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This is the discussion page for Inkipedia's policy. Please leave a question or comment below, and an administrator will get back to you as soon as possible!

Creating proposals for new policies

Are we allowed to do this here? If so, is there any particular template or special procedure that needs to be put in place? Nyargleblargle (Talk · Contribs) 16:38, 3 October 2015 (UTC)

Responded on talkpage Kjhf Talk Contribs 20:52, 3 October 2015 (UTC)

Amendment Suggestion

I've discussed it with a couple of admins but I feel like I should bring it up with the rest before actually going through with it. I suggest to amend the "7 NOs of Inkipedia" section by adding a small footnote below it, or, perhaps, a subsection / subpage regarding the topic of mini-modding and what should be done if a violation is found by a user. I suggest that it encourage users to bring up the violation to an admin or mark it for deletion instead of taking it upon themselves to warn the violator. While rare, I've seen it occur in other wikis and forums. I don't think it should so much be punished, but rather discouraged. Let me know what you all think, please. /Syl (talk) 01:36, 1 May 2016 (UTC)

I'm up for adding something, as long as it's well-defined. I don't think anything is inherently wrong with someone warning another editor about bad behavior, doing something wrong, etc., but of course there are times where something should be handed off to an administrator before getting heated. Maybe something could be added to Inkipedia:Policy/Talk pages as a guideline. ~SuperHamster Talk 03:48, 22 July 2016 (UTC)

Proposal: Personal image limit

I'd like to propose an addition to our image guidelines: a limit to the number of personal images one can upload. Personal images would be ones that are uploaded to be used exclusively in one's userspace, with no foreseeable use elsewhere on the wiki. The point of this limit would be to prevent a stockpile of unusable photos over the years, especially as editors come and go and leave their personal images behind. I think a reasonable number could be 10 - it's a pretty hard limit to hit (not many have hit it yet, if any), but it would preemptively prevent someone from uploading a slew of them over time. Thoughts? ~SuperHamster Talk 03:39, 22 July 2016 (UTC)

I approve with the proposal, I think 10 is a pretty good limit for the amount of images that are uploaded to be used exclusively in one's userspace, but I think with the exception of Splatfest images that represent the team you chose, since there were 16 splatfests and some users like to post images of the team they chose. ShaharSig2.pngShaharSigtalk2.png 07:33, 22 July 2016 (UTC)
Yeah, I have a picture of all 15 of my ballot boxes. :::Luke Talk Contribs::: 12:40, 22 July 2016 (UTC)
I appreciate the move to cut down on spam, but how much of a problem is or will this be? Perhaps @Prod can give us some insight on server loading.
The proposal may not have to be a hard limit - i.e. if you're uploading Splatoon related content that is being used, then does anyone really mind if you've got 10 or 100 images? If you're uploading all your holiday photos then clearly that's a problem.
Kjhf Talk Contribs 13:44, 22 July 2016 (UTC)