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Kamabo Co. is a company in the Octo Expansion that is run by Commander Tartar. It is the company that operates the Deepsea Metro and the creator of the several C.Q. Cumbers.[1][2] The company's logo is made of two wave shapes that together resemble feces and appears throughout the expansion in loading screens, challenge selection, and on various items, such as CQ Cards and C.Q. Cumber's hat. The logo is also seen on the Rainmaker and the Tower in tests instead of the regular Ranked Battle logo.



  • If the player fails to defeat the final boss of the Octo Expansion, Kamabo Co.'s logo is visible on a monitor in Inkopolis Square.
  • There is a logo of a single eye frequently present around the testing facilities, where a variation of the Kamabo Co.'s logo features the eye in its design.
    • This variant sometimes features text at the bottom that seems to spell "No 10008-85", where the "No 10008" part is identical to the text that appears when Agent 8, also known as test subject number 10,008, clears a station. 85 can be read as "hachigō" ('eight-five' in Japanese), which also translates to "Number Eight", which is Agent 8's name in Japanese.
  • There are two Kamabo Co. posters near the entrance to the subway in Inkopolis Square, first appearing in Version 3.1.0 along with the release of the Octo Expansion.
  • Alongside C.Q. Cumber mentioning that Kamabo Co. was in disorder after Tartar's defeat, Cuttlefish also has two raps in the post-game that hint that Commander Tartar was the CEO of the company.
    • One is "Kamabo Co. tried to mash us into paste, but Agent 3 showed up 'n' laid 'em to waste!", referring to the blender that was controlled by Tartar.
    • The other is "Kamabo Co.'s CEO got legit smacked down!", referring to the battle on the NILS Statue.
    • When the telephone reveals itself as Commander Tartar, the ink on it is shaped like the Kamabo Co. logo.
  • In the Belly Phase, the boxes containing Sanitized Octarians have a monitor that displays what looks to be "1 + 1 =" followed by Kamabo Co.'s eye logo.
  • In HaikaraWalker, the official Octo Expansion artbook, there is a mention that the Kamabo Co. logo looks like feces. The artbook also mentions how digesting things creates poop.


  • "Kamabo Co." phonetically mirrors the word 'kamaboko', a type of cured surimi (a processed seafood product common in Japanese cuisine).
  • "Kamabo" also resembles the last two syllables of "cucumber."

Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ネル社
Neru Corporation, where ネル can mean "練る" (knead / working into paste). The same word can also mean "train / drill / exercise / practice," referring to the tests conducted by the company.
Netherlands Dutch Komco bv Komco comes from from zeekomkommer, "Sea Cucumber", with the -co suffix of a company name. Bv is short for "Besloten Vennootschap" (private company).
Canada and France French Patapoulpe Pata is a combination of the words "pâte" (paste) and "à" (of)

"Poulpe" is the french word for squid.

Germany German Kamabo & Co.
Italy Italian Impastec “Impas” comes from “Impastare” (Knead), and -tec comes from "tech."
Russia Russian Паштетико
From паштет pashtet (paste) and и Ко. i Ko. (& Co.)
Spain Spanish Pastec From pasta (paste), with the -tec coming from "tech."