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Toni Kensa

S2 Brand Toni Kensa.png

Likely ability S2 Ability Main Power Up.png Main Power Up
Unlikely ability S2 Ability Sub Power Up.png Sub Power Up

Toni Kensa is a brand in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3. In Splatoon 2, Toni Kensa gear is 5x more likely to roll Main Power Up (formerly Cold-Blooded) as a secondary ability, and has 1/2× chance of rolling Sub Power Up. As for Splatoon 3, most information regarding the brand is currently unknown.


The brand was created by the eponymous fashion designer and produces simple, sharp clothing in black and white. Kensa's gear also tends to be very expensive, with most of their gear being 3-star items. A few of the clothes seem to be from other brands, simply recolored as black and white, such as the Toni Kensa Black Hi-Tops being the Trooper Power Stripes series (even having the logo still on the shoes' tongues) from Takoroka but in black and dark red, or the Kensa Coat being a black rebrand of Zekko coats. Most of the clothes also have a button or small red spot that shows Toni Kensa's logo which is also seen on the back of the armor when two of them are picked up in Octo Canyon.

Unlike most weapon brands, Kensa's weapons ink barrels do not change color according to the user's ink color. The reason for this is unknown.


Toni Kensa Headgear in Splatoon 2


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Squid Research Lab Fashion Desk with a report on Toni Kensa! You know Toni Kensa for its stylish yet rugged and accessible gear, but did you know the brand has a new lead designer and creative director? Well... it does! And they're busy with a new line that's sure to make a splash.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]



  • The Toni Kensa logo is a stylized hiragana character "た" (ta), from the brand's Japanese name "Tataki Kensaki".
    • The logo also resembles the letters T and K, the initials of "Toni Kensa" and "Tataki Kensaki".
  • Toni Kensa adverts can be seen on the walls of The Reef.
  • Before Version 3.1.0, an advertisement for this brand is one of the rotating ads on the left side jumbotron in Inkopolis Square. The advertisement is seen on the jumbotron in Starfish Mainstage in the later versions, however.
  • Toni Kensa's weapons and gear is one of the only brands where none of the items change colors according to the user's ink color.
  • There is no Toni Kensa gear that has Last-Ditch Effort, Main Power Up, Object Shredder, Opening Gambit, Quick Respawn, Special Saver, Stealth Jump or Tenacity as a primary ability.
  • Toni Kensa is somewhat similar to the artist and brand Takashi Murakami.
  • Toni Kensa seemingly has close ties to Marie.
    • Her clothes in Splatoon 2's Hero mode display the Kensa logo.
    • The Art of Splatoon 2 states that Marie's kimono has the Kensaki embroidered on it.
    • Marie and the Toni Kensa models have white hair, not seen on other Inklings and Octolings. The models also have black hair, like Callie, Marie's cousin, furthering the similarities.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タタキケンサキ
Tataki Kensaki
Likely a parody of Takeo Kikuchi. Tataki-ika (pounded squid) is a kind of dried squid. Kensaki-ika means sword tip squid. Also, tataki is a meat or fish dish cooked in raw or lightly seared heat.
Netherlands Dutch Toni Kensa -
France French Thony K From Japanese name, also a pun on Thon, "tuna fish"
Germany German Toni Kensa -
Italy Italian Nero Marlin Black Marlin
Russia Russian Сушаки Кусаки
Sushaki Kusaki
From суши (sushi) or сушить (suhit') - sushi or drying, and кусать (kusat') - bite, this could be a reference to clothespins that we can see on Kensa weapons.
Spain Spanish Tonken Abbreviation of English name "Toni Kensa"
South Korea Korean 타타키 켄사키
Tataki kensaki
From the Japanese brand name.