Lesser Salmonid

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Lesser Salmonid

An assortment of the three main types of Lesser Salmonid.

Lesser Salmonids are one of the two principal varieties of Salmonid that appear in Salmon Run in Splatoon 2 and Salmon Run Next Wave in Splatoon 3. They are generally distinguished from Boss Salmonids by their lower health, simplistic means of attack, and the volume in which they appear. They are also not a source of Golden Eggs, only supplying Power Eggs when splatted instead.



  • Lesser Salmonids may make upward jumps of unlimited heights to attack players staying on walls or on inkrails for too long.
  • Although Chinooks appear near-identical to Lesser Salmonid varieties such as Chums and Snatchers, their classification has never been officially established.

Names in other languages

Lesser Salmonid
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ザコシャケ
Zako shake
Small-fish salmon
Netherlands Dutch Gewone Salmoniet Regular Salmonid
CanadaFrance French Salmonoïde commun Common Salmonid
Germany German Standard-Salmonid Standard Salmonid
Italy Italian Salmonoide comune Common Salmonid
Russia Russian Обычный самонид
Obychnyy samonid
Average Salmonid
Spain Spanish (NOE) Salmónido menor Small Salmonid
China Chinese 小鲑鱼
Xiǎo guīyú
Small Salmonid