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Tumblr posts made in February of 2016.

February 3


Inkling | Splatoon

Reblogged by @splatoonus

This Inkling cosplay by Yakuzi on World Cosplay is so fresh!!
#Splatoon #Cosplay #WorldCosplay #Inkling #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 03, 2016 by cosplay-soul
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#138635046484|cosplay-soul on Tumblr]]

February 8


Looking for the words to tell that extra special person you think they're top squid? Check out these Valentine's Day cards from Play Nintendo!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Valentine's Day #Valentine's Day Card #Squid Sisters ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 08, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#138939227064|splatoonus on Tumblr]]


BREAKING NEWS FROM THE SQUID RESEARCH LAB: We've just received footage of a live performance by none other than the Squid Sisters! That's right: Callie and Marie performed for their fans recently at Niconico Tokaigi, a gaming event in Japan.
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Sisters #Callie and Marie #niconico tokaigi ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 08, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#138942080934|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 9


Our friends in the UK branch of the Squid Research Lab made these ink-redible pancakes in honor of Pancake Day!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Pancake Day #shrove tuesday #amiibo ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 09, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#138997264879|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 11


BREAKING NEWS! We've just learned that the next Splatfest is being presented by none other than… drumroll, please… Pokémon!

Head to the Inkopolis Plaza and select which game is your favorite: Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue!

This Splatfest will begin on February 19 at 10:00 PM PT and will run until February 20 at 10:00 PM PT.

This Splatfest will also happen simultaneously around the world. Like any other Splatfest, however, players you get matched with will be from your region, and the results will also be tallied by each region.

By the way, did you know that in Japan the first Pokémon game was released in a "Red Version" and a "Green Version," but in North America and Europe, the two versions were "Red Version" and "Blue Version." So for this Splatfest, in North America, it will be "Red vs Blue."
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #Pokémon ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 11, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#139145051315|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 14


Happy Valentine's Day, kids and squids!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Valentine's Day ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 14, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#139292135119|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 17


Callie and Marie have chosen their fave! Have you voted yet for the upcoming Pokémon Splatfest?
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Sisters #Game Boy #Pokémon ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 17, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#139490586549|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 18


#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Pokémon #Splatfest

18 February 2016
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Pokémon #Splatfest ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 18, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#139565786899|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 22


Pokémon Splatfest scores are in:

Japan : Green defeated Red 423-277
Americas: Blue defeated Red 399-301
Europe: Blue defeated Red 378-322

Green & Blue claimed victory with a total win score of 3-0!
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #Pokémon ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 22, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#139794333234|splatoonus on Tumblr]]


It's no secret that the Inklings are some of the best dressed squids in this (or any other) universe. In fact, those of you diligent enough to have found the Sunken Sea Scrolls may already know that the Inkopolis Collection fashion show happens twice a year!

We're pleased to bring you Inkling Fashion Week* – a Squid Research Lab Special Report. After months of painstaking research, we'll be sharing more information about the freshest fashion and trendiest brands in Inkopolis in order to help our squid fam keep it lit!** Check back tomorrow for our first fashion spread!

*Inkling Fashion Week will run longer than a week. The Squid Research Lab maintains all rights to use the word "fresh" too frequently.

**We're told that a number of today's youths use this expression although we have still not been able to ascertain the definition.
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Inkling Fashion Week ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 22, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#139807378099|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 23


Fans of Zink appreciate the detailed stylings and air of sophistication. From uniforms to sneakers, Zink keeps inklings looking fresh in sportswear from H2T (that's head to toe, for those of you that don't watch Inkopolis' Next Top Model).

On Models:
Golf Visor – Run Speed Up
Zink LS – Special Duration Up
Red Hi-Horses – Ink Saver (Main)
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Inkling Fashion Week ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 23, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#139861686436|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 24


If you're looking for the hottest milliner in all of Inkopolis, look no further than Skalop! While they make many types of headgear, their fitted caps have been an especially big hit. Word on the street is that the freshest squids leave the logo sticker right on the bill!

On Model:
Streetstyle Cap – Ink Saver (Sub)
Squidvader Cap – Special Charge Up
Urchins Cap – Bomb Range Up
Mint Tee – Defense Up
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Inkling Fashion Week ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 24, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#139916419925|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 25


Though known primarily for their sneakers, Takoroka decks out their fans in the sportiest looks of the season! Takoroka has found a following among young squids who aren't quite feeling any ol' gear – and can make any Inkling feel like singing Ole, Ole, Ole in no time!

On Models:
Takoroka Mesh – Defense Up
Slipstream United – Defense Up
LE Soccer Cleats – Ink Resistance Up

FC Albacore – Damage Up
Soccer Cleats – Bomb Sniffer
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Inkling Fashion Week ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 25, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#139969085333|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 26


The Firefin logo, a stylized blowfish, has long been a favorite of squid-hop set and anyone else who likes to keep it 100. Fans dig the loose fit and laid-back vibe that has become Firefin signature. Did you know that Firefin fans are up to ten times more likely to take selfies in front of graffiti while gazing into the distance?

On Models:
FishFry Visor - Special Charge Up
Camo Zip Hoodie – Quick Respawn

Jungle Hat - Ink Saver (Main)
Baseball Jersey - Special Charge Up
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Inkling Fashion Week ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 26, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#140037808938|splatoonus on Tumblr]]


Call the fashion police! Because this Inkling is killing it in a down vest and hiking boots by outdoor clothing label Inkline. While this brand specializes in high-quality all-weather gear, their look is also highly sought after by even the most fashionable squids, shrimp, and jellyfish.

On Model:
Short Beanie - Ink Saver (Main)
Mountain Vest - Swim Speed Up
Pro Trail Boots - Bomb Sniffer
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Inkling Fashion Week ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 26, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#140053523383|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 27


Krak-On is one of the older fashion houses in Inkopolis and has quickly become popular with squids who can effortlessly mix grandpa's hand me downs with more cutting edge new pieces. Krak-On's Basics line is a favorite across multiple generations of Inklings.

On Models:
Full Moon Glasses - Quick Super Jump
Squidstar Waistcoat – Cold Blooded
Red Hi-Tops - Ink Resistance Up

Rodeo Shirt - Quick Super Jump
Choco Clogs - Quick Respawn
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Inkling Fashion Week ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 27, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#140113660570|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 28


Famous for bold neon colors and stylish, high-tech shoe designs, any squid wanting the latest in fresh footwear loves Tentatek! If you're looking for a combination of fashion-forward design AND performance, look no further than the eye-popping designs of Tentatek!

On Models:
Tennis Headband – Comeback
Black Squideye - Run Speed Up
Neon Sea Slugs - Ink Resistance Up

Sun Visor - Bomb Range Up
Sky-Blue Squideye - Cold Blooded
Pink Trainers - Bomb Range Up
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Inkling Fashion Week ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 28, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#140177555670|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

February 29


Forge has blazed a path as one of the first fashion brands in Inkopolis to blend utilitarian military looks with high fashion! Fans of the brand often hang out with one another in gatherings informally known as a Military School of Fish.

On Models:
Skull Bandana – Special Saver
Forge Octarian Jacket – Haunt

Special Forces Beret - Opening Gambit
Forge Inkling Parka - Run Speed Up
#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Inkling Fashion Week ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

— Originally posted on February 29, 2016 by splatoonus
[[Inkipedia:Tumblr archive/2016/February#140239336686|splatoonus on Tumblr]]

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