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Add mode suggestions below. Please include information such as what in-game modes they can be played on, allowed weapons, and the number of players required.

Hide n' Squid


-This game can be played in any mode of Splatoon.

-Any number of players can join, up to eight.

-As of now, all weapons are allowed, unless a flaw is seen.

-Make small dots around the playing field, not huge ones where people can't find you.

-No gear with Ninja Squid on, as that makes you harder to find.

-Whoever is hiding/seeking is that way for the whole round.

How to Play:

-As a hider, your goal is to make dots around the playing field without getting caught. However, you have to hide in one of them. (The reason I say dots is because you can switch between them to be evasive, or remain stationary if that's your thing). You are allowed to defend yourself while you're hiding.

-As a seeker, your goal is to obviously splat the enemy. You can set a limit before you win, but it's fine either way. Follow the enemy's dot trail until you find the enemy and splat them. Simple as that.

Optional rules:

-Hiders use no ink, just hides around the map.

-Seeker uses paintbrushes to find the hiders.

SkittlesBeats 22:49, 5 September 2015 (UTC)



-This game can be played in any mode of Splatoon.

-This game is hard to play with a full lobby, so one person should be focused on another person for that whole round.

-If a person is it and can't get out of a place, they are allowed to spray a wall to get out. (ie. Bluefin Depot's two lower sections).


-If you're it, all you can do it run or turn into a squid. No spraying ink.

-If you're the chaser, you can spray ink, turn into a squid or run to splat whoever's it. Once the person who's it gets splatted, they become the chaser and whoever was the chaser becomes it, (role reversal, long story short).

Beacon Defense


-This game can be played with any ranked mode, no turf war

-The maximum is 6 people in a lobby

-Placing Beacons in Unreachable places (I.e. Spawn) is not allowed

How to Play:

-Two players must roam around the map, placing three beacons around. The two players have 1 minute to do this.

-The four at spawn must stay at spawn for one minute while the two Inklings place Squid Beakons around the map.

-Once the one minute is up, the four Inklings come out of Spawn and look everyone for Squid Beacons. Once a person finds one, he/she must destroy it.

-The two Inklings can guard the squid Beacons, so it's better to place your three Beacons close to each other.

-The four Inklings have two lives each. Once they get Splatted twice they must stay at spawn point. The other two Inklings however have three lives.

-The game ends when all four Inklings lose all of their lives, all squid Beacons are destroyed or you run out of time.

-The two Inklings can only use a type of Inkbrush, the four other Inklings have to use the Splattershot Jr. The four Inklings also can't use Specials, but the other two Inklings can.

Optional rules:

-you can have three Inklings that place Squid Beacons, or two.

Squid Tag

-2 Or more players -Any weapon that you are good at not inking with -Any mode(perferably splat zones) -No inking unless nessersary -Rules- There will be 2 teams as usuall.You have to go tag the other team's members.If you ink when its not nesasary,you are out.The team at the end with the most tags wins.

SquidKid149--SquidKid149 (talk) 12:03, 2 October 2015 (UTC)

Team Uniforms!

Say for example there are 4boy/4girl Inklings going head to head in any type of rank/turf battle...does not require actual players to be half and half just the character.

-Specific clothing could be picked to represent teams. Eg. - Rockenburg guys and Rockenburg girls.

        Weapon specific to chosen group:

Eg- Baseball kit= Nzap

        Skate kit      = Roller

-Battle ground could also be chosen to match theme. Eg- Blackbelly Skatepark for skate clothing.

-Team co-ordenation so as to make your opponents stand out more and add a lil' bit of fun!

Bumper Brushes


-Everybody has to use the same Inkbrush

-Teams have to be equal (preferably)


-Only Turf Wars

How to Play:

-Hold the ZR button to trail a line of ink and only bump into your enemies. (No swatting at enemies allowed)

-You can swat only to climb up walls, nothing else.

Four Squids And A Kraken


Kraken Player:

-That Player Must Have A Weapon With The Kraken

-He/She Must Not Use Their Weapon And Have The Tentacity Ability

-They also need to squid around while the Kraken isn't charged.

Squid Players:

-They Must Use A Gun, Roller, Charger, Blaster or Slosher. SPLATLINGS AND BRUSHES ARE NOT ALLOWED.

-Don't Kill The Kraken Player While He/She's Squidding Around.

-Don't Go Hiding Back In Your Base.

-No Super Jumping.

-No Use Of Specials, The Sprinkler, The Disruptor and the Ink Mine.

-Squid Around And Spectate After Being Killed.

-No More Than 2 Swim Speed Up Main Abilities.


Mode and Stage Rules:

-The Following Stages are banned due to Grates Being used on the floors:

Bluefin Depot, Kelp Dome and Hammerhead Bridge.

-If the stage is Flounder Heights or Camp Triggerfish, DO NOT STAND ON THE GRATES.

-Because Of That, You Can't Use the Random option.

-You Must Only Play On Turf War (2 Squids) or Splat Zones. (2-4 Squids)

-If the mode Is Splat Zones, Don't Ink The Zones That Much.

How To Play:

-The Kraken Must Travel The Map, Near Other Squids.

-The Squids Must Ink small dots around the map, So The Kraken player can travel through.

-When The Kraken Player turns into a Kraken, You Can Ink However Big, But when it's back to a squid.

-When The Kraken Kills You, Yell Nice/Booyah to your team.

- If everyone gets killed by the kraken, Rapidly change between human and squid in front of the Kraken to let him/her know that the game is over.


Race 'n' Ink


  • 2-4 Players
  • Must be played on Turf War
  • All weapons are available, unless a flaw is discovered.

How To Play:

  • 2 players (1 off each team), must run to a specified point.
  • Arowana Mall = Centre Area
  • Blackbelly Skatepark = Raised Tower (Centre)
  • Museum d'Alfonsino = The Centre Rotator
  • Moray Towers = Centre Area
  • Camp Triggerfish = Before the gap
  • Whoever reaches the point first splats the other player, the player who is still alive gets to ink as much turf as they can in 5 seconds, and when this time is up, they must super jump back, and the race starts again.
  • The team who get the most turf win!

--Adster1005 (talk) 18:09, 15 December 2015 (UTC)

Going Up In The World


  • 4-6 Players
  • Any mode (always do that criteria)
  • All weapons are available, unless a flaw is discovered

How To Play:

  • Choose starting stage and mode, make sure to change these every match
  • Split the teams into: 2vs2, 2vs3, 3vs2, 3vs3, 2vs4 or 4vs2
  • After this, play the match.
  • The strongest player on the LOSING team, will move up to the WINNING team for the next match. However, if the team is full, then the weakest member on the WINNERS team will move down and the strongest on the LOSERS side will take their place.


  • Team Alpha - Player 1, Player 2, Player 3
  • Team Bravo - Player 4, Player 5, Player 6
  • Team Alpha win. Player 4 is the strongest so moves up to Team Alpha.
  • Match 2 - Team Bravo Win. Player 5 is the strongest so moves up to Team Alpha. The weakest member of Team Alpha is Player 2, so therefore 2 and 5 switch places, so Players 1,3,4 and 5 vs Players 2 and 6

--Adster1005 (talk) 22:41, 19 December 2015 (UTC)


Similar to the other one, however each Inkling has 3 lives!. Try not to ink turf. Any stage. Any mode. Weapon Availability:

  • Shooter = YES
  • Blaster = NO
  • Roller = YES
  • Brush = YES
  • Charger = NO
  • Splatling = NO

--Adster1005 (talk) 18:08, 16 February 2016 (UTC)

Bounty Hunt

Bounty Hunt is played on any stage, in rainmaker. All weapons,subs, and specials are allowed in entry.


Everyone stays at spawn for the game's setup, and no turf may be inked until the game's host confirms all users are ready and officially starts the game. One player on each team is selected by said team to be the bounty. Teams must communicate which enemy player is the bounty to the other team. Once both bounties are selected, the game can start. Each team tries to escort the bounty to atop the Rainmaker's pedestal whilst defending their pedestal and trying to take out the enemy teams bounty player. If a bounty is splatted, they return to spawn and restart their trek to the goal. No players may super jump to the bounty and vice versa. If either bounty player makes it atop the goal, all players on both teams go to spawn, no matter what. One point is awarded to the team that escorted their bounty to the goal. Each team repeats the process of selecting a new bounty, however no player can be the bounty twice in any given match. The team with the most points when the clock hits zero or the team that hits 3 points first wins.


All weapons and subs are available in this mode, however the bounty player may not use their special weapon whilst being the bounty, no matter what it is. These players can use their sub weapons and primary weapons. Other players can use their specials to the benefit of the bounty, such as bubbling the bounty player or launching an inkstrike to that players location.


All stages are allowed and picked by the host and/or winning team of the previous game.

--SloshrWal (talk) 03:07, 9 July 2017 (UTC)

Mini Splatfest


2v2 4v4

The host decides the theme, such as Black Cats vs. White Cats. Rules: -The mode can only be Turf War -Every player can choose the weapon, hat and shoes they want, but the shirt has to have the same main ability as other players, but doesn't have to be the same shirt -Goes on for 2 days each Mini Splatfest -The day before the Mini Splatfest the host will host a practice splatfest -(If it's a 4v4 battle) On the second day the winning team goes through a 2v2 battle with everyone else spectating -If you are spectating, you can change your shirt to something else, just to distinguish between 2v2 players and spectators and spectators can only use brushes, splatlings, sloshers, and the 2 variants of the Splattershot Pro. No spectators may splat the 2v2 players, except when the nearby spectator notices the 2v2 player cheating. -(Optional) The 2v2 players in the second day cannot use the brushes, splatings, sloshers and the 2 variants of the Splattershot Pro. -(Longer splatfest variant) The winning 2v2 team will battle in a 1v1 match and the winner is called the MVS (Most Valuable Squid) of the winning team. All past rules apply to the longer splatfest variant. -The winning team can join the other team in a Squid Party, where everyone doesn't battle and when someone splats another player, they must splat themselves with the nearest hazard. I know it may seem long and not even remotely cool, but it's a good thing to try. SploonySquid (talk) 21:51, 17 January 2016 (UTC)


Possible Teams: - 1 v 1 - 2 v 2 - 3 v 3 - 4 v 4

Rules: In this mode the goal of the game is to splat the enemy team into oblivion! Think you've got what it takes to be the best team in Inkopolis?

  • Blasters are the ONLY weapon allowed to be used; however blasters such as the Rapid Blasters or Luna Blasters may not be used, only the standard Blaster.
  • All Inkling's participating will have a set number of lives set by the host (example: 2,3,5,etc.) Once you've been splat a certain number of times you're out!
  • Players who have been eliminated are to remain in their spawn at all times until a winner has been decided or time is up (However, if the host chooses so, eliminated players can move from their spawn and go to a secluded area to squid party and goof off until the game is over. For example the large middle area in Saltspray Rig)
  • If time is up before either of the opposing teams eliminate each other, a winning team will be chosen based on how many Inkling's were left standing on a team. For example if your team had 3 left standing and the enemy had 1 or 2, your team would win!
  • Sub weapons and Specials are PROHIBITED. The only time they may be used is in the last minute of the game. Using them before then will result in an immediate elimination for you!
  • This mode can be played in any stage and any battle mode (Turf or Ranked). Although it'd be preferred if this mode was played in a Ranked Battle mode such as Rainmaker or Tower Control.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help! Zansatsu (talk) 13:56, 27 April 2016 (UTC)

Splat Zone Shuffle

Teams allowed: 2v2, 4v4, 3v4 (UNEVEN!)

Modes allowed: Splat Zones only.

Rules: When the match starts, Team Bravo will capture the Splat Zone, and Team Alpha will wait at their spawn until they do. Then, Team Bravo will try to DEFEND the Zone, while Team Alpha will try to CAPTURE it.


Bomb Rush

Weapons: Weapons with Seekers, Suction, Splat, or Burst Bombs, all having either Bomb Rush or no Bomb Rush. (Note: You can also have certain players use or not use Bomb Rush (Whatever is contrary to what you're doing) as a handicap.)

Rules: You may (Obviously) ONLY use your sub weapons, and if you're using a weapon with Bomb Rush, you may also use Bomb Rush. However, if you're trying to get to a higher place, you may use your main weapon if your sub weapon is unable to ink walls properly.

Types: There are two types of this gamemode. 1: Normal 2: Deathmatch

In Normal, you'll do the main objective of the game mode you're playing; inking turf, capturing zones, controlling the tower, or bringing the rainmaker to the opponent's base.

In Deathmatch, you'll be splatting your opponents, and the team with the most net splats (Splats-Times Splatted) is the winner. Also, play Rainmaker when doing Deathmatch, and (Obviously) don't touch the Rainmaker. If this rule is broken, the player who took the Rainmaker must stop moving and allow another player to splat him/her.

That is all, if you have any questions, contact my talk page. OmegaKirby64 16:28, 24 May 2016 (UTC)


In this private battle game, you have Pac-Man vs. the ghosts. Some prefer 1v4, my friends and I prefer a 1v2-3 ratio. In this battle, Pac-Man(or Men) must use a weapon of their choosing with bubbler as the special. They goal is to turf as much of the map as possible without ever using their subs. They cannot directly attack the ghosts except for when they have bubble up. The ghosts may choose any weapons and gear they like. They cannot use subs or specials at any point. The goal for the ghosts is to turf as much of the map as possible without being killed by Pac-Man with their bubbler.

NasTSushi (talk) 06:28, 27 April 2017 (UTC)NasTSushi

Extreme Rainmaker


-Play this mode in the rainmaker mode.

-The game should have 1 player with a beacon sub and 2-3 other players without beacon sub on each team.

How to play:

-The players that have the beacon sub should come out. All the others stay and don't shoot.

-Once one player kills the other player (with beacon sub), that player places a beacon and gets the rainmaker.

-All the other players super jump.

-The game continues as normal rainmaker.

Optional rule:

-The player that super jumps to the beacon gets a few points.

RedSQUIDian101 (talk) 23:25, 18 September 2017 (UTC)