Last-Ditch Effort

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Last-Ditch Effort
Ability Last-Ditch Effort.svg
Applicable Gear Headgear
Likely Brand Neutral
Unlikely Brand Neutral
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The Last-Ditch Effort ability boosts ink recovery rate and weapon ink efficiency for the last 30 seconds of battle or if the enemy team's score drops below 30 in ranked mode. This Ability is restricted to headgear as a main ability.

In-Depth Ability[1]

Ink Usage (Main) Ink Usage (Sub) Ink Recovery
83% (20.76% reduction) 89% (11% reduction) 118% (15.38% boost)

Last-Ditch Effort is especially useful for getting an advantage in ranked battles where overtime is expected, as the effect of this ability lasts the whole overtime duration or when the opposing team has 30 seconds or less before winning.


This ability gives a player a significant boost during the final seconds of each battle, increasing Ink Saver (Main), Ink Saver (Sub), and Ink Recovery Up abilities. This makes the player much less likely to run out of ink, ideal for making aggressive last-second pushes during Turf War. This ability is restricted to headgear as a main ability.

As of Version 2.6.0, the ability also decreases respawn time when active. In Ranked Battles, Last-Ditch Effort will also be applied during Overtime, or if the other team's score reaches 30 or less.


Last-Ditch Effort is the main ability of:

List of Gear with Last-Ditch Effort

Image Name Brand Unlock Main Ability Rarity
18K Aviators 18K Aviators
Last-Ditch Effort
Last-Ditch Effort
Octoglasses Octoglasses
Last-Ditch Effort
Last-Ditch Effort
Safari Hat Safari Hat (NA)
Jungle Hat (EU/OC)
Last-Ditch Effort
Last-Ditch Effort
Tinted Shades Tinted Shades (NA)
Coloured Shades (EU/OC)
Last-Ditch Effort
Last-Ditch Effort
Visor Skate Helmet Visor Skate Helmet
Last-Ditch Effort
Last-Ditch Effort

Version history


  • In Ranked Battle, Last-Ditch Effort will activate when the opposing team’s counter reaches 30, and remain active until the end of battle.
  • In Ranked Battle, Last-Ditch Effort can now be activated during overtime.
  • While active, Last-Ditch Effort will now also shorten the amount of time players take to respawn after being splatted.

Mutual exclusivity

Since this ability is found as the main ability only on headgear, other abilities found only on headgear are mutually exclusive with it; in other words you cannot have them together. These abilities are Tenacity, Opening Gambit, and Comeback.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ラストスパート
Lasuto Supāto
Last Spurt
FlagFrance.svg French Ultime sursaut Ultimate Burst
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Último recurso Last Resort
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Sprint Final Final Sprint


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