PM PT, a new weapon enters the fray—the Splash-o-matic! Its shots don't spread much, and it has excellent rapid-fire capability. It could be said to be a bit lacking in attack power, but zero in on a target and they'll burst in no time flat. Plus, this bad boy comes equipped with Suction Bombs as a sub weapon, and Bomb Rush as a special weapon.
#splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #wiiu #weapons ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 12, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121346142259|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

June 13


We've received some new video in the run up to next weekend's Splatfest. This track is the hottest thing in Inkopolis right now, and it's sung by the legendary squid sisters!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #WiiU #Nintendo #Splatfest #Dogs vs Cats #Squid Sisters #Callie and Marie ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 13, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121433235224|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

June 16


Today at 7 PM PT you'll see the Custom E-liter 3K added to the weapon list. You won't find many charger weapons with a longer shot range than this puppy, and the Squid Beakon makes it easy for your team to back you up. Throw in the Kraken special for good measure and you're looking at a well-rounded weapon set!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Squid Beakon. Beak-on. Like a squid beak. GET IT?! ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 16, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121675910174|splatoonus on Tumblr]]


Because one new weapon just doesn't seem like enough, the L-3 Nozzlenose is being added to the ink gun arsenal today at 7 PM PT! This shooter squeezes off three ink blasts in one rapid burst! It takes some getting used to, but in the right hands it's inkredibly accurate and efficient. It comes with Disruptors for a sub weapon, and the Killer Wail for a special weapon.
#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 16, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121676023099|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

June 19


Tonight at 7 PM PT, a new stage called Bluefin Depot will enter the rotation. The "valley" in the middle is separated into two islands, making it difficult to come and go as you please. You'll have to do some wall climbing to make it into your opponent's side of the map. Keep an eye on the tide of battle, and choose your attack route wisely!
#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #One fin #two fin #red fin #BLUEFIN DEPOT ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 19, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121938558024|splatoonus on Tumblr]]


Unfortunately, a matchmaking issue was discovered in the first Japanese Splatfest that resulted in long wait times and players unable to join matches. We have been working on a solution but will need a little more time to resolve the issue. In order to ensure that fans have the best possible experience and can enjoy the fun they've come to expect from Splatoon, we have decided to postpone the first North American Splatfest. We'll have details on a new date soon!
#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 19, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#121950071984|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

June 22


What do you call an tiny octopus with big eyes, gelatinous skin and is cute as a button? Nobody knows quite yet! Stephanie Bush of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute aims to classify and name this presently undescribed deep-sea cephalopod using preserved specimens and a clutch of eggs hatch housed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Reblogged by @splatoonus

It appears the Octarians are attempting to infiltrate by becoming so gosh-darned adorable that we are rendered defenseless by their cuteness. STAY STRONG, SQUIDKIDS!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 22, 2015 by cephalopodweek
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#122176252504|cephalopodweek on Tumblr]]

June 23


The Luna Blaster weapon will be added to Splatoon today at 7 PM PT! What it lacks in range, it more than makes up for in fire rate and explosive impact. This blaster-type weapon is perfect for getting up close and personal. For far away foes, build up that special gauge and blast 'em with an Inkzooka, or ruin their day with a surprise Ink Mine!
#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Would you say that the Luna Blaster.... is OUT OF THIS WORLD? ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 23, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#122257697339|splatoonus on Tumblr]]


Anonymous asked: I don't think cephalopods like it when people start kraken jokes about them.

are you squidding me

Reblogged by @cephalopodweek

Fun fact: Cephalopod Week is mostly a cephalobration of puns.

Reblogged by @splatoonus

Live every week like it's Cephalopod week!
#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Like you guys haven't noticed our puns #How do you make an Octarian laugh? TEN TICKLES! ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 23, 2015 by biologizeable
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#122259657784|biologizeable on Tumblr]]

June 25


The CATS vs. DOGS Splatfest is back on!

Sorry for the delay—we experienced some...tentacle difficulties with the Splatfest matchmaking. The first Splatfest will now begin on July 4th at 12:00 AM PT and will end on July 4th at 11:59 PM PT. That's 24 hours of pure patriotic splattitude! Celebrate your inkdependence with nighttime Turf War battles and fireworks!
#Splatoon #squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #Splatfest #cats #dogs #Patriotic Punnery ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 25, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#122427280219|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

June 26


Today at 7 PM PT, the Carbon Roller will be added to the weapon roster. This lightweight roller excels in the mobility department. It's fling attack doesn't toss a ton of ink, but it's coupled with Burst Bombs for ranged splattage. Throw an Inkzooka in the mix and it's on like Crusty Sean!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #It's on like Crusty Sean is totally going to catch on faster than Fetch ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 26, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#122505595879|splatoonus on Tumblr]]


Also being added to the mix today at 7 PM PT is the Custom Dual Squelcher. It's got range, rapid fire, and Squid Beakons to give your squid buds a place to Super Jump to. And with the Killer Wail special you can zone your enemies for days!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 26, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#122505670939|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

June 30


Tomorrow, on 7/1 at 7 PM PT, a new Ranked Battle will be added to the game! This new mode is called Tower Control. Hop aboard the tower placed in the middle of the map, and ride it to your opponent's goal. stay sharp—you'll have to protect whoever's riding the tower from enemy attacks!

Once someone jumps onto the tower, it starts moving along a set path toward the other team's goal. If the tower doesn't arrive at either goal before time runs out, the team that's moved it closest toward their opponent's goal wins. Ride the tower all the way into the other team's goal though, and you'll get a decisive knockout victory.

Oh, and if you want a little early look at Tower Control, you can join the intrepid researchers of Nintendo Treehouse as they go on a fact finding mission in Nintendo Treehouse: Live with Splatoon Tower Control this afternoon at 3 PM PT. Tune into for your early look at the new Ranked Battle!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Nintendo Treehouse #Nintendo Treehouse Live #Ranked Battle #Tower Control ​ ​

— Originally posted on June 30, 2015 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2015/June#122853178249|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

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