Into the Octo Oven

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This article is about the mission. For the character of the same name, see Octo Oven.
This article is about the Octo Canyon mission. For the Octo Expansion station, see Toastmaster Station.
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Into the Octo Oven
˜ Industrial Toast ˜
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Number B1
Area 1
Sheldon's Request
Items 1 Sardinium
Music Octarmaments
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Into the Octo Oven
425° of Pain
— intro to the Octo Oven boss fight.

Into the Octo Oven is the first boss mission in Splatoon 2's single-player mode, Octo Canyon. It appears to take place in some kind of arena.

Octo Canyon

The Boss Kettle for this boss can be found in the middle of Tentakeel Outpost, on a pyramid-like hill.

Boss Appearance

The Octo Oven is a large industrial-grade oven propped up on some little castor wheels, much like a Flooder. It has eight sentient loaves of bread with Octarian faces on them inside of it, and each one even has a voice. On the Octo Oven, there is a small red eye-like sensor, which will move to follow the player. During the second phase, some of the ceramic walls of the oven will break, revealing some more machinery, such as a door with a warning symbol on it (Glazing Machine) and a larger optical sensor. The vents on top of it will also grow in size, extending upwards. During the third phase, the door with the warning symbol on it will open, and a large rod of ink sprayers will emerge. The loaves of bread will also gain some armored spots on them, each adorned with an Octarian bread company logo.



Phase 1

The Octo Oven

The Octo Oven will try to line up one of its loaves at the player. The boss will then extend it, and quickly retract it. The Octo Oven does this multiple times until it does a short hop and extends out all its loaves. The Oven won't immediately pull the bread back, giving the player time to ink them and jump from loaf to loaf to get to the tentacle at the top of the oven. The player needs to fire at the tentacle to deal damage. After enough damage is done, the player super jumps to the ground and the next phase begins.

Phase 2

The Octo Oven has upgraded armor

The Octo Oven doesn't change anything about its attack pattern, but ink pistons firing Octarian Ink will appear, as well as a decrease in climbable walls. The ink pistons will break if bread hits them, but will be added back when the Octo Oven's attack loop repeats.

Phase 3

The bread loaves now have armor

The Octo Oven will now extend a "glazing machine". The glazing machine will rotate around most of the arena and will give chase to the player while spewing out ink. The ink sticks are now strategically placed in areas that will get in the way of the player trying to outrun the machine, and will retract to not get hit by the glazer. After this attack is over, an extremely large portion of the arena will be covered in Octarian Ink. In addition, the pre-existing loaves of bread now have armored spots that are uninkable and unclimbable and the loaves come out quicker.

Enemies and Mechanics

First Introduced

Previously Introduced



S2 Icon Marie.png Marie's Quotes

During the fight:
Looks like the tentacle up there is the source of the trouble.
The end of the loaves look deadly. That's why I never eat the end slices.
During Part 2:
Donut stop! You knead to keep going!
MMM! CHURROS! Wait, nope. They're just columns of ink.
...But there are fewer walls on the oven to climb now.
During Part 3:
Good. But doughn't start loafing around or things might go a rye.
Wait… Armored bread? But… Armor? On bread?
Uh... Some kind of...glazing machine...has appeared.
This guy's toast!
After defeating the boss:
Good work Agent 4. I sure know how to pick 'em.
Gotta hand it to the Octarians, though. I didn't expect them to have fully operational octobosses at their disposal.
I think it's time to call in the big guns.
Let's see here... Sheldon? Can you hear me? Over!
OK. Down, boy. I think Agent 4 gets the point.
Let's get back to work, Agent 4. Stay fresh!

S2 Icon Sheldon.png Sheldon's Quotes

Answering Marie's call:
I hear you loud and clear, Marie! Over! OH MAN THIS IS SO COOL! Ahem...
Agent 4, I'm Sheldon from Ammo Knights, the only weapon shop in Inkopolis with over 542 million years of trusted service...
That's right–stop by Ammo Knights in Inkopolis Square for all your weapon needs! Tell me Sheldon sent you!
Marie told me everything! To think that my signature weapons can be of help to the New Squidbeak Splatoon! I'm honored!
But I'm afraid I can't just let you treat my vast arsenal like an all-you-can-ink buffet. I have a business to run, you know.
So let's help each other out–I want you to help me test out some new weapons I'm currently developing!
All you have to do is use them in real-world conditions. If you'll do that for me, I'll be able to gather all sorts of amazing data!
That data will help me get the approvals I need to make retail versions of the weapons!
And once the retail versions are out, you can use them in Turf War battles! It's a real win-win, don't you think?! OH, YEAH! And...

Netherlands Dutch

S2 Icon Marie.png Marie's Quotes

  • "Het lijkt erop dat de tentakel daarboven de bron is van al de ellende."
    (It looks like that the tentacle up there is the source of all the misery.)
  • "De uiteindes van het brood zien er link uit!"
    (The end of the bread look dangerous!)
  • "Bedek het brood met inkt om het te beklimmen... of zo?"
    (Cover the bread with ink to climb it... or something?)
  • "Ga zo door! Geef die broden een koekje van eigen deeg!"
    (Keep it up! Give those loaves a taste of their own dough!)
    NOTE: 'een koekje van eigen deeg' is a Dutch saying, the equivalant of the English saying "to give someone a taste of their own medicine")
  • "Lekker, churros! O, wacht, het zijn inktgeisers..."
    (Delicious, churros! Oh, wait, they are Ink Pistons...)
  • "Maar nu zijn er minder muren op de oven die je op kunt klimmen."
    (But now there are fewer walls on the oven for you to climb.)
  • "Goed zo. Je wordt al heel doorkneed!"
    (Well done. You are becoming very seasoned already!)
  • "Wacht, gepantserd brood? Brood met een pantser?!"
    (Wait, armored bread? Bread with an armor?!)
  • "Eh... Er is een soort... glazuurmachine... verschenen."
    (Er... There has appeared a kind of... glazing machine.)
  • "Die heb je totaal verkruimeld!"
    (You have completely crumbled it!)
After defeating the boss for the first time:
  • "Mooi werk, agent 4. Ik wist dat ik op je kon rekenen."
    (Good job, Agent 4. I knew I could count on you.)
  • "Die Octarianen zijn goed voorbereid, zeg. Nooit gedacht dat ze octobazen paraat zouden hebben."
    (Those Octarians are well prepared, I say. Never thought that they would have octobosses ready.)
  • "Ik denk dat het tijd is om het zware geschut in te zetten."
    (I think it is time to call in the big guns.)
  • "Eens zien... Krabbert? Kun je me horen? Over!"
    (Let's see... Sheldon? Can you hear me? Over!)
  • "Oké. Zo is het wel genoeg. Volgens mij heeft agent 4 het wel begrepen."
    (Okay. That is enough. I believe Agent 4 got it.)
  • "Terug aan het werk, agent 4. En blijf vers!"
    (Back to work, Agent 4. And stay fresh!)
After the transmission:
  • "Het zal alleen nog maar lastiger worden, dus zorg dat je je uitrusting verbetert met de Armada-Optimatron."
    (It will only be tougher, so make sure that you improve your equipment with the Ammo Knights Enhancifier.)

S2 Icon Sheldon.png Krabbert's Quotes

After defeating the boss for the first time:
  • "Luid en duidelijk, Marie! Over! WOEHOE, DIT IS ZO COOL! Uhh..."
    (Loud and clear, Marie! Over! WOOHOO, THIS IS SO COOL! Uhh...)
  • "Agent 4, ik ben Krabbert van Armada, de enige wapenwinkel in Inkopolis die klanten al meer dan 524 miljoen jaar van dienst is."
    (Agent 4, I am Sheldon from Ammo Knights, the only weapon shop in Inkopolis serving its customers for over 524 million years.)
  • "Jazeker, bij Armada aan het Inkopolisplein kun je terecht met je wapenwensen. Laat me maar weten dat Krabbert je gestuurd heeft."
    (That's right, at Ammo Knights on Inkopolis Square you are in the right place for your weapon needs. Just let me know that Sheldon has sent you.)
  • "Marie heeft me al ingelicht! Het is een eer om te weten dat mijn wapens van pas komen bij de nieuwe Kraakcommando's!"
    (Marie has already informed me! It is an honor to know that my weapons come in handy to the New Squidbeak Splatoon!)
  • "Maar ik kan mijn arsenaal niet zomaar aan jou geven alsof het een oneindig zeebanket is. Ik moet toch geld verdienen!"
    (But I can't just give my arsenal to you as if it were an endless seafood banquet. I have to earn money afterall!)
  • "Wellicht kunnen we elkaar helpen... Ik wil dat je een paar nieuwe wapens uitprobeert die ik op het moment aan het ontwikkelen ben."
    (Perhaps we can help each other... I want you to try out a couple of new weapons which I am developing at the moment.)
  • "Je hoeft ze alleen maar tijdens missies te gebruiken. Als je dat doet, kan ik allerlei geweldige gegevens verzamelen."
    (You only have to use them during missions. If you do that, I can collect all kinds of awesome data.)
  • "Die gegevens helpen me om de goedkeuring te krijgen die ik nodig heb om mijn wapens op de markt te brengen."
    (That data helps me to get the approval I need to market my weapons.)
  • "Wapens die verkocht worden, kun jij dan weer gebruiken tijdens Grondoorlogen! Het is een echte win-winsituatie, vind je niet? En..."
    (Weapons that are sold, you can then use during Turf Wars! It is a real win-win situation, don't you think? And...)
After the transmission:
  • "Goed nieuws! Je kunt nu mijn Armada-Optimatron gebruiken die naast het Kraakkot staat!"
    (Good news! You can now use my Ammo Knights Enhancifier which is next to the Cuttlefish Cabin!)
  • "Het is een automaat waarmee je je wapens kunt verbeteren en bommen kunt toevoegen aan je arsenaal!"
    (It is a machine that allows you to upgrade your weapons and to add bombs to your arsenal!)
  • "De Optimatron vraagt niet om geld, maar om visseneieren en sardinium!"
    (The Ammo Knights Enhancifier doesn't ask for money, but fish eggs and sardinium!)

Mexico Spanish (NOA)

S2 Icon Marie.png Tina's Quotes

  • "Creo que ese tentáculo de ahí arriba lo controla todo."
    (I think that tentacle up there controls everything.)
  • "Qué cara de pocos amigos tienen los panes… Por eso no me gusta la última rebanada."
    (What an unfriendly face the breads have... That's why I don't like the last slice.)
  • "¡Pantástico!"
  • "¡CHURROS! Ah, no, que son octorrotadores…"
    (¡CHURROS! Ah, no, they're Ink Pistons…)
  • "Ahora hay menos paneles para entintar…"
    (Now there are less panels to ink…)
  • "¡Impecable!"
  • "Nunca había visto un pan con armadura… Parece que no puedes entintar esas zonas."
    (I've never seen a bread with armor… It seems you can't ink those areas.)
  • "¡Ojo con esa… máquina glaseadora... o lo que sea!"
    (Watch out for that… glacing machine... or whatever!)
  • "¡Ya lo tienes hecho! ¡Con mermelada y todo!"
    (You already have it done! With jam and everything!)
After defeating the boss for the first time:
  • "¡Buen trabajo, Agente 4,! Sabía que no me decepcionarias."
    (Good job, Agent 4! I knew you wouldn't disappoint me.)
  • "En todo caso, lo de los octarians tiene mérito. Jamás pensé que contarían con octobots totalmente operativos"
    (In any case, the Octarians have merit. I never thought they would have fully operational octobots.)
  • "Creo que ya es hora de pedir un poco de ayuda."
    (I think it's time to ask for some help.)
  • "A ver... ¿Jairo? ¿Me recibes? Cambio."
    (Let's see... Sheldon? Do you receive me? Over.)
  • "Bueno, creo que ya lo capta. Gracias, Jairo."
    (Well, I think she/he get the point. Thank you, Sheldon.)
  • "Y con eso ya estás al día de todo, Agente 4. ¡Nos vemos!"
    (And that brings you up to date with everything, Agent 4. See you!)
After the transmission:
  • "A partir de aquí, los octarianos serán cada vez más fuertes. ¡No te olvides de usar la forja Todotinta!"
    (From here on, the Octarians will become increasingly stronger. Don't forget to use the Ammo Knights Enhancifier!)

S2 Icon Sheldon.png Jairo's Quotes

After defeating the boss for the first time:
  • "¡Ah, sí! ¡Te recibo perfectamente, Tina! Cambio. ¡Ay, que chévere! Ejem..."
    (Ah, yes! I receive you perfectly, Marie! Over. Oh, how cool! Ahem...)
  • "La amería Todotinta es el establecimiento de referencia en el gremio. ¡Llevamos ya 542 millones de años creado armas!."
    (Ammo Knights is the reference establishment in the guild. We have been creating weapons for 542 million years!)
  • "Pásate por el centro de Cromópoli y satisfarás todas tus necesidades armamentísticas. ¡Palabra de Jairo!"
    (Come on Inkopolis Square and you'll satisfy all your armament needs. Sheldon's word!)
  • "Tina ya me puso al corriente de todo. ¡Es un honor poder poner mis armas al servicio del Comando Branquias!"
    (Marie has already filled me in on everything. It's an honor to be able to put my weapons at the service of the New Squidbeak Splatoon!)
  • "Aunque debo decirte que lo mío sigue siendo un negocio, así que te voy a pedir que me hagas un favor a cambio..."
    (Although I must tell you that my business is still a business, so I'm going to ask you to do me a favor in return...)
  • "¡Quiero que pruebes mis prototipos de armas!"
    (I want you to test my prototype weapons!)
  • "Lo único que hay que hacer es usarlas en condiciones normales. Fácil, ¿no? Si me ayudas, podré recopilar datos de todo tipo."
    (The only thing to do is to use them under normal conditions. Easy, isn't it? If you help me, I will be able to collect data of all kinds.)
  • "Con estos datos podré obtener permisos necesarios para fabricas las versiones comerciales de las armas. ¡Y venderlas!"
    (With this data I will be able to obtain the necessary permits to manufacture the commercial versions of the weapons. And sell them!)
  • "Luego estarán a disposición de todo el mundo para los combates territoriales, ¡con lo cual todos salimos ganando!"
    (They will then be available to everyone for Turf Wars, which is a win-win situation!)
After the transmission:
  • "¡Ya puedes usar la forja Todotinta! Está al lado de la cabaña del capitán"
    (You can now use the Ammo Knights Enhancifier! It is next to the captain's cabin.)
  • "Con esta maravilla puedes mejorar tus armas y añadir bombas a tu arsenal."
    (With this marvel you can upgrade your weapons and add bombs to your arsenal.)
  • "No funcionan con dinero, sino con huevecillos de poder y anchovios."
    (Does it not work with money, but with fish eggs and sardinium.)

Spain Spanish (NOE)

S2 Icon Marie.png Tina's Quotes

  • "Creo que, mientras no te cargues el tentáculo de ahí arriba, no la frenarás."
    (I think, as long as you don't destroy the tentacle up there, you won't slow it down.)
  • "Qué cara de mala leche tienen los panes... Por eso no me gusta la última rebanada."
    (What a mean face the breads have... That's why I don't like the last slice.)
  • "¡No te rindas!"
    (Don't give up!)
  • "¡Churros! ¡Con lo mucho que me gustan! Ah, no, que son columnas de tinta…"
    (Churros! As much as I love them! Ah, no, they're columns of ink...)
  • "Pero ya no quedan tantos huecos para entintar…"
    (But there aren't so many holes left for ink...)
  • "¡Impecable!"
  • "Nunca había visto un pan con armadura… Quizas puedas entintar esas zonas."
    (I've never seen a bread with armor… Maybe you can ink those areas.)
  • "¡Ojo con ese… trasto de pastelero... o lo que sea!"
    (Watch out for that... cake baker's tool... or whatever!)
  • "¡Vaya paliza!"
    (What a beating!)


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 豪速 トースト #

Gōsoku Tōsuto #
Takotsubo Bēkarī
Awfully Fast Breads:
Octo Oven[a]
Netherlands Dutch Bakkeleien met de Octo-oven Tussle[b] with the Octo Oven[c]
Canada and France French En cuisine avec Tentartines
Cooking with Octo Oven[d]
Octo Oven[d]
Germany German Brotzeit mit Oktoback Snack time[e] with Octo Oven[f]
Italy Italian Toast di polpo con Polpanifix Octopus toast with Octo Oven[g]
Russia Russian Паленый осьтер
«Запеканище жжет!»

Palenyy os'ter
«Zapekanishche zhzhet!»
Scorched Octoaster
"The big casserole is burning!"
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Tinta artesanal
˜ El Octohorno ˜
Artesian Ink
˜ The Octo Oven ˜[h]
Spain Spanish (NOE) Tostado industrial en la Pulpanificadora Industrial toast in the Octo Oven[i]

Translation notes

  1. タコツボベーカリー Takotsubo Bēkarī is the Japanese name for "Octo Oven"
  2. Bakkeleien is a pun on bakken ("to bake")
  3. Octo-oven is the Dutch name for "Octo Oven"
  4. 4.0 4.1 Tentartines is the French name for "Octo Oven"
  5. Brotzeit is a pun on Brot ("bread")
  6. Oktoback is the German name for "Octo Oven"
  7. Polpanifix is the Italian name for "Octo Oven"
  8. El Octohorno is the Spanish (NoA) name for "Octo Oven"
  9. La Pulpanificadora is the Spanish (NoE) name for "Octo Oven"