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When Inkstrike is activated, you’re prompted to choose a target area on the GamePad’s map. While choosing a target, your character remains still and is extremely vulnerable to attack, so find a safe corner before initiating Inkstrike. Once a target area is selected, a large, ink-filled missile fires off your character’s back. Upon impact, the missile unleashes a tornado of ink, swirling about and spreading ink over a wide area. This makes Inkstrike extremely effective during Splat Zones. One Inkstrike can usually contest or outright capture an enemy-held Splat Zone. If you’re on the receiving end of an Inkstrike, watch for the swirling indicator on the ground—this is your cue to escape before the missile impacts. When possible, swim away from an incoming Inkstrike—you’re taking a risk if you try to outrun the ink tornado.
— Splatoon Prima Guide
Judd's Advice
Meow! (An Inkstrike lets you attack any location on the Wiiu-gamepad-icon.png map! The tornado slowly expands from a central point, so try to be accurate! And don't let foes hit you while your looking at your map! Stay alert!)