Khaki Ranger Vest

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The Khaki Ranger Vest is a piece of clothing in Splatoon 3.

It is a 1-star item produced by Inkline and comes with the primary ability Sub Power Up. It can be purchased from Man-o'-Wardrobe for Cash 4,200 or from SplatNet 3 Shop for Cash 8,400.


The Khaki Ranger Vest is a khaki vest worn over a dirty white, short-sleeved, buttoned-up shirt. The vest consists of two fabric parts with large pockets held together by a pair of black straps and based on the wearer's shoulders with a pair of rotten green belts.

Splatoon 3

Khaki Ranger Vest
Khaki Ranger Vest
Cash 4,200
SplatNet 3
Cash 8,400
Star power
Added in


The Khaki Ranger Vest comes with Sub Power Up as the primary ability when purchased from a shop or ordered from Murch. When purchased from SplatNet 3, it comes with any other primary ability normally available to Clothing (with the exception of Ability Doubler). As a 1-star item, the Khaki Ranger Vest comes with two additional slots for secondary abilities. The star level may be increased with Super Sea Snails for 1 (first), 1 (second), 5 (third), 10 (fourth), or 20 (fifth) Super Sea Snails per star, or by purchasing additional copies of it from Man-o'-Wardrobe for 10,000 (first), 30,000 (second), 50,000 (third), 100,000 (fourth), or 200,000 (fifth) Cash per star. Increasing the star level to 2 stars will add another secondary ability slot for a total of three slots. Increasing the star level beyond 2 stars will increase the gear experience gained by a cumulative 3.333…% up to 10% additional experience at 5-star level. Since it is made by the Inkline gear brand, it has a higher chance of rolling Sub Resistance Up and a lower chance of rolling Intensify Action to fill its secondary ability slot.



The Khaki Ranger Vest exists in real life, sold by ZOZOTOWN.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ハンティングベストKK
hantingu besuto KK
Hunting Vest KK
Netherlands Dutch Kaki boswachteroverhemd Khaki forest warden shirt
Canada French (NOA) Veste forestière kaki Forest jacket khaki
France French (NOE) Gilet forestier kaki Forest vest khaki
Germany German Kaki-Ranger-Kombo Kaki Ranger Combo
Italy Italian Gilet militare cachi Khaki military vest
Russia Russian Полевой жилет «Хаки»
Polevoy zhilet «Khaki»
Field vest "Khaki"
SpainMexico Spanish Chaleco bolsillos caqui Khaki pockets vest
China Chinese (Simplified) 狩猎背心KK
shòuliè bèixīn KK (Mandarin)
Hunting Vest KK
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 狩獵背心KK
shòuliè bèixīn KK (Mandarin)
Hunting Vest KK
South Korea Korean 카키 헌팅 베스트
kaki heonting beseuteu
Khaki Hunting Vest

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