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The logo of the LINE messaging application
Developer Line Corporation
Platform Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Chrome
Released 23 June 2011
Type Instant messaging, Social networking service
Size 4.91MiB-262.4 MB, depending on platform[1]
This article is about the application. For the sub weapon known in other languages as the Line Marker, see Angle Shooter.

Line (or LINE) is a free messaging, VoIP, and social networking application developed by Line Corporation, for mobile devices and personal computers. As well as messaging, the LINE application provides a variety of features integrated into it, such as "official channels" - which provide means for companies such as Nintendo to provide regular updates to users,[2] a digital wallet service ("LINE Pay"), a taxi service ("LINE Taxi"), a food delivery service ("LINE Wow"), a service to find and contact doctors ("LINE Doctor"), games, and more.[3] LINE is popular to the point of ubiquity in Japan, and so it and its original characters are very present in its popular culture. The application is also incredibly popular in Taiwan and Thailand.[4]


The LINE application features an online shop where users can purchase sets of virtual "stickers" that can be used in the messaging service, sent as their own messages, as well as being usable in some other applications. These stickers feature original characters known as Line Friends, as well as various licensed characters from various elements of popular culture such as anime, manga, and video games, including various Nintendo franchises, such as Splatoon.[5] It is possible for users of LINE to sell their own original stickers on the platform, and receive revenue. Stickers sent on LINE can have animations and sound, with them playing when the sticker is received, and when one is tapped on - usually the animations would not loop.

Region-locked stickers

The first set of Splatoon-themed LINE stickers was released in 2015, and was free up to 26th October, for anyone that friended Toad's Nintendo account. It includes 8 stickers and is themed after the first game. These were region-locked to Japan and mostly featured Japanese text.[6]

The known stickers featured are:[7]

  • One of an Inkling girl in a White Tee giving a thumbs-up
  • One of an Inkling boy in a Sailor-Stripe Tee pointing to themselves confidently
  • One of Judd holding a 'NO' flag out
  • One of a Super Jump, using a version of the Quick Super Jump icon
  • One of Callie winking with hearts by her
  • One of Marie posing
  • One of Annie and Moe
  • One of Captain Cuttlefish with a textbox reading YES

Its promotional image also features a green Toad holding a Blaster, and an Inkling in a Green Zip Hoodie using the LINE app on a squid-shaped phone.

Splatoon: Inkling Injection

Splatoon delivers an arsenal of pop-up stickers ready to ink up your screen! Complete with osmotically awesome inkling[sic] sound effects!

The first set of English Splatoon-themed LINE stickers, called Splatoon: Inkling Injection released in 2017,[Citation needed] priced at USD$1.99, GBP£1.49. It includes 16 stickers. Despite its time of release, this sticker pack is themed after the first game, featuring characters and weapon designs from that game. These stickers are animated, and all have sound effects - mostly music and voice clips directly from the game.

These stickers have a style with flat block colors and no outlines, and appear to be 2D animated.

Sticker Audio Description
An orange Inkling girl wearing the Studio Headphones with a Splattershot gets hit by a glob of blue ink from the side, then zooming in on them as a clip from Splattack! plays.
A pink Inkling boy wearing the Anchor Sweat and a backwards baseball cap with a Splattershot lands on screen with some of his ink and says Booyah! (with Booyah! appearing on screen as well).
A lime Inkling girl wearing the Sporty Bobble Hat, Green Zip Hoodie, and Moto Boots jumps backwards, and charges and fires the Splat Charger (with its sound effects).
An orange Inkling girl wearing the White Tee and Pink Trainers runs onto the screen from the foreground, then exclaims and throws a lime green and purple disk onto the screen with a thrown sub weapon sound, which changes into the text "OK!".
The Squid Sisters jump onto the screen from the foreground, and pose to and say their "Stay fresh!" catchphrase, with the text appearing on-screen.
A yellow Inkling girl wearing the White Headband, Retro Gamer Jersey, and Red Hi-Horses sulking and pounding the ground, with gray ink dripping down the background, similar to the battle loss animation. A splatted Inkling icon bounces off their head, and the start of the battle defeat jingle plays.
Spyke, sat with a Super Sea Snail, sat as he does in Inkopolis Plaza, gestures and asks (with on-screen text) "Wot'll it be?". The audio used is his in-game voice.
An orange Inkling in squid form Super Jumps across the screen, then into the distance with a sparkle, as the text "On my way!" moves onto screen. The Super Jump sound effect is used for this sticker.
An Octotrooper slides across the sticker on its ink, stopping halfway to turn to the camera with a "?", before turning back and continuing to the other side of the sticker. There are sound effects for it moving, and for the question mark appearing.
A blue Inkling boy with a Sailor-Stripe Tee, Fake Contacts, and Red Slip-Ons jumps onto the screen, vocalizing and flinging a Splat Roller at the screen, covering it with blue ink and the text "I got this!", before jumping away.
A pink Inkling girl with the gear given by the Inkling Girl amiibo jumps onto the screen with a thud sound, while lime green squid icons swim upwards in the background, then jumps again and poses with the text "Thank you!".
Four Inklings come on-screen from the corners, each posing with an ink splatter in their color in the background. Clockwise, they are: a light blue girl with a Straw Boater and White Tee, a blue boy with Pilot Goggles and a Pirate-Stripe Tee, a pink girl with a Takoroka Mesh hat and a Yellow Urban Vest, and a lime boy with a Gas Mask and Forge Inkling Parka. The end of the battle win jingle plays when they pose.
Cap'n Cuttlefish comes out of the grate to Octo Valley, looking around and then exclaiming "Ink... Ink...", and then as the camera zooms in, "INKOMING!". Cap'n's voice is used, as is his signature sound effect.
Callie exclaims something with an indignant expression, hands raised, and 'pop' visual effects in the background.
Marie turns to the camera, poses, and exclaims something. Star icons appear in the background.
Judd sits, bobbing back and forth listening to Calamari Inkantation on lime Designer Headphones.

Splatoon 2: Animated Antics

The Inklings have filled up their blasters and return for another round in this animated sticker set from Splatoon 2. Load up and get ready to color up your screens with this star-squidded cast!

The second set of English Splatoon-themed LINE stickers, called Splatoon 2: Animated Antics released in November 2017,[8] priced at USD$1.99, GBP£1.49. It includes 24 stickers and is themed after Splatoon 2. Every sticker in it is animated and all have sound effects - mostly music and voice clips directly from the game.

These stickers have a style with flat block colors and thin outlines, and appear to be 3D animated, or drawn over 3D models. There is some amount of model distortion used, to enhance the appearance of motion. Since this pack is based on Splatoon 2, there is a wider variety of eye colors, legwear, and hairstyles featured.

Sticker Audio Description
A neon pink Inkling girl with a King Flip Mesh hat, White King Tank, Cyan Dakroniks, and a skirt with black shorts, wielding Splat Dualies, uses the dualies' dodge roll right then left towards the camera. The text "OMW" (On My Way) in yellow moves from left to right and grows to occupy the empty space. The sound effect of the dodge roll is audible.
A neon green Inkling boy wearing the Squidfin Hook Cans, Black V-Neck Tee, and loose shorts with leggings performs the This Way! fist-pump gesture along with one of its associated vocalizations, and its sound effect. There is pink text that reads "This way!".
A plum Inkling boy with Retro Specs, Hula Punk Shirt, drawstring cargo pants, and Piranha Moccasins performs the Booyah! gesture and vocalizes, then jumps towards the camera and poses, with the text "Booyah!" appearing in lime green.
A neon pink Inkling in squid form flies away from the camera and then towards it with a whooshing sound, and the text "Stay fresh!" appears next to them in green as they stop at the end, with the end of the victory jingle playing.
Murch pumps his fists, surrounded by sparkles, as the text "Incredible!", and then, "No way!" appears above and then below him, in purple. The first piece of text is accompanied by his dialogue sound, the second with an audio sting.
A jellyfish wearing a generic short-sleeved Splatfest Tee dances, jumping up and down, while surrounded by pink hearts. It is accompanied by bouncing sound effects.
Judd gives a thumbs-up to the camera, surrounded by sparkles, with his hand alternating in size, and his tail shaking. He is accompanied by one of his grunting feline vocalizations.
A neon pink Burst Bomb is thrown from the camera onto the background, where it bursts into an ink splatter containing the text "OK" in black. The throwing of the Burst Bomb, and its bursting, use its in-game sound effects.
A static, waving neon pink Inkling in Salmon Run gear, sans hat, and the text "You're welcome!" in a white italic serif font appear on the screen with screen wipes. When the wipe is over, a sparkle appears on the Inkling. The background is a blue-white-blue vertical gradient, and the style of this sticker strongly resembles the Grizzco recruitment commercial. This sticker uses the jingle that plays when the player reveals the bonuses they've gotten in Salmon Run.
A yellow Inkling girl and boy stood next to each other fist-bump, the girl initiates the gesture and grins after. The girl is wearing a Pink Easy-Stripe Shirt and tight capri sweatpants, and the boy is wearing a Bucket Hat, Matcha Down Jacket, and loose shorts. When they fist-bump, they vocalize, a star shape appears, and the text "THANK YOU" appears above them in hot pink.
A yellow Inkling in squid form flies (Super Jumping) towards the camera, then slides onto the ground with their arms up, replicating a bowing gesture, as the text "Sorry!" in purple appears. The audio is that of a Super Jump, and its impact.
A grape-colored Inkling in squid form poking out of a puddle of its ink waves using one of their arms, with the text "Nighty night!" above them in light blue. The Inkling then descends into the ink with a splash and sound effect, and the text disappears.
Flow laughs boisterously with accompanying visual and sound effects, while Craymond swims by her calmly, blushing.
Marina performs her SurprisedA and Happy gestures, surrounded by pink flower visual effects and the text "Off the hook!" in her teal ink color, and exclaims audibly.
Pearl sweats, performing her SurprisedB expression, looking at the camera. The text "Really?" in purple-pink falls onto the screen and she exclaims audibly.
Marie, wearing her Octo Canyon outfit, is stood calmly briefly, holding her umbrella, before an audio sting plays, she enters a shocked expression with her hands shaking, she exclaims audibly, the text "For eel?!" (a pun on "For real?!") in dark purple appears around her, and her umbrella comedically falls off-screen.
A yellow (lemon) Inkling girl wearing a Knitted Hat, Shirt with Blue Hoodie, a skirt with black shorts, and Smoky Wingtips jumps towards the camera from the background, then leans towards the camera, furious, with purple anger lines around them, exclaiming aggressively, and the text "CARP!" in hot pink shaking above them.
A plum Inkling girl wielding Splat Dualies wearing a Hockey Helmet, King Jersey, leggings, and green and yellow Seahorses stands casually, in the center of the sticker. She then is suddenly splatted from behind by a lemon glob of ink flying at them, and explodes into yellow ink, with their helmet and Dualies remaining and falling to the floor. A purple splatted Inkling icon flies upwards onto the screen, and then a black bubble with the text "Splatted!" in white appears below it. This sticker is accompanied by sound effects and vocalizations from an Inkling being splatted.
A Super Sea Snail sits alone, wobbling slightly. It is accompanied by the sound of a secondary gear ability rolling.
An animated Super Jump landing marker. The rotating arrows around it are blue, and the floating arrow/squid icon above them is green. Partway through, the text "Where u at?" in orange flies in from the right side.
Mr. Grizz's bear statue wobbles and bounces alone. It then stops, the shadows on it darken with a shading effect, and the text "Take it easy" appears above it in orange.
A Smallfry flaps around, its fins, eyes, and hair moving around a lot, and its mouth opening wide and closing again. It is surrounded by chaotic yellow visual effects and is accompanied by the sounds of it flapping around.
Sheldon stands with a neutral expression and says something out loud (in the voice used for his dialogue), then the camera zooms in on him, he smiles, waggles his finger, says something else, and the text "Actually..." appears below his face in yellow.
Li'l Judd sits alone on a white bump on the ground, facing to the side. He turns to the camera with an intense expression, and then it zooms quickly, closely into his face, with his eyes turning into scribbles, and his lips twitching. The camera stays zoomed in on his face for a while, zooming a bit more, gradually. When he turns his head, a "meow" sound effect plays, and then an ominous sound effect plays when the camera is zoomed in.


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