Intestinal Phase

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Intestinal Phase
Dodge lasers and make your way through!
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Station Escape 04
and rewards
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Music Nasty Majesty

Intestinal Phase is the fourth stage in the Octo Expansion's finale.


Agent 8 must push forward through a series of narrow corridors. Multiple security lasers that instantly splat on contact are present, forcing Agent 8 to carefully maneuver through gaps in the lasers.

If the player gets repeatedly splatted, they have the option to skip this phase, with each splat contributing to 20% Skip Charge, where the following dialogue will be displayed:

"Dancing deftly around enemy traps, Agent 8 proceeded to the energy core..."


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OE Icon Broken Telephone.png Broken Telephone's Quotes

Blah... blah blah... Y... yo...
Blah blah... Y... you...
YOU! You measly scrap of seafood! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!
Number 10,008, why are you associating with these superfluous nobodies?

OE Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish.png Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

Hm? Whatwhatwhat?
Nope... *sigh*
Whaaaa?! Telephone! What are you doing to Agent 3?
Agent 8, do you read me?! COME IN, AGENT 8!
— When the player got splatted.

OE Icon Marina.png Marina's Quotes

It's like... a battery that powers the elevator to the surface!
Nice one, Agent 8!
Moving lasers!
Nice, nice. Keep it up, and that energy core will be yours in no time!
This is getting ridiculous...
Agent 8? AGENT 8?!
— When the player got splatted.

OE Icon Pearl.png Pearl's Quotes

Marina! What's an energy core?
Whoa, this security system doesn't look very friendly...
What's up, Cap? Is Agent 3 awake?
Huh? No security system here?
Jump through one of the gaps!
What are you gonna do?!
What the...
Oh - it opened up!
Cap! What happened? Answer!
— When the player got splatted.


  • The developers revealed that if Agent 8 gets splatted during this phase, they will actually die, because they are not connected to a respawn platform. This means the game goes back in time every time you get splatted during the escapes.

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ホルモン回廊
Horumon kairō
Hormone corridor
Netherlands Dutch Moeilijk te verteren
Ontwijk lasers en probeer naar binnen te sluipen!
Hard to digest[note 1]
Avoid lasers and try to sneak inside!
CanadaFrance French Tunnel grêle Small tunnel[note 2]
Germany German Intestinalkorridor
Weiche den Lasern aus und schleich dich hinein!
Intestinal Corridor
Avoid the lasers and sneak in!
Italy Italian Laboratorio Laser Laser Laboratory
Russia Russian Наджелудочная пропускная
Nadzheludochnaya propusknaya
Passage above the stomach
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Túnel Catódico
Avanza esquivando los rayos de tinta.
Cathodic Tunnel
Advance by dodging the ink rays.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Túnel Catódico
Esquiva la tinta y ve avanzando.
Cathodic Tunnel
Dodge the ink and go forward.

Translation notes

  1. Comes from "iets niet kunnen verteren", a Dutch expression meaning "to not be able to accept something".
  2. "Small" implies "small intestine".