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Help needed

So I've been working on the 3D viewer project for quite some time and I got the hang of things... but I could really use a hand with some of the work as there are a lot of models to render, and I'm sure people might be more experienced and more precise with Blender than I am. Currently the focus is on models we have in the models-resource site which are the splatoon 2 main, sub and special weapons. I made an example video of the process that I do to ease out the learning curve for other contributors or newcomers to Blender. (might make a better shorter video in the future)

The second issue we got is that not all weapon models are in the models-resource site. To name a few all Splatoon 1 mains and subs, the Hero sub and special weapons, Octoling hero weapons and so on. We can rip models from the game files or search online, both things I haven't fully explored but can be later dealt after rendering all the weapon models we currently have in the models-resource site. I linked to .mdl SFM pack but I'm sure they lost some of their attributes when converted so I'd rather not use models with .mdl format, given the reason stated.

TL;DR our current concerns are:

  • Help with rendering Splat 2 models
  • Find Splat 1 main and sub models

Any help would be kindly appreciated and would help make speed up the process of the project and be more collaborative. Thanks! Shahar (talk) 05:06, 11 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]